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interest paid or collected on deals?

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10 hours ago, Hippocampus said:

Hi, sorry I am new but if I select "deal" for an immediate order, is there interest to pay? if yes, how much // no where on the position tab does it mention interest. Conversely if I add funds to my account that are unused, am I paid interest on the sum?

thanks for the help

Hi, there might be an interest charge if you hold a daily funded bet overnight though also you might receive a payment, there is no charge on Futures or Forwards contracts.

There is no interest paid on funds in your trading account.



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What's not immediately obvious is that you pay overnight long interest on DFB indices, which can mean you end up paying more in charges than you get in dividends.  I don't know if you even get dividends on futures.

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2 hours ago, Siri said:


i am new.

Over night means, how is it worked out for different stocks, as there are different timings of stock exchanges. Does that mean we have to make note of timings of each exchange, where we are trading? 

hi, overnight just means the trade is still open at 10pm and so your account will be credited or debited as per the pic below per trade contract size. Currently only FX has a working estimate.

see the guide in the link in the post above.


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