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Spikes in US "all session" stocks



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I spoke with IG twice in the past there is a problem with US stocks "all session". I don't know how they allow it to happen.

I changed the settings to opening hours in US but the daily charts still have spikes. about 30-50% is affected. I uploaded a bad picture but still ok for proof. VISA, Haliburton, Disney...etc


Daily Charts on FX are misaligned, opens and closes UTC instead of following the currency opening hours


I was waiting for somebody to compete with IG, wasn't anyone so far but recently Saxo Markets just showed up.


Do you guys have these problems?



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I checked my Disney chart (Daily) - it looked fine in both PRT and IG charts.

I would attach it so you could see it but I'm not sure how to attach charts to messages :(



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Hi  and .  Macd  is right, your chart should look like this (this one Visa inc) 

To post screen shot to the forum see pic 1. 


Pic 2.

Try 'help' - 'tech support' to send a message to IG tech explaining the problem, you can also send screen shots to them but google 'screen shot' first to see how to take one.


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