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WuFlu and the Economy

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Still can't quite work out why we are deliberately destroying the economies of every first world nation because of this flu virus. Yesterday I went shopping at the local mega supermarket where the she

I  follow this page and I saw how Spain became from a nice yellowish spot to a complete red warning place. Mainly because of the great number of tourists that went there in summer. https://www.ec

It looks like Trump is surrounded by mercenaries. He does not want complete lockdown in US but other coordinated forces keeping up the pressure. Interesting fact. Both CDC and Johns Hopkins recei

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1 hour ago, Caseynotes said:

oh right, so you're saying Professor Mark Woolhouse of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group didn't give an interview and say this to the Express newspaper?

You know I think he actually did.

Certainly there's a need for an alternative media but the people behind 'Spiked' are not to be trusted on anything.

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2 minutes ago, dmedin said:

Certainly there's a need for an alternative media but the people behind 'Spiked' are not to be trusted on anything.

oh right, so you're saying Professor Mark Woolhouse of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group didn't give an interview and say this to the Express newspaper?

You know I think he actually did.

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Time to roll up your sleeve, it's coming - enforced vaccination (no proof of vac - no access, no travel).

FDA to fast track vaccine even Bill Gates admits causes side affects in 80% of recipients.

UK Govt drafting new laws to allow use of unlicensed medicines and to absolve manufacturers of any responsibility.

£10,000 fines slapped on covid law breakers.



FDA to fast-track COVID-19 vaccine - Financial Times ooc.bz/l/59626


Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers slapped with £10,000 fine for 'breaking coronavirus laws'


MP @Tobias_Ellwood has said draconian action could be needed to curb the spread of coronavirus if the public does not maintain social distancing measures “It’s an enduring emergency and until a vaccine turns up the Govt needs to keep the nation safe" Safe? Sick joke

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"Sweden refused to lock down. Refused social distancing. Refused to require masks. For a while Sweden's death rate was high. Now it's nearly non-existent and by the end of the year their total death rate will be the lowest in the world. They were right. We were idiots."

John McAfee  @officialmcafee





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23 minutes ago, dmedin said:

Don't kill your gran, Tom :(

30,000 old people with no strength to keep fighting die every year from flu type virus's, no vaccine will save them, if it's not this strain it'll be that strain, the Govt knows this.

Forcing people to wear a mask and taking a vaccine is not about controlling a virus it's about controlling you.

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We’re vindicated, say Swedes after coronavirus cases hit new low

"Sweden has registered its lowest rate of positive coronavirus tests yet even after its testing regime was expanded to record levels in what one health official said was a vindication of its relatively non-intrusive Covid-19 strategy.

Over the past week the country carried out more than 120,000 tests, of which only 1.3 per cent identified the disease. At the height of the pandemic the proportion was 19 per cent."


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Oh dear, this is embarrassing. Turns out there are no more deaths this year compared to previous years at all.

So the people who died of covid were the same unfortunate end of lifers that die of flu type viruses every year.

Meanwhile the idiot Johnson is planning to spend billions on routine testing for everyone.

Both political parties seem determined to keep this farce running forever, welcome to the new normal.




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France has over 10 000 new cases a day atm, rates are increasing, where they were decreasing. There is a resurgence of the virus where social distancing has been lax. True death rates are down as health systems become used to managing this novel virus, but it is still a virus most people would not want to contract. Most of us don't want to,partly as quarantine is both inconvenient and frustrating. There are those who support various conspiracy theories regarding this virus such as those who support Qanon. I am not sure they are right. They could be very wrong and slightly, dangerously mad(Qanoners). This is a novel virus with a 1-2% death rate (depending on methods of reporting death).  Is this a chronic overreaction of world governments to this crisis? Is it a conspiracy to destroy the global economy? Certainly most governments have handled it poorly. Again back to the question of who gains? And why.

Looks more like a natural phenomenon, a particularly virulent virus that preys on the weak,obese and vulnerable, plus it seems to hit the bame community harder than most others. It is novel and not in a good way. 

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