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Covid and the Economy

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So what have we learnt this week?

We have learnt that the Covid-19 test is actually a test for SARS Cov-2 RNA, old virus strains that Covid-19 will share some RNA with but corona virus strains that most of us will already have immunity for and when discovered the immune system will just blast into fragments.

More important is the cycle number used in the testing. Fauci says any more than 35 cycles will automatically throw up a mass of old dead nucleotide fragments and give a false positive that the person has an active infectious corona virus.

So why does the UK and the US routinely use 45 cycles which is known to generate 93% to 97% false positives?

We know the average age of those who died from Covid-19 was 82 and nearly all had co-morbidities. Very similar stats as those for common flu which has been responsible for around 30,000 deaths every year for decades (in the 1950s-60s the average was closer to 50,000 a year).

We know that the entertainment and travel industries are on their knees and willing to do anything to avoid total destruction by continued rolling Govt lockdowns. A Covid vaccination passport would seem to be the inevitable ending to this Govt blackmail.

We know that the Govt project fear has been so successful that half the country (48%) are so traumatised they don't want to come out of hiding EVEN WITH a golden bullet holy grail VACCINE. Well done Boris, Joseph Stalin would be proud.

And we continue to be slowly corralled towards the 'Great Reset' where you turn over control of your life to the Davos Globalist Elites.

'In the future you will own nothing and be happy'. 'In the future everything you need will be delivered to your door by a drone ...'

You will own nothing because the Davos elites will own it all and you had better keep up those weekly rental payments or you really will have nothing and you really won't be happy.




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NO Justin, using the Covid crisis to forward the 'Great Reset' agenda is just a conspiracy theory.


These Danish people are protesting against a new law to facilitate enforced vaccinations, don't they realise that's just a conspiracy theory?


Klaus, subcutaneous chip implants are just a conspiracy theory.


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Dow hit 30,000 but has now dropped slightly. 

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Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science

BMJ 2020; 371 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m4425 (Published 13 November 2020)Cite this as: BMJ 2020;371:m4425

from the executive editor of the BMJ Kamran Abbasi

"When good science is suppressed by the medical-political complex, people die"

"Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain"

" Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health.1 Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. "

" The prime minister’s Operation Moonshot depends on immediate and wide availability of accurate rapid diagnostic tests.9 It also depends on the questionable logic of mass screening—currently being trialled in Liverpool with a suboptimal PCR test."





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11 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

true, because in 2030 under the WEF  2 + 2 will = 5

Does this mean that your ultra-conservative conspiranoia will last for 10 years? Can't we have a great reset before that? I thought the end was near, now we have to wait for a decade? 

Come on... You gave us so much expectation that I was even thinking about to start digging a bunker. I even have my lot of sardine cans ready.

Now I have to wait  for 10 years. Man, this is too much.

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4 hours ago, jlz said:

Does this mean that your ultra-conservative conspiranoia will last for 10 years? Can't we have a great reset before that? I thought the end was near, now we have to wait for a decade? 

Come on... You gave us so much expectation that I was even thinking about to start digging a bunker. I even have my lot of sardine cans ready.

Now I have to wait  for 10 years. Man, this is too much.

err, what?

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45 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

oh dear, the flu has gone missing this year, has anyone seen it? Perhaps it's gone on holiday?


This is most likely due to lockdowns (less people circulating, on public transport etc), masks, washing hands etc. Basically all the measures in place to combat covid are fighting flu.

Not surprising really.

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6 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

oh dear, the flu has gone missing this year

oh, and yet another coincidence, excess Covid deaths mirror missing excess deaths multi year average.


meanwhile the govt might generously grant you 5 days off lockdown at xmas but you'll need to pay for it ...


the govt knows best and many restrictions will likely still apply ...


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just remember people, we're all in this together!

Amazon: profit up 100%

Walmart: profit up 80%

Target: profit up 80%

Lowe's: profit up 74%

Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google: stock at record high

Oh wait,

Small businesses: 21% closed; revenue for rest down 30%. 

(h/t Dan Price  @DanPriceSeattle)


Meanwhile ...

The accommodation and food service activities industry had the highest percentage of businesses with no or low confidence that their businesses would survive the next three months, at 34%



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Bob Moran @bobscartoons

We are being conditioned to believe that our freedom is no longer a right. It is merely a reward to be earned by obediently adhering to the latest nonsensical government regulations.


meanwhile, oh ... so masks don't actually work then?

A Randomized Controlled Trial

'Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers'



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Hot on the heels of the study posted above showing masks don't prevent Covid transmission comes a paper in Nature showing that there is NO asymptomatic transmission of Covid.

Sooo, mask wearing and locking down the healthy does not prevent or even slow down the transmission of Covid.

There was never any 'scientific' evidence to support mask wearing or locking down the healthy except for those ludicrous Imperial College models, now there is very real scientific evidence that they DON'T work at all.




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Do not use the govt Track and Trace app, it is pure evil.

In the first clip below Hancock refuses to answer the question regarding false positives and is adamant that if you're contacted as having had contact with someone who tested positive you must self isolate for 2 weeks (large fine for non compliance).

Apparently the Times ran an article citing 30% of cases are false positives, we know immunologists say more like 90%, while Johnson himself said the tests were only 7% accurate.

Meanwhile even msm is waking up to this Covid farce being just a dry run for the onset of 'The Great Reset' which will use the same tactics to 'change the world forever'.

As Bob Moran says, you are being conditioned to think of freedom not as a right but as a reward.

The Great Reset is where we turn over control of our lives to the Davos super-rich who know what's best for us apparently, a process that has already begun.

Amazon: profit up 100%. Walmart: profit up 80%. Target: profit up 80%. Lowe's: profit up 74%. Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google: stock at record high

Oh wait,

Small businesses: 21% closed; revenue for rest down 30%. 



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"This is great (paper published in Nature, see Sat post above). The first time the notion of “asymptomatic transmission” was mentioned, I smelled a rat. It’s biologically implausible.

Not saying it’s never happened once, but as an important contribution to transmission? No. To be a source, you need lots of virus in your airway.

But once that happens, you will be symptomatic, either because the virus is injuring your lung lining (epithelium) or because you’re fighting it off (or both).

You can’t be both a virulent source AND not have symptoms.

Yet it was on the basis that you often wouldn’t show symptoms yet place others at risk that MASS TESTING, all the time, in ever-increasing numbers, was commenced.

Now we formally know what basic biology & immunology told us, we can HALT MASS TESTING OF THE ASYMPTOMATIC. We’ve said it for months. Mr Hancock, stop it now."

Yardley Yeadon


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(not the cost of Covid-19 but the cost of the govt's disastrous response to a virus that's no more deadly than the common flu)

The REAL cost of Covid-19: RUTH SUNDERLAND's terrifying dossier exploring the full economic damage will make you ask... can we afford to keep the brakes on Britain?

  • National debt more than £2 trillion, equivalent of year’s output by entire country 
  • Borrowing from April to October was £170 billion higher than period in 2019 
  • Bank of England believes unemployment rate will to peak at around 7.75 per cent


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Interesting blog piece covering many aspects with many references.


 ... Quote: “Ever since the alleged pandemic erupted this past March the mainstream media has spewed a non-stop stream of misinformation that appears to be laser focused on generating maximum fear among the citizenry.
  But the facts and the science simply don’t support the grave picture painted of a deadly virus sweeping the land. Yes, we do have a pandemic, but it’ a pandemic of ginned up pseudo-science masquerading as unbiased fact.” Unquote

'The current Z Score analysis of varying European nations reveals NO CURRENT EXCESS DEATH SPIKES from the “horrible, fearful dreaded second wave” of Covid 19 in Denmark, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg,  Malta, Norway, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.   

The virus has cleverly decided not to cause havoc in those nations'

Quote:“PCR tests are not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as they cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones ..."

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In the UK, the median age of death from Covid is: - 81 for men - 85 for women (source: Office For National Statistics, 14 Oct 2020)

The average life expectancy in the UK is: - 80 for men - 83 for women.

(ZUBY:  @ZubyMusic)


If you take away the 95% aged and moribund you are left with just 1 death/million (Ireland), that's some pandemic 🤔

Meanwhile, short vid on mad teachers fear mongering plus some actual scientific facts, how did we get here?



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ITALY: Consumers association says false positives to Covid19 test as diagnosis are 95%. Legal cases started against testing under charges of fraud to procure public funding, false alarm, ideological false, and manslaughter.

Robin Monotti Graziadei

@robinmonotti   3h



Meanwhile Spanish Health Dept warns mask wearing, even when indoors alone or distanced will continue all through 2021. 


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I totally agree with that. Switzerland's experience with COVID back this up. They succeeded in halving COVID infections this winter WITHOUT a national lockdown. Instead, they've implemented local changes where the diseases was out of control and health systems were under stress. But only minimal changes in the rest of the country.

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    • The new CDC Massachusetts study is drawing a lot of attention. The CDC is using it to promote mutant risk but there is a lot more to the story. - 74% of 882 people infected with coronavirus in the US outbreak were fully immunised but only 50% of US are fully vaxed suggests the vaccines are making people more susceptible to infection (which indicates vaccine ADE). - The viral load was found to be the same for the vaccinated and non-vaxed alike which would suggest the vaccine was not offering any protection at all (which indicates vaccine ADE). - Most of the 74% were symptomatic, such a high ratio of symptomatic/unsymptomatic for the delta variant would suggest the vaccine was compromising the immune system making symptoms worse (which indicates vaccine ADE).   Meanwhile, a CDC Internal Document: “Universal masking is essential to reduce transmission of the Delta variant” This is nonsense, masks can only stop droplet borne virus not virus as aerosol. An infected person will breath out 50,000 with each breath and they float on air, travel much more than 2 meters, and around perspex screens, and through the weave of a mask. UK lifts mask mandates at the peak of new cases ... and immediately the curve collapses.   .  
    • Main stream media are waking up to the fact all is not right concerning the vaccines. The fully vaxxed are the majority of new cases. No one is as yet coming out and saying vaccine ADE but all the indications are pointing that way. So far all the blame is being heaped solely on mutants but that can't be the whole story. Vaccine ADE enhances the virus while compromising the immune system. CNN @CNN ''Vaccination alone won't stop the rise of variants and in fact could push the evolution of strains that evade their protection, researchers warned.''  Vaccination is not enough by itself to stop the spread of variants, study finds - CNN    'Study finds 74% of outbreak sufferers were fully vaccinated'. (US is only 50% vaxed) Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, Including COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections, Associated with Large Public Gatherings — Barnstable County, Massachusetts, July 2021 | MMWR (cdc.gov) ('Breakthrough infections'' is a term meaning infections in vaccinated people)   CNBC @CNBC 'CDC says 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated.' JUST IN - 'More than 110,000 breakthrough cases in the US' (Bloomberg)   And from SAGE yesterday evening; ''JUST IN - SAGE, the UK's health "expert panel," warns next Covid "super mutant variant" could kill up to one in three people, and the "vaccine roll-out may even speed up mutant strain's emergence." (Daily Mail) The last half of that headline is a clear indication they at least suspect vaccine ADE. SAGE: Next Covid variant could kill one in three people | Daily Mail Online   Safe vaccines, the ones that completed their long term trials before roll out don't cause 'super mutants'. We are starting to see why Dr Robert Malone was calling for the vax programme to be stopped immediately in the video posted above.   Pfizer now saying vaccines will not be enough so as well as perpetual booster jabs they are developing oral antivirals. (oh - like Ivermectin you mean - can't use that, it only cost a few cents) Pfizer Inc.  @pfizer  Alongside vaccines, success against #COVID19 will likely require #antiviral treatments for those who contract the virus. We’ve started a Phase 2/3 trial to evaluate a potential oral therapy that will enroll over 2,000 participants infected with SARS-CoV-2:   So the vaccines don't actually work then except to incapacitate your immune system and create super mutants.   And in another new twist Social Media are quietly starting to remove the warnings they habitually place on posts that might, even slightly, be construed as anti-vax. 🤔   .edit bad pic crop.  
    • OK - I think I'm going to leave this thread here for the time being - its covered a lot I want to end it on a very very advanced concept - Gann related obviously! Gann was light years ahead of his time, the below is going to prove this fact, his methods were esoteric and he was beaten to these laws of the world by the Egyptians (you'll see the shape in the images below) The markets are not doing what you think they are doing - there's forces you are not aware of at work behind the scenes driving prices on ALL markets This post is to get you thinking - I'm not making any claims, but the other day on a EURUSD thread I did highlight a buying zone of which price has "suddenly" rallied upwards from! In the chart below we'll look at the 4  points shown on the chart 1-4, because these have been recent major swing points - I want to show you what Gann was thinking and talking about over 100 years ago - I will keep it as simple as possible This is Gann's "Square of 9" - look at the shape of it on a top down view - its basically the Pyramids! (TIP: Imagine pulling the centre number shown up towards you to visualise the concept) Basically this is a square root calculator - as you go up or down levels around the sq or 9 you going through increments of square root %'s - there are major intersections of the square and those are shown on the images as the yellow painted sections - north, south, east, west etc - see where price lands on those lines around the major turns I think we can agree totally, from this entire thread and what I'm showing you below that Gann and his methods have massive significance on the markets and as traders that means profiting from.  This is EURUSD Daily Swing High #1: OK we get a major swing high price of 12350, this gets inputted into the Gann sq or 9 as the CENTER/PEAK of the square - the calculator then generates all the levels around that price according to the maths of the sq of 9 - see chart We have NO idea prior which levels "might" cause resistance or support and we don't know when either - what we DO know is that the major intersection in YELLOW "could" do something - the thing is we are aware of these levels well in advance and before price gets near! So from the top at 12350, prices falls to a low of 11952, then rallies to 12243, then falls to 11835, rallies then falls into the swing low #2 of 11704 I've highlighted the relevant prices on the Gann sq of 9 below for you - EACH swing turn point was 2 pips - 2 pips off the yellow highlighted price levels - take a minute to think about that 2 pips from price levels worked out yonks in advance by a method of a trader from over 100 years ago, that he discovered from studying the Egyptians who built temples to the fact thousands of years prior! OK coincidence? Coincidence - I think not, here's the next chart of the swing UP from 2-3 We have a LOW of 11704, rally to 12150, low of 11986 and then the swing high #3 at price level 12266 Again we have price finding support and resistance at price levels within pips of the major intersections on the gann sq of 9 OK last swing 3-4 High of 12266, low 11847, high 11975, low of 11805 I don't think I need to say anymore From 11805 here's the square of nine numbers to which the market might find support/resistance from (Remember the YELLOW lines are the major points to watch) - IF 11805 is the swing LOW The square of Nine is more deep than this - the positioning can be important too - for instance 1st gann sq of nine chart above in the post, follow the numbering from the 11835 LOW around the square until you get to the swing 2 low of 11704 - its moved out to the next level but on the same line sequence as the low and up nearly opposite the first low of 11952 and within pips of a major intersection  I can tell you that most markets adhere to the square of Nine - however, there's a huge amount of things to look at, consider and apply so we won't go any further into this As with ANY method, do as I've done, test it, if you understand it and it fails, dump it - I could go on showing coincidence after coincidence of the square of nine - I just wanted to show you that there's reasons markets turn at specific points "out of the blue" - you'll get people mentioned support and resistance as throw away comments (usually Fibonacci levels that they don't really understand!)  Successful Trading THT  
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