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XLE Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund in ISA


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Apparantly USA ETF's are not allowed in ISA

Anyone know how to invest in the list bellow using an ISA?

XLE Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund
XLI    Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund 
XLU    Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund
XLV    Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund
XLY    Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund 
XLB    Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund

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1 minute ago, AndrejK said:

Apparantly USA ETF's are not allowed in ISA

Anyone know how to invest in the list bellow using an ISA?

XLE Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund
XLI    Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund 
XLU    Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund
XLV    Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund
XLY    Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund 
XLB    Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund

Hi, the regulations regarding what is allowed in an ISA is not from IG but the government. See the IG ETF screener for ISA and non-ISA.

https://etfscreener.ig.com/?cols=AssetClass,Currency,ExpenseRatio,NetAssets,PrimaryExchange,ReturnM1,ReturnM12&filters=GlobalSector,ISA,LeveragedFund,UCITS&map=null&ISA=Yes&search=FTSE 250&page=1&sortCol=NetAssets&sortDir=-1

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The ETF must have a Key Investor Document (KID) for it to be available to UK investors. 

A couple of examples for the energy sector could be:


Xtrackers MSCI USA Energy UCITS ETF (XUEN)

Amundi ETF MSCI Europe Energy UCITS ETF (ANRJ)

A key considerations to make when investing in a sector ETF is which region does the ETF give you exposure to? You can click on the Factsheet to see this via the ETF Screener.

If you spot any that we don't have on the platform already just let us know and we can look to add them.

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Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
I managed to find UK ETF's which mach the ones I listed above and they all by Invesco
XLU  Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund  (USA issuer)
apears to be very similar in performance to 
Invesco Utilities S&P US Select Sector UCITS ETF  (UK, has KIID, ok for ISA)

I have only checked the above pair but Invesco provide a matching etf for all sectors I listed.



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    • Yes. IG does trade against retail traders. IG also has a lot of institutional traders. If your are trading low volume stock or Singapore CFD equities, the dealing desk will manually lock your order for a good 30 seconds so that you cannot delete nor change the order price level for the 30 seconds when they there is another bigger clients want to unload.  I have been locked this way as many ast 4 times in the past and cost over SG$10,000 loss. When I called IG, it said the dealing desk manually lock my orders with an excuse they are putting my order on hold so that they hedge it on the Exchange. In the first place I trade CFD and CFD is internal market within IG environment and our trade does not affect the market. It is highly irresponsible to lock our order. My complaints to IG for compensation via calls and emails all went without any positive response and the replies from them are as stated above. CFD market is internal market and our order should not be touched by dealing desk at all time even if there is no liquidity to fill our order then our order should just be left unfilled. At no time our order should never be locked by Dealing desk. To me this is day light robbery. Secondly, IG has deployed internal algorithm to hunt your hard stop losses and also filled in your limit order with a spike to the dot before immediately move in the opposite direction big time. Thirdly, some time IG platform will freeze and unable to re-login back when you are in a trade. This made it extremely dangerous when we cannot see the price action on the chart. This had happened to me a few times. Fourthly, nowadays even if your platform freeze or has other problem on your trade, call to their dealing desk during US market opens 100% of the time no support or dealing desk will pick your calls. My phone was kept ringing for 30mins or more and many different days. This is again does not speak well of the kind of support IG gave clients. The only attraction I use IG is the ease of use of their trading platform. These kind of  underhand tactics above are played out in IG on daily basis which made our day trading very difficult to win. It is very visible if your trade the small time frame how IG's manipulations are done.     The above comes from someone who trade daily with IG for the past 3 years. I am even considering to stop trading through IG because of the above under hand tactics. Sometimes     
    • Does IG aim to profit from client losses? No. Our business model is based on providing individuals with the opportunity to trade the world’s financial markets, in exchange for fair and proportionate transaction fees. It's a well-known fact that trading successfully is difficult, and most speculative traders tend to lose. However, we do not typically benefit from trading losses that an unsuccessful client may experience. Mostly, our clients offset each other’s positions. For example if client A buys one lot of the DAX and client B sells one lot of the DAX, both sides of the trade are covered. This means we're not exposed to the profit or loss of either client. Instead, we make our money via the spread (i.e. the transaction fee) that each client pays to trade. Sometimes, a large majority of clients will trade in one direction. When this happens, we'll protect our exposure to risk by hedging in the underlying market. For example, if client A and client B both buy the DAX, we may buy actual DAX futures. This then covers the amount we'll pay out if both clients are successful.
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