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Nicholas, I was drawn to your post by the word EXCITED. Please be aware that to enter the FX markets while being excited is like going into shark infested waters with a gushing leg wound. You'll be eaten in minutes. The "sheer blue" sea will turn red. Even Longcot couldn't help. Remember..... 70% fail ( I think it's more like 99% ). AS concerning your background, I quote a passage from a trading book, sorry can remember which one, take heed. [ If you apply the same strategies that you used to make yourself successful in other areas of your life, you will lose money.] contact me when you've lost 50% of your start up capital. However, if you are in the 1%. you could make Billions. Good luck ( very little to do will luck )   Nalayasmar 

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On 08/03/2020 at 08:50, nicholasleewalton said:

Hi. I'm very new to FX markets but somewhat looking forward to it as my background is proving to be an advantage.  Anyway.  Guys any new contacts and trading ideas would be warmly appreciated.  

Enjoy getting fleeced of all your money dude :D 

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