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MT4 SB...Problem with charts



Can any one help

I'm running the MT4 SB platform and last night various charts suddenly displayed unusual prices...I have at least 10 others pairs similar (daily price bars) which shows completely distorted charts which means i cannot view my charts at all...enclosed is a sample screen shot !!!


Tried ringing cus service but impossible to get through ...


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I have the same problem on the demo SB platform: same date, everything. Look at the data: File -> Open Data Folder, then choose history, then (for me using demo) IG-DEMO and you can see a load of files. These contain the ohlc for each instrument in each time frame that you are using. Almost certainly, somebody has badly misplaced the decimal point! it seems to be currency pairs that feature the USD. Things like indices seem OK. VERY annoying.

This page suggests that there is a data editor and way back many, many years ago, I seem to recall playing with it. But MT4 has changed a lot since then and I can't see how to invoke it. 

Any ideas anybody?

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