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New share dealing platform - what do you want

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Had an email on the new platform today for share dealing. Looks good and same as the spread betting one so that’s a good start. Good charts and whatever. 

but I thought it would’ve a good idea to see if we can create a wish list for the new platform for share dealing? 

ill start....

Automatic dividend reinvestments! DRIP functionality is a must. 

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The ability to have two separate instances of two different trading platforms in two different tabs of my browser.

Right now if I navigate to the new share dealing platform in one tab, my spread betting account in the other tab automatically redirects to the new share dealing platform also.

Totally unnecessary.

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A deal preview tool like they have on Tradingview. Unlike our preview, it remains on the chart so you can see where you are against the original plan. It looks a bit like the measurement tool but makes 2:1, 3:1 etc easier to see.

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Would like a full Level 2 functionality (albeit a premium paid for service) as there are very few platforms in my opinion that have a decent GUI on UK Level 2 (IG CFD Level 2 is limited to select securities) . And the ability to invest in funds (not just Investment Trusts). This is one of the reasons I donlt have an ISA or SIPP with IG as they don't allow you to buy OIECs

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Guest 5trelok

I want the old platform back - this is diabolical

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