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Stocks on Spread Betting Platform for which there is no PRT Chart


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TGZ.TSE - Teranga Gold


This one is also listed on the ASX but the TSE listing would show the better chart for TA as the stock traded on this exchange receives much greater volume on an average day.


Can this one be added please?


I would be grateful if you would answer the same question I asked on the thread about fixing charts with bad ticks but relating to this issue of having PRT charts added i.e.



What is the best way to inform you through the internet so that you can add charts?


1) Email help desk

2) Email through the technical help in the charts

3) Using the Feedback facility in Market Research

4) Using this thread

5) or some other means




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Apologies for the delay in replying Dan. I'm not receiving notifications of new posts despite being subscribed, hence the delay?


Yes the Canadian listing for Teranga is there now too and the PRT chart loads for it. However the chart only shows one candle/bar on the weekly time frame and five on the daily so no good for TA. 

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Hey ,


Can you check your notification settings in My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications >Notification Settings. What do you have set for New topics or articles posted in boards I subscribe to?


I'm afraid we're not able to back-fill charts, data is now only available from when we add markets to the platform. However, hopefully this should help for any short term or future technical analysis.



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Hi Dan,


The answer to your question is: Use Default (immediately)


It was the first thing I checked (along with my spam folder) when the notifications ceased.


I have changed it to just "immediately" to see if that revives it.


Furthermore I have the following ticked:


"Automatically subscribe me to all topics or reviews I participate in"


I should add that whilst I am typing this on this web page near the top right there is a box ticked with the statement "Email me when someone replies" so it all looks in order?



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I had to return here as I have just seen in my inbox an email notification of the reply CR380 made to my "Additions to Market Data/Screener" thread. The time stamp of the email is the same as the time stamp of the post so it could not have anything to to with me changing the setting to "immediately" as mentioned above.


I'll leave you to it :-)   

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After having posted on every thread I am subscribed too and discovered that no email notifications were forthcoming I thought I would go and check "My settings" again. To my surprise under Email there is the following statement with a check box:


"Don't send me any community emails"


The box was unchecked! I have absolutely no idea how this has occurred as have received notifications before and nothing has been adjusted. Anyway, the box is now checked marked and I will post this and come back with the verdict. 

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Hey ,


Thanks for testing the notifications on your subscriptions and providing further information on your settings. I've added this all to the investigation that is currently being carried out into this issue. I've just removed a few of your test posts however, but retained records of these for the escalation.


Would you also be able to check your email spam folder when you get a chance, to see if there are any Community emails in there?






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Just checking into to say that no email notification came through for your reply here. I did say in my penultimate post that I had had no other replies to other posts I was subscribed too but missed this one. Just to keep the record straight.



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