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Stock Screener Improvements

Guest ProTrader

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Guest ProTrader

I have used your stock screener, and have a suggestion that will add to the current offering. I would like to see the dividend compounded growth rate over the years. Dividend yield is a good initial indicator of a stock but for long term trading you it would be a good addition in assesing a stocks fundementals. 


I would also like to see African Stocks more widely represented, at the moment you only have south african stocks, on the IG platform. Africa is the next big thing in my opinion and we are going to see some opportunities there that will benefit IG customers on an Intraday level.

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Hi Pro trader,


I like your suggestion as many traders appreciate dividend data to add value decision making process and so I will be sure to pass on the point you have raised to the relevant department and I will also speak to the team about our offering of African stocks.


Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and keep them coming! 

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