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Chart scaling issues with PRT for short timeframes charts (5min)




When I open my PRT 5-minute charts, the charts open with very squashed scaling and no candlesticks can be seen in view. If I click on the 'Default Optimized Scale button', it makes no difference as the scaling remains squashed. I then have to fiddle with zoom and scroll/drag manually until I can actually see the candlesticks each time the template is opened.


My 15-minute and 1-hour PRT charts do not have this problem - the charts open with the scale optimized and I can see the candlesticks straight away.


Can the scaling of charts be optimised for short timeframes, such as 5 minutes? it's frustrating to be wasting time each day trying to manually adjust scaling parameters for every chart. Candlesticks should be loaded in with optimized scaling for all timeframes - this is common place in all other charting packages that I have used so not sure why it doesn't work in PRT.



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Welcome to the community!


I would be glad to help with the issue you are having. I have not had any other feedback about that scaling issue you are having and so with that in mind I just want to quickly verify if it is product related. Would you mind loading some other products, such as index and with that we can identify if the issue is product specific. Also does the issue occur on the 1 minute timeframe?


I look forward to hearing from you and please do let me know if there is anything else I can do.

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