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Margin closing out positions

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Hi All,

I Apologies if this has been asked before but does IG close out all your positions when collectively all your losses for all your positions breach 50% of your margin? As an example lets say I have twopositions open with initial capital of $4,000 (Margin close at $2000):

Position 1 - Margin of $2000 with a loss of $1,500

Position 2 - Margin of $2000 with a loss of $501

My question comes in two parts:

1) Will both positions be closed out because my loss and automatic close out has breached at $2000 or;

2) Will it close out the largest loss amount which is position 1 and leave position 2 open?

If option 1 is the answer is there a way to change the settings to option 2?


Thank you


I hope this is clear and i

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