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Covid and the Economy

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''1/3 the population vaccinated - inc everyone who is vulnerable.

Cases, deaths, triage data at September levels or lower. Test positive rates now < FPR (False Positive Rate).

Next week we can meet 1 person outside?

No full reopening for 3 months? WTAF is going on?''

Jonathan Engler @jengleruk


''PARENTS. Don't you DARE be grateful that your kids are going back to school on Monday. School isn't a privilege, it's their RIGHT.

A year ago, you'd have been fined for taking your child out of class for 1 DAY.

Don't be grateful when you're given back what was rightfully yours.''

Julia Hartley-Brewer  @JuliaHB1


''Just got a lifetime ban from Tesco for ignoring the traffic light system and queue. I tried to engage the security guard in a debate about the efficacy of traffic lights on supermarkets and how they stop the spread of the rona. Captain Clipboard then banned me!''

Lord Samuel Jack II @SamuelJJack2


Truely, what the actual F*** is going on??



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Still can't quite work out why we are deliberately destroying the economies of every first world nation because of this flu virus. Yesterday I went shopping at the local mega supermarket where the she

It looks like Trump is surrounded by mercenaries. He does not want complete lockdown in US but other coordinated forces keeping up the pressure. Interesting fact. Both CDC and Johns Hopkins recei

I  follow this page and I saw how Spain became from a nice yellowish spot to a complete red warning place. Mainly because of the great number of tourists that went there in summer. https://www.ec

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Very funny 15 min vid from Russel Brand on Davos billionaires.

Yes he's a old socialist but he's right on point here.

Released just yesterday.

Great Reset: Philanthro-Capitalism - The DAVOS Con



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6 things it's impossible to believe.  A doctor writes;

1: ‘The Concept of Coronavirus Herd Immunity Is Deadly and Dangerous’

2: ‘Vaccines, on the other hand, are believed to induce stronger and longer lasting immunity.’

3: ‘Universal mask use could save 130,000 U.S. lives by the end of February, new study estimates.

4: As of the 2nd March 2021 there have been 122,953 deaths from COVID19 in the UK.

5: The Swedish COVID-19 Response Is a Disaster. It Shouldn’t Be a Model for the Rest of the World

6: Lockdowns have worked.

Believing in impossible things – and COVID19 | Dr. Malcolm Kendrick


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This ****show just never stops giving. 

Interview with vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche who explains in detail exactly why the text books say you must never mass vaccinate a population with a prophalictic type vaccine in the middle of a pandemic.

40 min, very detailed and quite heated interview on the short and long term harm this vaccination program has and will cause.

Published March 6 2021.



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Deputy Dawgly @DDawgly

''NHS Improvement Behaviour Change Unit - Emotional blackmail guidance: "Explain implications of not being vaccinated for seeing loved ones by focusing on the potential regret one might feel if they were not vaccinated & were to subsequently infect others"



Vaccination do and donts by audience cohorts (local.gov.uk)



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The sooner Johnson, Whitty, Vallance and SAGE are all in jail the better off this country will be ...



Unlocked  @Unlocked_UK_

WATCH: Ivermectin cuts COVID deaths by 75% & works against all variants? Costs pennies & you can demand it from your GP. Is it the key to unlock Britain? @BareReality speaks to Dr Tess Lawrie of @EvidenceLimited to find out. pscp.tv/w/cw0xQTFheWpW



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After more than 9 months of people screaming about the fake cases numbers the Govt reluctantly has to give up the bs.

The cases numbers were always bogus, the govt admits it, no retests anymore for 90 days because the test is just picking up old dead nucleotides and not living covid at all.

Repeated retesting shows peeps never recovering from covid in spite of evidence that proves no longer infectious after just 10 days.



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Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath

''There are two types of COVID death: those that result in excess deaths and those that replace non-COVID deaths. The latter are the majority now:''


Rebranding deaths (thanks to fake testing) has been an important factor keeping this farce going.

Note that they are already talking about next autumn wave 4 and the likely lockdowns to come.

This is not about a virus.



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Because of lockdown and a restricted NHS 10,000 new breast cancer patients are missing, by the time they're found it will be too late.


Finally even MSM are buckling under the pressure of truth ...Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford Doctor, Calls Lockdowns the 'Biggest Public Health Mistake We've Ever Made' (newsweek.com) 


Meanwhile in the UK, oh really, I'm shocked ...


no wonder #sackchriswhitty is trending.


Back to vaccines ...

PCRclaims @pcrclaims


Gov’ believes they need 80% vaccine take up to reach herd immunity. This disregards out of hand ANYONE that was infected in the last year and has immunity already! They are absolutely criminal in their assertions. The efficacy is not the issue it’s the blatant lies that offend.



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James Melville  @JamesMelville


A truly horrendous statistic: 1.5 million children under 18 will either need new or additional mental health support as a consequence of the Covid pandemic — of which 500,000 are completely new cases.

Covid pandemic has taken ‘devastating toll’ on young people’s mental wellbeing, study shows | Evening Standard

Covid pandemic   Lockdown.

Meanwhile ...

- 100,000 cancer operation delays. 

- 3 million self employed with no income for almost a year. 

- 1,000 excess home deaths a week. 

- 10 million people in England requiring mental health support. 



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Posted (edited)

oh ... 

"In conclusion, using this methodology and current data, in ~ 98% of the comparisons using 87 different regions of the world we found no evidence that the number of deaths/million is reduced by staying at home"

Stay-at-home policy is a case of exception fallacy: an internet-based ecological study | Scientific Reports (nature.com)


Meanwhile ...

''NEW: Number of people waiting to start hospital treatment in England is at a record high. 4.59 million people were waiting to start treatment at the end of January – the highest since records began in August 2007.''

Edited by Caseynotes
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If you want to know what the mechanism behind what the world has seen in the last year then it is worth looking at a little reported incident that occurred in Eluru India on December 5th 2020. It was thought that this was due to pesticide contamination and is given as the cause of the outbreak.

In fact this is a classic case of what is known as MPI or Mass Psychogenic Illness or more commonly Mass Hysteria. Replace the pesticide explanation with Covid and you have a mini example of what has occurred across the globe in 2020. 

So no, it was not a conspiracy of big tech and Governments to suppress our freedom to make money but just a good old psychological phenomenon common to human beings, Covid just being the largest outbreak since the medieval witch trials.



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PiQ @PriapusIQ


Reminder: We should get the EMA verdict on the AstraZeneca vaccine at 11:00GMT/12:00CET/07:00ET.


Concerns grow over reports of blood clotting among some recipients.

Counries that have stopped AZ vaccine; 

Germany, Italy, France, and Spain on Monday became the latest nations to halt the rollout, following moves by Ireland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway, and The Netherlands.


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''More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids'' (US).

''Overall, deaths per 100k in this age group jumped from 106.4 per 100k in 2019 to 131.7 per 100k during 2020. That’s an increase of 23% — and Covid only accounts for 1.2% of total deaths in ages 0–24 years.''

American Institute for Economic Research

Micha Gartz 

– March 17, 2021

More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids – AIER

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And back in the UK, ... had enough yet?...

Dr Zoe Harcombe, PhD  @zoeharcombe


We have the cartoon of the year already... Did you see the goalposts move again yesterday?

No longer 5 tests to get out of lockdown

Or the r rate

Or saving the NHS

Or deaths

Or cases

Or the data not the dates

The new obstacle to freedom is "lumpy vaccine supply" 


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The point is of course that this s***show will never end until everyone accepts total govt control and annual vaccinations proven by offical documentation.



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Bernie's Tweets @berniespofforth


Oliver Dowden culture Secretary confirms this morning. They are NOT introducing COVID Passports by confirming ......they WILL use COVID certifications.

Apparently proof of vaccinations are not passports. Silly me.

This is what freedom will look like.



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Beyond belief you are inflicting this on your children ...


UsforThemUK   @UsforThemUK

Children are now given 'breathing breaks'. Because wearing a mask for hour after hour is dangerous and intolerable.

'Surely I can’t be the only parent to think that this would have been a clear, screaming ‘NO’ until a year ago?' 

Face masks for children are damaging more than just their mental health (telegraph.co.uk)


Meanwhile, vaccinations ...

''... which translates into a “vaccine effectiveness” of 90.7% [100(1-0.093)].

This sounds impressive, but the absolute risk reduction for an individual is only about 0.4% (0.0043-0.0004=0.0039).''


Absolute risk reduction 0.4%   256 to prevent one case.

Covid-19 vaccine candidate is unimpressive: NNTV is around 256 | The BMJ


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Steve Baker MP FRSA


Government is now attempting to entice the public into a "Papers please!" society with the promise of a return to football. Our bluff has now been called on who we are and who we want to be.

Our very British brand of totalitarianism | James Jeffrey | The Critic Magazine


Sun Politics  @SunPolitics


Brits back in football stadiums from June 21 with negative test or vaccine proof

Brits set to be packed back into football stadiums and theatres from June 21 with proof of a negative test or Covid jab (thesun.co.uk)

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Consent Factory @consent_factory...

''When you're desperately trying to pretend the entire world is under attack by an apocalyptic plague and Florida ruins it by letting everyone just go on with their lives as normal ...''




Florida (almost fully open since Sep last year, and 19% fewer ‘Covid deaths’ per head than the UK)



There seems to be something going on with vaccines, UK suddenly claiming a vaccine shortage, more countries are stopping vaccinations and now even the US is surprised at the increase in deaths coinciding with vaccine rollout (as was seen in the UK - I posted a chart previously in this thread).

Yes, fortunately as you've just shot them full of dead covid nucleotides (the vaccine) they will automatically come up as covid positive on the PCR test so that's what goes on the death cert, but ...

no, must be just a coincidence - again.

Covid Spiking In Over A Dozen States—Most With High Vaccination Rates (forbes.com)




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    • shocking!!!!!!!!   but not surprised as I was always afraid about stuff getting on to those face masks   
    • 👀  Very interesting article by ZeroHedge on the recent big main stream narrative flip (China lab leak); Why The Davos Elites Just Played The 'Jon Stewart' Card | ZeroHedge ''Now Stewart comes out at this moment to pull his schtick on Colbert’s show to rally the libs to the whole WuFlu, “China Did It To Us” Narrative The Davos Crowd is pushing on us now?  '' ''They’ve pulled out the Jon Stewart card to convince the squishy Millennials that China is our enemy.  Google will now whitewash all references to Ft. Detrick, their October 2019 exercises and all the rest of it.  Remember, Millennials, in general, don’t know anything.  They just Google **** and think they’re informed.''   Here is the comedy show segment (8 min) the article centres on, watch it first.    
    • Sky reports on a new 'outbreak of covid' found during the mass testing of asymptomatic kids. No rise in 111 calls, or hospital admissions, or deaths. So just another outbreak of faux 'cases' then. This is why the mass testing of asymptomatics is a waste of time and nearly every other country is stopping it. The UK keep it up because it's useful to coerce people into taking the jab. They already stopped it for adults, they've been jabbed. There is only a few hours between getting infected and developing symptoms, very few would actually be tested then. Once you have symptoms you are not allowed in a testing station or at school. So most of those 'cases' are false positives, or bad lab work (even the BBC admits that is happening), or most likely people with immunity who have come into contact with the virus up to a month previously and old fragments from the destroyed virus are left in the blood. This virus has been circulation for over 18 months, there can't be many who have not already come into contact with it. But but but variants!!!!!!!! There are already many research papers out that show that immunity works on the variants. Only govt science experts and model makers pretend otherwise.   Meanwhile, continuing studies (if you've been jabbed you're in it) are showing the vaccines to be increasingly unsafe while more and more studies show Ivermectin is safe, cheap and effective against covid and can also be taken prophylactically.   Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines' Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infectio... : American Journal of Therapeutics (lww.com)      
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