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When does a new month begin for the reduced commission



It's my first day at this today and I was wondering when the "new month" starts. Is it 30 days from today or is there a date in the month when it resets and the fees reduce (I've already made enough trades to day to qualify).

Same question for future months too. Will my new month always be on the 24th or will I fall in line with a set date?

Thank you in advance.


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23 hours ago, Toninosc89 said:

Hi, I have the same question. Thanks,

Hi Toninosc,

Today it went down to £3 so I guess it's done on a calendar month and not 30 days from sign-up. Check yours in case its different but mine has changed this morning.



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Hi, Yes, I confirm. Now I have the reduced commission too.

The methodology to how the reductions are applied is not the best one anyway :)

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