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POsition not shown and cant close it

Guest Juan


Today I open a position on Oil, I can see my P/L running but position screen says I have no positions open, so I cant close it.

Can you please help?


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Guest Aidan

I have the same issue as this today. No position open but profit/loss and margin are active with no way of closing the position. The position went through my stop loss without closing it also.

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I have the same issue this morning. 2 open positions however nothing showing, just my P&L. Any advice on how to solve this....? Very Quickly!

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Two days a ropw this has happened to me on the Browser PLatform, I am currently paper trading, it is not giving me a whole lot of confidence to go live on IG. Is there a solution to this , it is the only issue I have found so far , but its a pretty big one.


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I'm having the same problem. Placed a trade but it didn't appear on my report blotter under the charts. No right-hand side notification appeared. Place another. Also no effect. Ended up doing this 5 times before seeing that my margin has been hit. The orders were placed but I got no notification. Can't close them other than (hopefully) placing exactly opposite trades.

Luckily this is on the demo account, but I'm now reluctant to hand over any money to trade for real.

O/S Win 8.1  Browser: Edge


10082020  5 orders inaccesible but place and drawing margin.jpg

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I can see my live positions but not the entry level or the stop loss.  Contacted IG and got an email back saying I should use the new platform.  went to the new platform but this again shows my live trades without entry level or stop loss.  Also new platform is horrible.

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