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mr H Weston



Hello,  I was wondering if anyone could help.    About 20 plus years ago i bought some shares in Oxford Biomeidica about £8000 in value then.  I completely forgotten about them until recently , so had a look at there value and noted some very big gains.    So I contact Oxford Biomedica who point me in the way of Link asset services ( who look after their share dealings )    I had no certificate as moved house 5 times since  i bought them.   Link Asset Services state I have 42 ordinary shares. The Share value as i see it today is £7.00 ish a share making by my calculation a value of £294.    I cant understand this ?  as the share value has gone up at least 6 times initial value but according to Link asset services my 42 Ordinary shares are only worth £294        Am I missing something here ??     I have not sold any shares     Thanks in advance

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