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Covid and the Economy


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Why mandatory vaccination should not happen. We have been here before.



"The American public can be notably skeptical of forceful government enterprises in public health, whether involving vaccine advocacy or limitations on the size of soft drinks sold in fast food chains or even information campaigns against emerging outbreaks. The events of 1976 “triggered an enduring public backlash against flu vaccination, embarrassed the federal government and cost the director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control his job.” It may have even compromised Gerald Ford’s presidential re-election as well as the government’s response to a new sexually transmitted virus that emerged only a few years later in the early ‘80s, killing young gay men and intravenous drug users. What happened in 1976 is a cautionary public health tale, the story of a vaccination quagmire that still resonates in the public psyche and in our discussions about vaccines today.

Of the 45 million people vaccinated against the 1976 swine flu, four hundred and fifty people developed the rare syndrome Guillain-Barré."

Has this been forgotten. One person died from swine flu in 1976 and is now considered a mild virus. Remember the panic in 2009.




I first wrote about this soon after the outbreak began, and we now know that hundreds of millions of people were infected, somewhere in the range 11% to 21% of the population.  That's an awful lot of sick people.  However, H1N1 turned out to be a very mild flu: many people experienced little more than a few days of sniffles, much like a common cold.  This surprising mildness of swine flu led to great confusion.  Conspiracy theorists claimed that the threat had been overblown, hyped by vaccine manufacturers and their government co-conspirators.  A wacky German lawmaker, Wolfgang Wodarg, even claimed that the swine flu vaccine caused cancer, a claim that was picked up and amplified by famed internet snake oil salesman, Joseph Mercola.



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34 minutes ago, Navarone said:

Why mandatory vaccination should not happen. We have been here before.

assuming this is still about a virus and a vaccine and not really about just taking complete control given that the WHO and Fauci recently changed their line on vaccination.


The Goalposts Keep Moving.

For decades herd immunity was understood and quantified at 60 - 70% needed to stop a virus spreading.


As posted above from the WHO on herd immunity,

"collective immunity whether through vaccination or previous infection"  was recently changed to this   "herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not exposing them to it"

And Fauci from ... 'herd immunity at 60 - 70%, (later) no - 70  - 80%, (and later still) no - 80% plus'  as he recently admitted to lying  (for your own good of course).

You can't trust the 'science' when the scientists are openly lying to you.


Polls for voluntary vaccination around 40 - 50% (US and UK), not enough, let's change that;

1/ ramp up the fear, 'you are all going to die.'

2/ increase public shame, 'why don't you want to SAVE LIVES!!'

3/ coercion, refuse public services to anti vaxxers. Make it impossible for them to live a normal life.

4/ If that don't work just mandate it, show em who's boss.


Herd immunity was achieved some time ago which is why actual deaths are now so low, the only thing that is up is the fake PCR tests (84% - 97% false positives).


Not forgetting meanwhile that all small to medium sized businesses throughout the country are being systematically crushed and everyone not receiving a govt pay cheque is being driven into serfdom.





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oh dear, Susan Michie deleted her tweet reproduced above, turns out her accuser had more supporters than she had defenders 🤷‍♀️


Meanwhile the surrealist BBC News covers the current Welch ICU bed shortage crisis.

'Welsh Government data shows it ran out of intensive care beds on 20 December.' 

But the BBC missed the real story, if you look at the BBC's own infographic highlighting the plight you might notice that someone must have crept in on the night of December 2nd  and stole half of the Welsh ICU bed capacity  😳  

Covid: Cardiff health board plea for critical care help - BBC News




Meanwhile here's a new study,

'Frontiers | Covid-19 Mortality: 160 countries & 850,000 covid19 deaths were studied in excruciating detail. Age & obesity associated with more deaths. But nothing Govts did (principally lockdown & other restrictions) made any difference to deaths.'  h/t Yardley Yeadon @MichaelYeadon3

Frontiers | Covid-19 Mortality: A Matter of Vulnerability Among Nations Facing Limited Margins of Adaptation | Public Health (frontiersin.org)





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oh, so Ferguson is up to his old tricks again. Don't forget his impressive models predicted half a million deaths in the first wave, only out by x10.

Also of note is that the totally discredited PCR test is still being used to conjure up these amazing cases numbers. Why does the NHS still use a test that even the WHO says is unreliable, there are others out there.

As per usual the numbers just don't add up. The only important number that tells the true story is Deaths and that is showing the usual flu seasonal slight rise.

Remember too that the NHS counts those who caught Covid while already in hospital as new Covid admissions.



The recent Times interview with Ferguson gives an insight as to where he's coming from,




... and now we won't stop.




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Historic Flu data from Sweden (similar to other western countries).

I really don't remember being ordered into house arrest and forced to sit and watch the economy being destroyed back in 1976, or in 88 or in 93 or in 2000 which also had a similar deaths spike as Covid's April spike? 

What on earth is going on?


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3 hours ago, Navarone said:

WHO (pun intended) remembers the panic of 2009 swine flu pandemic! Oooops!


Interesting stuff, conflict of interest - nothing changes, from Hancock and his pub landlord mate going into the PPE business right up to the Gates Foundation donating over $80 million to Ferguson's Imperial College. China also donates to Imperial, those investments certainly paid off handsomely.

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but but but the news says Covid is out of control !!!

 the ONS announced today that they are going to stop publishing monthly Covid deaths with details around the death because the big decrease in the number of Covid related deaths means that there is a risk that individuals could be identified from the published data.

Apparently "the numbers of Covid-19 deaths from July onwards are very small".

NHS in crisis again, same headline every winter but with a covid twist this time.

NHS shouting number of positive covid cases but not how many are actually being treated for covid.

We know from the stats posted earlier in the thread that only 25% of cases were actually admitted for covid, the rest tested positive on the wards having been admitted for something else and we know the PCR test is unreliable with a large percentage of false positives so how many of the hospital 'cases' are asymptomatics and false positives?


Short vid below is a German lawyer explaining the 2 great lies that have kept this s**t show running. False testing exaggerating numbers and pushing the myth of asymptomatic transmission (in English).


And finally Prof Yeadon estimates 1000 deaths a week are avoidable non-covid deaths.








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More deception;

Richard  @RP131

"Important to note how all of today's huge 981 deaths number is shown in orange below. Can you see a spike? No - it's just filling in the gaps due to xmas reporting backlogs. In fact it even looks to be going down a little."



Meanwhile Gloucester Royal Hospital, it's being said the woman who made the vid was later arrested?




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2 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

haha, deaths from 'other causes' is way down this year 🤔, wonder how that happened?

This chart shows in detail the problem with the govt data, all cause deaths increasing with increasing covid labelled deaths but non-covid deaths decreasing at the same time and by the same amount, don't think cancer, stroke and heart attacks take holidays.


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So this week we learnt that there are 4 great lies that are being peddled to keep you in house arrest.

1/ the deliberate misuse of the PCR test to produce a mass of false positives.

2/ the deliberate, continued false claim that asymptomatic transmission of covid exists.

3/ the deliberate miscategorization of non-covid cause deaths as covid cause, made possible by PCR false positive tests. During a time of NHS restricting services non-covid cause deaths must be increasing but according to NHS data they are decreasing. 

4/ there is no second wave only a wave of mass misdiagnosis (see above), there has been no spike in covid related calls to 111 or 999 as there was during the first wave.


Not surprising then that so many, either because they are unable or unwilling to access the NHS, are just dying at home.



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All cause mortality London up to Dec 20.

The small spike mid Aug was from the mini heatwave.

But no second wave spike starting at all, just a slight steady increase from normal seasonal flu.

So why the on-going mass deception? They seem determined to make people believe by any means that only a vaccine can save us, as the WHO is now trying to imply, there is now no such thing as naturally gained herd immunity, from now on there is only vaccine gained immunity.  




Also, increasing reports of hospital staff being given take home Lateral Flow test kits to test +ve before taking the PCR test, to try to keep false positive numbers down which is causing big staff shortages.






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Glad to see the torch of conspiracy burning bright on this forum. Can only speak from a personal and local perspective regarding the virus. I can tell you that the hospital admissions related to Covid in our local hospital has gone from negligible (9 patients on December 3rd) to 19 less than a week later to 60 a week after that to over 200 last week. Numbers are available on the NHS website. I have no other  information as I haven't seen my friend since we went into Tier 4, who works in admissions at the hospital for confirmation of said numbers. I occasionally text him but he prefers face to face chats when commenting unofficially about his work at the hospital. 60% of the hospital is a no go area and effectively sealed off due to Covid. This new strain is certainly more infectious. It's last mutant hurrah. 

Regarding vaccines, my wife is on the list and will not hesitate to have it when given the green light to do so by her GP. She feels it will give her piece of mind and confidence when she returns to work from furlough. She considers it safe enough and worth the risk. My son is adamant he does not need it and we believe he is old enough to make his own, balanced, informed choice on the matter, as he is now 15. He has had a cruddy year at school and it's a GCSE year for him. Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and all that. Personally, I will probably be obliged to have it, as part of my work used to include international air travel. If the travel returns, I suspect it will necessitate a valid health passport, or equivalent, which will serve to  ease any quarantine restrictions or  any possible enforced vaccination abroad. 

Regarding the "underlying conditions" debate. Most adults over 50 have some form of underlying condition. Covid seems to combine with the condition (usually lung or weight related) and do double damage. 

For those who deny Covid really exists and is some great conspiracy to benefit the nameless dark state, all I can say is; paranoia WILL get you in the end....

I cannot deny the whole episode has been spectacularly mishandled by our esteemed elected politicians, who should forever live in shame (which they won't, of course). Also cannot deny simply respecting a few rules like clean hands, masks and social distancing will and do make a difference to one's chances of catching the virus. 

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy and prosperous 2021 and good riddance to 2020.

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I always enjoy when peeps who supposedly support scientific data based research, when seeing something that doesn't fit their bias, happily ignore it all and just shout Witch!

There is an old saying in science that goes along the lines of 'a hypothesis must fit all the known facts, not just the ones you want to cherry pick.'

Anyway, more beds data out today ;

'The data very clearly shows that the current crisis in hospitals is not driven by increased numbers of patients over the norm - they are lower this year than usual - but a capacity problem.'

Covid Data Dashboard @Covid19DataUK  2h

The UK’s response to Covid-19, in facts and figures (coviddashboard.live)


And here two different views on the same data, I agree with the first view, flu deaths have topped this covid spell many years running.





We know that old flu and cold viral fragments can set off a positive covid test result but a new study shows even fragments of the bacterium pneumonia can also cause a covid positive.

Dr Clare Craig  @ClareCraigPath  5h

'There will be some real COVID out there. However, half of the samples in this study had samples tested for SARS-CoV-2 that had mycoplasma pneumonia in them, perhaps start there'.



And more historical data to put covid-19 into perspective;






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Great data, as usual Casey.

Am not crying "witch". It is not a hunt. Maybe a hunt for the truth, yes. Regards personal bias, you have your personal bias, rather obviously. I genuinely appreciate it. However, are you not also looking to affirm your own personal bias in order to reaffirm your own narrative? In this case suggesting those who do not agree are neither scientific nor sensible.  I could go further. 

The virus IS real. That much I contend and maintain, too many people with symptoms that I know and love have had it now. Fortunately, no one has died. There is much that does not make sense and I appreciate the research you are doing. I only question now whether you are doing exactly what you have warned others about doing, that is only believing your own narrative and selecting facts to fit same said narrative. Truth is not exclusive. It is what it is.

Either way, stay well and good luck for 2021.


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31 minutes ago, 786Trader said:

Great data, as usual Casey.

Am not crying "witch". It is not a hunt. Maybe a hunt for the truth, yes. Regards personal bias, you have your personal bias, rather obviously. I genuinely appreciate it. However, are you not also looking to affirm your own personal bias in order to reaffirm your own narrative? In this case suggesting those who do not agree are neither scientific nor sensible.  I could go further. 

The virus IS real. That much I contend and maintain, too many people with symptoms that I know and love have had it now. Fortunately, no one has died. There is much that does not make sense and I appreciate the research you are doing. I only question now whether you are doing exactly what you have warned others about doing, that is only believing your own narrative and selecting facts to fit same said narrative. Truth is not exclusive. It is what it is.

Either way, stay well and good luck for 2021.


Where is Casey pushing his own narrative? Data has been taken from official statistics and is supported by leading scientists who do not have the conflicts of interest which our government 'advisors' do. Which data has he posted that you are disagreeing with specifically?


It is very easy to sit back as you have above and quoted a 'friend' who does admin at a hospital and who you say yourself does not want to go on record.... And would rather a face to face.. but this is not scientific.. and that is a fact. Passing on gossip from a friend is very different to reporting data from the ONS etc. as Casey has done above. So why is the blame now on him for pushing his own narrative when your comment above does exactly that?

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In case it hasn't already been posted, perhaps some of you would be open to watching the following documentary.

I appreciate that people are quick to throw around the 'conspiracy' word but this is a well considered documentary with no outrageous claims.

Yes for those wondering.. 90 minutes does far exceed a 5 minute BBC segment but it is worth a watch, even if only to later cry 'conspiracy' in the comments below.





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yes most definitely the virus is real, I can't remember anyone saying that there was not a novel coronavirus going around, the problem is the testing.

The current mass test used for covid is actually an old test designed for SARsCov-2 which will pick up Covid-19, but it also picks up many old flu strain fragments and most old common cold strain fragments, and now looks like it's also picking up old pneumonia fragments as well, finding any of these will give a positive result .

There is no way of telling any of these apart by the PCR test so in reality if you test positive you really don't know what you've got, or what you had.

The NHS and the govt are just calling it all covid which is wrong and that's why the numbers don't add up.

Even worse the NHS is misdiagnosing other illnesses to boost the covid numbers which is why non-covid deaths numbers look like they are decreasing when they are not, they are increasing and at a fast rate as the NHS shuts down services to make way for a covid surge that is not really there.




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From Latest News – Lockdown Sceptics

" To mark the last day of 2020, this post is dedicated to all those whose lives and livelihoods have been lost, diminished or tainted by our nascent, deeply illiberal and socially, economically and psychologically destructive lockdown societies; for all those whose jobs and businesses have been destroyed; those whose medical conditions have been left undiagnosed; those whose cancers have been left untreated whilst the Government ‘saves the NHS;’ ... "


meanwhile, 'ICU Occupancy Still Below Average' latest data 27th Dec. (see link above)

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This is a good graphic showing of the unreliability of the mass PCR testing, a sudden explosion of positives that is completely unnatural and not in keeping with any other data.

Also it's being reported many staff within the new labs rushed into service to fulfil the sudden rise in test numbers are falling ill with covid due to inadequate sample isolation and safety procedures.  


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