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Selling/Buying Ticks Countdown?



Hi guys,

Absolute noob to trading here but having a lot of fun, just a question with the system.

I bought some shares in a company no problem, they had a massive slump last week. So this week they bounced back and peaked this morning, and if I had sold I would have made a few thousand bucks. However, when I tried to sell in the peak of the rise: I would go to sell shares, begin typing in the amount and type of sell etc, then up the top it would say something akin to "you have 10 ticks to complete this order". Because the stock was on such a crazy rise, those ticks would last no more than 2-3 seconds and once they had completed, my order would cancel and force me to restart. Is there any way to turn this off, or am I doing something wrong? It pretty much made it impossible for me to sell and I missed the bubble.

Thanks in advance.

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