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Good morning

I started DEMO trading about 2 years ago and went live a month ago.  I'm having reasonable success. However, I'm re-evaluating my trading strategy and want to better understand how to interpret Volume Weighted Moving Average (with SMA) in BOTH an uptrend AND a Downtrend.  I understand its basic principles.   However, the research I've done in my opinion doesn't seem to adequately describe how it works to the extent that when I back test to see if the information is correct I'm left conflicted.  I then try to see if there's any correlation with this and other indicators that I consistently use (DMVT, STOCH & MACD) along with candlestick patterns.

In the end I'm trying to improve my trading decisions and am not one of those traders that will use just candlesticks.

So my understanding of VWMA is eluding me.

Any thoughts and guidance will be gratefully received.


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