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Does IG have any technical support?



Seriously does IG have any technical support?

I have called the customer service number 0800 195 3100 at different times of the day and night and listened to hours of musak and repeated messages about one of our team being with me shortly but no one has ever answered the phone so far.

Nobody from IG has ever responded to questions on the forums I have raised although thankfully some generous fellow IG users have taken up the IG slack.

What a poor state of affairs from IG. I couldn't recommend the platform to anyone else on the basis of my experience to date.

Has anyone else found a way to get a response? I have a technical problem with L2 Dealer.

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I was about to look for the number but seems I'll be wasting my time.

I've had two charts change the Stop loss on me in two days.......Only for 5 mins to pass and realise the positions have closed at a loss, even though I've moved my Stop above my Buy in, or to Break Even.........

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