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Goldman's got skin in the oil game.


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They've been 'calling for' $20 a barrel even before the cuts were announced.  It's almost as if they have a short position open.  Or maybe that's where they'd just love to buy  ;)


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Ay me, Samantha 🤔 Goldman expects Brent prices to reach $35 per barrel in the short term, compared with around $43 hit on Monday. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-global-oil-research-goldm

which oil? are you calling Monte a liar? 👀   US Crude;

There seems to be a correction in Brent oil every 10-14 days since the April lows, occasionally prefaced with a smaller drop and bounce. Is this just another correction before next leg higher or are w

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Oh dear, and this comes right off the back of all the doom and gloom.

Cognitive dissonance, much? 

The Goldman must be rubbing his hands with glee!


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There is goes back up again, after two very bearish candles and a build-up in inventories.  Just goes to show, you can be an expert 'market analyst' all you like but your guess is as good as anyone else's ... what a load of old tosh.


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