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IG TV;  

actually gold futures has just broken out;

Gold was having liquidity issues. As soon as the underlying is liquid again it will be reopened. If it's open whist illiquid the price will be gaping up and down. People may get closed out on stops th

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1 minute ago, codsalltrader said:

I cant make a trade on spot gold anyone else?

yes, there has been problems on the exchange due to lack of supply and so therefore extra large spreads for the spot market since mid yesterday, because the spreads were so wide on the exchange IG pulled it. Look at the futures chart instead (see small arrow for dropdown box next to the spot chart market title top left corner).

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1 minute ago, dmedin said:


It's a bit cr@p really, gold isn't for 'day trading' or scalping.

a lot of the time that is correct, you only have to look at those many long double tails on the hourly bars.

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    • Hi - there's nothing wrong with having target level(s) - If it works it works Just remember as in chart 1 above, if the market is going UP then it will create a series of higher lows and higher highs and one can trail the market up by simply using the swing low points - because if the market is trending upwards it ain't going to hit a swing low point until it needs a rest, changes degree or the trend is changing That's a major law of the market (vice versa for it going  down and for sideways ranges overlapping of swings)  The blue dots on chart 1 show you the times the presumed swing low/low didn't work out
    • Thanks THT, yes well i do estimate my possible returns by estimating a target price.  Of course if the market doesn't get there then i've got several smaller rolling losses to deal with and i've not figured out yet how i make up for that if it turns out i'm wrong.  I'm currently not using a trailing stop for simplicity and the sake of not adding another variable into the mix.  However, I imagine that only having a binary situation where the market either hits the stop or target is too simplistic in a fluid market..
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