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Trades closure (13Mar SGT morning) without any email trigger from IG



Hi All,

Anyone with the same predicament as me?

IG did not send out the email trigger (for fund top up) when my equity falls below 100% and the supposed 2nd email trigger when my equity falls below 75% also didn't come. 

And they closed out numerous of my cryto currencies trades right when the prices was at its bottom at 10:15am SGT time and then the prices start to surge 1min after they close my positions??!!


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Yeah i had a similar recently experience although my equity was up, the platform crashed, then my position closed 25% less of than my initial position. Completely ignored my stop loss.

Also a few days prior i was down and tried to close my position then i was advised to call then was told they're not taking any trades. I ended up losing more money.

Regardless of whether I'm up or down i still end up a worse off position.


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