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Index option price variation over weekends



Posting here after waiting around 2 hours on the phone in total over 2 days.

I'm holding April Wall St puts and noticed their value decline significantly over the weekend.

- How are these options priced?

- Does theta decay apply over the weekend?

- What other inputs could be affecting the price?

- Why don't the ticker charts show the price changes?

- Have these markets any relation to the Weekend Wall St market? It experiences large swings while the options decay relatively stably


One more general question regarding IG's option product in particular.

- Ignoring the limited upside, when selling regular calls there is a risk the call may be excised. Am I right in understanding this simply does not apply to IG spread betting, since the bet is on the price of the call and not an actual sale of the call itself?


I'm curious about alternative methods for holding long term bearish positions that are unaffected by.. whatever it is dragging on the put price all weekend


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