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Prorealtime - screen in trading system?



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34 minutes ago, Supercharge said:

Is it possible to screen / switch asset in an automated  Prorealtime trading system?

I could not find anything about it in the docs...

If you're referring to editing your strategy to trade, you can copy it and trade it in a new system. 

You may find the following useful: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGw_ZtCHrQ9gkYd50s9qd49uzyqxcK8gE

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Thanks for the answer, 

Id like my trading system to screen for criteria, and open positions on lets say the first five matches from the screen result. Exit the positions when exit criteria is met and the repeat the procedure the next day. Is this possible? Can a strategy use the Proscreener?

Or is a automatic trading strategy always bound to one instrument ie run current strateg on AAPL and AAPL alone? 

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