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5 min binarys



Hi just a quick question. Have been having a reasonable amount of success trading through the 5 minute binarys. Are there any hints or tips anyone has using these?? I e best times to trade etc? Thanks in advance !

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Hi, ,

I also use binaries- 5 mins and 20 mins, DAX and FTSE. As for me, I use Moving Average with short period- 9, also use Momentum with default settings in IG platform, and Bollinger bands. May be you think that settings of these indicators must be another? 

Also take into consideration fundamental analyse. 

Best time for trade? Typical working day for  FTSE or DAX trading. 


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But as for me- I am better to use 20 min binaries exactly on FTSE, as for this trading I set 5 min candels on IG chart, and analyse next 4 candels. Also FTSE is rather "smooth" chart (not as "fast" FX pairs)

And with 5 min FTSE binaries it is logically to use 1 min candels, then  to analyse next 5 candels - that is very quick. But its only my opinion. May be you have another suggestions?

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