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Covid and the Economy

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This man Fauci is a total disgrace but is also the US's highest paid civil servant earning over $19 million in a recent 2 year deal not to mention the money he gets off the Gates Foundation.

Having just a few months ago explained correctly that masks are of no value to prevent viral transmission is now advocating wearing 2 ffs.

Farce to surreal to lunacy, there seems no end to it and we are heading to total collapse of the economy and society. They are not going to stop until it literally is all over.




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A quick 50 sec vid from Stockholm under the new restrictions, bet you can't tell what they are.


Meanwhile, as our govt responds to it's constant series of manufactured crisis's with nothing but lockdowns research papers showing lockdowns just don't work except to destroy the economy and social cohesion continue to mount up.

New research from Oxford University on the different US states with different covid strategies, data shows no clear evidence of benefit of a more stringent approach. 



BSG-WP-2020-034-v2_0.pdf (ox.ac.uk)


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10 minutes ago, Provaton said:

This video is from 29 December (if you follow the Twitter link to the youtube video) BEFORE the new restrictions.....

yes that looks right, taken from a longer video linked and made in Dec not Jan.

Here is a photo that is from a couple of days ago.


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More utter tripe from Hancock ...


Sky News  @SkyNews

Health Secretary Matt Hancock lists the postcodes where the South African COVID variant has been found - W7, N17, CR4, WS2, ME15, EN10, GU21 and PR9. He says people in these areas should stay at home and get a test even if they don't have symptoms''


there is no evidence that the SA (or the UK type or the South American type) variant is more deadly but there is evidence that asymptomatic transmission is so rare as to be insignificant (same as all other acute respiratory viruses ever).

'Behave as if you did have the virus'

You would need to be a total zombie if you are still swallowing this never ending stream of total garbage. 

Anything to keep this s**tshow running, natural immunity is now just a conspiracy theory, there is only vaccine immunity.




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1 hour ago, Caseynotes said:

Health Secretary Matt Hancock lists the postcodes where the South African COVID variant has been found - W7, N17, CR4, WS2, ME15, EN10, GU21 and PR9. He says people in these areas should stay at home and get a test even if they don't have symptoms''


reality 👇

**** Fawkes  @GuidoFawkes


There will always be corona virus mutations. The logic of locking down the borders for fear of corona virus mutations has no ending. Humanity has to figure out how to live with this virus as we have figured out how to live with all viruses, for all history.

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  • 2 weeks later...

How to Promote Your Manufactured Pandemic: Part 94.

Change the Counting System.

2 separate research papers find that only 6% of US deaths listed as covid had only covid on the death cert. The others had an average of 2.3 other possible causes as well as covid.

The US's CDC introduced the new count system on March 24th 2020 specifically for covid, the previous system had been in use without problems for 17 years. Where the US goes the UK are sure to follow.


Helps explain why so many countries are finding no increase in their annual deaths data for 2020.



COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective (jdfor2020.com)





Study finds CDC inflated COVID numbers by 1,600% (wnd.com)



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hahaha, looks like you'll be getting a few weeks off lockdown in the autumn before the winter lockdowns start over again.

 BBC News (UK)  @BBCNews

Friday's Times: "Stay apart until autumn under lockdown easing" #BBCPapers #TomorrowsPapersToday bbc.in/BBCPapers


But not to worry, probably only 7 more years of this ...

Anders Larsson @AndersL25590061

Replying to @Leftylockdowns1

They (the US) claim with today’s vaccination rates it will go on for 7 years. But - since they’ve discovered 4.000 variants - that would make it 28.000 years. bloomberg.com/news/articles/…


Unless of course they force the vaccine on peeps, but that's just a conspiracy theory ...


The Telegraph  @Telegraph

Whitehall sources believe employers can insist that all of their staff get vaccinated against Covid under laws governing health and safety at work telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/…


A targeted scheme could see people applying for proof that they have been vaccinated to carry out daily tasks telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/0…


The UK govt have signed a contract with Netcompany UK Ltd (a subsidiary of a Danish IT firm) to develop a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificatation/Passport MVP. The contract was signed in November. contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Notice/bf6eef1…


Government plans Covid vaccine passports to allow foreign holidays - The Times and The Sunday Times I thought this was for crazy tinfoil hat types!? They also said (categorically) that they aren’t doing this? Seen enough yet? I know I have! apple.news/AsI2tgn86QC2xm…




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Johnson has said over and over that the PCR test is not reliable, it makes you wonder why all the science 'experts' insist on using it.


Now though the Lateral Flow test is being taken out of storage (just as the vaccine is being rolled out) so a huge drop in 'cases' is inevitable (no more PCR false positives), no doubt the vaccine will get the credit, yet another coincidence.





But in the greater scheme of things don't expect the goalposts to stop moving about any time soon ...


“Close the pubs”

“Open the pubs”

“Groups of six allowed in pubs”

“10pm closing time in pubs”

“Buy booze in a pub but only with a hot meal”

“Use a tracing app in pubs that doesn’t work”

“Close the pubs”

“Open the pubs, but without any alcohol”



"Don't wear a mask" "It could do more harm than good"

"Wear a mask" 

"Wear 2 masks" 

"Wear 3"?


 ... Tier 1 > Tier 2 > Tier 3 > Tier 4 > LOCKDOWN > Tier 4 > Tier 3 > Tier 2 > Tier 1 > ...

(repeat endlessly).


Thank God it's only for 3 weeks to 'flatten the curve'. 🤣



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An entire generation is being crippled by govt policy inducing mass hysteria.

Children's referals for psyc diorders is sky rocketting as are child suicides.

After months off school and trapped in social isloation the plan in the US is to send them to this.


Children are not even affected by the covid virus, **** grandma and **** the NHS.






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So, the worst pandemic for a century eh? German total deaths for 2020 is LESS than the 4 year average. 


And US totals are in line with previous years.



Not much of a pandemic then.

The only country to completely stuff it up was the UK, by shutting down the NHS the govt ensured the same number of people died from lack of health care for other causes as died from covid.


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4 min video comparing the covid deaths impact for a large number of European countries.

Those that had a high deaths total in the April wave had a low winter resurgent number of deaths.

Those that missed the April wave had a high winter death toll instead.

Only a few countries had excess deaths in both April and the winter resurgence and that was caused mainly by govt incompetence.



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There can't be anyone left who is not aware that we all have been completely and deliberately mislead by covid numbers reporting, but just in case ...


Rustler @TheRustler83


#FOI returned from 6 no. @NHSuk boards in #Scotland Only 94 deaths directly from #Covid19 from a population of 2 MILLION people. Further FOI returns to follow. Based on this data, the number of deaths directly (solely) from Covid in  will be 250-300 Shine a light on this!





At least now you are all climatized and acceptant of perpetual rolling lockdowns which is of course the point.

If lockdowns acually worked to slow viral transmission or save grandma or save the NHS then the data would by now automatically reflect that - wouldn't it?  ... It doesn't.





Brumby @the_brumby

Ladies & gentlemen behold the null hypothesis: ~zero correlation between government response stringency (lockdown) and COVID mortality. The virus spreads until it doesn't. The burden is on the lockdowners to prove otherwise and they have failed.




Toby Young  @toadmeister

"If you look at the number of Covid deaths per million in the U.S. up to February 1st, the average in those seven states that didn’t lock down is lower than the average in the 43 states that did.” 



Recovery @T4Recovery

Lockdowns cost lives:

1 MILLION women have missed a scheduled breast cancer screening say @BreastCancerNow

200k have spent more than a year waiting for an operation. It was 1,600 in Jan'19

560k lives will be lost *because* of lockdown according to experts @BristolUni





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oh, so vaccine passports were actually planned by the EU in 2018 for implementation in 2022, no wonder covid was seized on with such enthusiasm.

Didn't the EU know that that was just a conspiracy theory?

Now we are led to believe none of us has a functioning immune system, that's why everyone must get the (experimental RNA) vaccine - and because viruses mutate -  get a jab every year.



'Universal vaccine' that can conquer all variants could be available within a year No pretence that this farce will end this year then telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/1…


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Research papers from as far back as April 2020 were showing the benefits of Vitamin D for the treatment of covid but, as was the case for HCQ and Ivermectin, all such research was denegrated and even banned from being reported in the press and MSM.

Drs were being sacked for trying to publise these cheap but effective treatments, nothing was allowed to interfer with the development and deployment of the new, expensive RNA altering vaccines.

Now that the vaccine rollout is well underway opposition to Vit D, HCQ and Invermectin has quietly evaporated. Shame about all the unnessesary deaths.


''Giving high-dose Vitamin D to coronavirus patients when they are admitted to hospital could cut deaths by 60 per cent – double the benefit of the best current drug, new research suggests''

Giving hospital-admitted patients Vitamin D could cut Covid deaths 60 per cent (telegraph.co.uk)

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More on masks and lockdowns efficacy;





Right from the beginning the WHO pandemic protocol, in line with epidemiologists, said protect the vuneralble and allow the healthy to build herd immunity which will protect everyone. Then suddenly the Chinese Communist Party weight in and tilted the WHO with their masks and lockdowns BS and everything was turned upside down and the vunerable were 'thrown to the wolves'.



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covid-context.com/index.html (covid-context.com)



Comparing annual death rates over the last 30 years, 2020 only ranks 19th highest for England and Wales.
Office for National Statistics provisional data – January 2021



The average age of a Covid-19 death was reportedly just above average life expectancy (82.4 years vs 81.1) in England and Wales.
Reported November 2020




For deaths involving Covid-19, the average number of pre-existing conditions was more than 2, between March and June 2020 in England and Wales.
Office for National Statistics



The common swab test (PCR test) does not detect a living, infectious and transmissible virus, only fragments of its genetic material which can remain in the body from a past dead infection.





Intense government restrictions do not significantly reduce death rates compared to relaxed approaches, according to research.
Frontiers and The European Journal of Clinical Investigation




Research shows lockdown could cost more lives than Covid-19, claiming the equivalent of over 500,000 lives overall due to economic damage.
Evidence submission to parliament




Natural immunity is as effective as vaccination, and builds herd immunity, a large study suggests.
Public Health England - released 2021



Epidemiologists from Oxford, Harvard and Stanford universities have proposed an alternative to lockdowns which has been supported by hundreds of experts worldwide. This alternative focuses protection on the vulnerable while allowing the majority to sustain the economy and build herd immunity.




"Across the four [UK] nations 28-50% of all COVID-related deaths occurred in care home residents" - British Geriatrics Society, November 2020.



Data in the 2nd half of October, showing high coronavirus incidence rate and used to justify lockdown 2, was later quietly revised to roughly half the original number.



The 4000 daily death prediction, used to partly justify lockdown 2, was based on outdated data and already wrong by a factor of about 4 when presented.




The World Health Organisation has recently advised that PCR tests are only an aid for diagnosis. People who do not present symptoms should now be retested as a positive result alone does not confirm infection.



PCR tests are not reliable enough to force people into quarantine, an appeals court inPortugal ruled in November 2020.



It is unlikely the first lockdown caused the decline of the first wave, according to a study. Fatal infections seem to have already been falling before lockdown came into effect, when the lag between infection and death is accounted for.




"Lockdowns do not appear to reduce deaths or flatten epidemic curves in any way" - Pandata research. No correlation could be found between restriction intensity and death rate when comparing different government responses worldwide.



Social distancing across the entire population, instead of only over 70s, prolongs the pandemic and therefore costs more lives in the long run, according to research in the British Medical Journal.



Despite all these facts, the chief medical officer does not expect all restrictions to be lifted in 2021 and said restrictions could even be increased next winter.



Real world data shows that asymptomatic spread is "very rare" according to the World Health Organisation's Covid-19 technical lead. Based on this, those with no symptoms are highly unlikely to spread the virus to others. Furthermore, a study of 10 million Wuhan citizens showed no examples of asymptomatic spread.



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haha, did you get the joke yet?

Johnson says no let up on lockdown till 'cases' come down to 1000 a day.

But the best Lateral Flow test in the world has a false positive rate of 0.3%, very good as tests go, let's not mention the ridiculous false positive rate of the 'gold standard' PCR test.

So if you are testing over 300,000 a day, as the UK does, then there will always be at least 1000 false positive 'cases' a day.

Of course Johnson knows this so what he is affectively saying is that you will be under some form of lockdown forever.

This will be useful as he rolls up his sleeves to tackle 'Climate Change'.

In line with the WEF the future for you prols is clear. No more carbon producing travel for you, you will live in a pod, work from home and eat bugs and I shall be taking my private jet to Davos to demand this ASAP because it will SAVE LIVES!!!!!


Meanwhile let's ramp up the VARIANTS scare mongering to keep this s**tshow on the road !!!!!


A MUST WATCH ABOUT VARIANTS ! @MlMcNamaraTD @Niall_Boylan @FatEmperor Watch “Is it True that the New Variants are Very Dangerous?” on #Vimeo vimeo.com/507658201

Is it True that the New Variants are Very Dangerous? on Vimeo


Or perhaps just keep on with the BS modelling.








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It's probably too late for people to start waking up now, you've already handed over all your liberties and freedoms because of the threat of a virus that has an Infection Fatality Rate of just 0.23%.


It was never 'about the science', as I pointed out in the early days of this thread and before on other threads, the numbers never added up and the empirical data coming out of Asian countries was completely ignored in favour of the fantastical models produced by Ferguson and co.



Even the US Dems are suddenly waking up to the danger the blatant 'fascism' of our govts today.


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Soooo, the NHS are testing hundreds of thousands of people who are not ill while ignoring the millions on their waiting lists who are 👍

Meanwhile they tell us that even with the jab the same resrictions will apply, how can that even be?


If you've had a corona type virus in the past you will have T-cell immunity (up to17 years and counting for SARS-CoV-2).

If you've had Covid-19 you will have antibody immunity.

If you've had the jab you will have vaccine immunity.

The virus can still enter your body but your immune system will blast it into fragments. These fragments can stay around for a month, if PCR tested during that time you will test +ve  even though you will not actually have covid and you will not be infectous.

To change to rules now would be an admission that the whole testing numbers game was a scam right from the begining, which it was.


Meanwhile PHE are reporting ZERO flu cases so far this year.

No let up in the covid rebranding then but of course the complicit media claim it's thanks to lockdown ... sooo, lockdown and masks work for flu but not for covid 🤣



You really couldn't make this s**t up. Are you still swallowing it?



California - hard lockdown and masks


Florida - no lockdown, no masks.




You are still being played but it's probably too late to wake up now, you've already lost everything.


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oh, err ok ...

If you have covid symptoms don't go to a covid testing station or to your GP, as with any type of flu just resting up for a week to 10 days is all 99.9% of people need.

Mass testing is of course for people who are not ill and so don't need a test, they will provide enough false positives to keep this farce on the road and scare the max number of people into taking the jab.

(your GP surgery will tell you to phone 111 if you contact them with concerns over covid symptoms)

False positives drive the fake covid 'cases' numbers, the fake covid 'hospital admissions' numbers, the fake covid 'deaths' numbers and the fake covid 'IFR' numbers, and will drive the move to mandatory  health passports next (the real IFR, not based on PCR testing, is 0.23%).



''The researchers argue that it is not appropriate to compare rapid antigen test sensitivity to Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests because PCR is testing for whether a person is or has been infected whereas LFT is testing for whether a person is infectious now.''

Researchers clarify lateral flow rapid antigen testing sensitivity issues - News - University of Liverpool






COVID-19: A Look Behind the PCR Curtain - 21st Century Wire



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The Lateral Flow test has a measured false positive rate (0.32%) unlike the PCR test which doesn't because it is being done differently in every lab.


Latest week's test-and-trace data:

2,400,724 Innova tests (LFT) done , 7,548 positive.

That's now 0.31% - below the 0.32% "false positive rate".

@DHSCgovuk what are you doing to mitigate the chances that this test is now just wrongly isolating people?


Jon Deeks @deeksj




Edited by Caseynotes
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On 18/01/2021 at 12:11, Caseynotes said:

i stopped wasting time on your opinions a long time ago. whinge but still unable to refute any of the who, govt, ons, cdc, phe data posted here that trips up your blinkered bias but you still continue with it anyway.

anyway, over 29,000 views - around a hundred a day. 

Just popped back.  casey we've had our disagreements in the past but why the **** are you wasting your time with this **** moron?  H'es **** retraded repeating and bleating the same old shite.

Ignore the daft ****!

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And of course while the emphasis remains on mass testing people who are not ill and not actually finding any covid at all, just false positives ...

Three million people in the UK have missed out on cancer screenings since the start of the Covid pandemic. This has resulted in 350,000 people not being referred to hospital for urgent checks (@JamesMelville) Three million missed out on cancer checks after coronavirus put screening on hold | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

Almost half of people with potential cancer symptoms didn't seek help. 31% coughing up blood didn't and 41% with an unexplained lump didn't.

Very, very concerning. (@ProfKarolSikora) Covid: Half with cancer signs didn't contact GP in first wave - BBC News




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