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What will happen to pensions?

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With so many companies slashing or cancelling their dividends, what will happen to pensions? There is no way pension funds can keep paying out old pension levels with such reduced returns from their assets. Also, won't this keep pressure on equities from rising?

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Your username suggest you are based in continental Europe. You probably have more to worry about right now than future pension. The Euro might be finished mate. This time won't be bail-outs for banks, it's bail-ins for the governments.

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I am not a pensioner but worried about those who draw pensions. Just look at the white pensioners in Zimbabwe and what happened to them when there was hyperinflation. Their savings became more or less worthless over night and their pensions barely covered the cost of a loaf of bread.

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    • TGA approved today!!! BOOM
    • For me your stop is large, I use close to the minimum for the market. But I think same applies. I think basically I like tight stops because you can't lose too much but when you win hopefully you win big relative to that. I've been using a 4:1 reward/risk ratio for example.  When I started out I thought the likelihood of pulling this off given how close the stop was to entry was unlikely but actually it does happen fairly often. The issue I have is that I average a win every 4 trades so essentially make nothing in the end but that's just my mean, I have a massive standard deviation that I need to get way down i.e. increase win rate if possible before this is useful. So for me I think I need better timing signals to enter and I enter too readily without really using indicators to help me. To be honest though what I've found which might be obvious to most is that if the market trends for a period of time it's much easier to make money. When it isn't it's very difficult, the problem is you often don't know when it's not trending to a large enough degree until you're in it and then you need to know to take some time and return later. Like sailing with a strong wind and then all of a sudden it's doldrums.