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I cannot buy or sell shares

Guest larry breheny

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Guest larry breheny

I have being having problems with share buying and selling. When I try to sell up pops the dow jones. I cannot buy because I cannot bring up the ticker/company I want to purchase shares in. This has cost me. I have been onto IG about this and they said they would sort it out and get back to me. They never got back to me. Never had a problem with the older system. Can anyone help me here?


Kind Regards



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You are not the only one , I face problems too with buying and selling. Every order of mine is rejected or if i  enter using my smart phone my stop loss is closer to my entry and  when i adjust to the money i want to risk its still too close. But in the demo account the money i want to risk is further away from my entry giving it some room to breath. So i do not understand what could be the problem.

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