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New share dealing platform - what do you want

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On 11/05/2020 at 21:59, InTheDark said:

I have L2 enabled but I cannot see the market depth for any equities as you mention above.

Are you use the Share dealing, CFD or Spread bet platform? 

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Hello Fiona,

I use the CFD platform. And while you are here I also cannot change the Good Until date after a limit order is placed.  Is there any way I can changed the date and time after ?



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I would like a web based platform that isn't sh!te.

Today it is not remembering layouts, keeps switching me back to default and it's really f*king annoying having to constantly change it back.

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It would also be great if you could NOT log me out of the platform WHILE I AM STILL ACTIVELY USING IT.

Have you IT cretins not heard of inactivity timers?

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  • Ability to sort by any column - this is BASIC functionality and should be easy to add.
  • Ability to maximise a screen (eg maximise positiions) without manually dragging the edge of it to size


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