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New share dealing platform - what do you want

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On 11/05/2020 at 21:59, InTheDark said:

I have L2 enabled but I cannot see the market depth for any equities as you mention above.

Are you use the Share dealing, CFD or Spread bet platform? 

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Hello Fiona,

I use the CFD platform. And while you are here I also cannot change the Good Until date after a limit order is placed.  Is there any way I can changed the date and time after ?



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I would like a web based platform that isn't sh!te.

Today it is not remembering layouts, keeps switching me back to default and it's really f*king annoying having to constantly change it back.

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It would also be great if you could NOT log me out of the platform WHILE I AM STILL ACTIVELY USING IT.

Have you IT cretins not heard of inactivity timers?

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  • Ability to sort by any column - this is BASIC functionality and should be easy to add.
  • Ability to maximise a screen (eg maximise positiions) without manually dragging the edge of it to size


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    • The Covid Hoax continues. Everything centers on the PCR test and it's deliberate misuse. A PCR of 25 cycles identifies the infectious with a minimal amount of false positives, the more cycles you do the more false positives are included. Fauci himself has said 35 cycles and above most results are false positives for infectious material. Western countries are running the PCR test at 45 cycles which is mathematically known to give 90%+ false positives. Govt and health officials know this. Groups in Portugal have joined groups in Italy and the UK in starting legal action against the fraudulent misuse of the PCR test used to justify continuing lockdowns and social restrictions. Meanwhile new research from the US finds: “All of this points to no evidence that COVID-19 created any excess deaths. Total death numbers are not above normal death numbers. We found no evidence to the contrary,”  Just as has already been found in many other countries (see recent posts above for data from Sweden and Ireland).  https://web.archive.org/web/20201126223119/https://www.jhunewsletter.com/article/2020/11/a-closer-look-at-u-s-deaths-due-to-covid-19  
    • Doh! Maybe I should have thought it through a bit more aha. Not been having much luck instraday atm, so was going to try and take advantage of moves that last multible days, and so was wondering about overnight charges. But like you said, it's proably cheaper than the spread anyway. Cheers