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PRT feature request - autoversioning of indicators, screeners, strategies, etc.


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Hi All,


With PRT, if you have more than one account - like your domestic, international, and demo accounts (one for each), it becomes quite messy if you export and import indicators, strategies, and screeners, to keep track of changes to the code between the different environments. For instance, is the strategy with the same name in a different environment the same, or has the code been changed?


The best way that I can think of to solve this would be to auto append the date and time to the filename when exporting the screener, indicator, etc. And also to auto insert the date and time information in the description field, or at the top as a comment in the code. This way, it would be very easy to know if the exact same code is running between the different environments.


The key here is that PRT needs to create and insert the date and time information automatically in the different places. The user should simply save and export or import.


PRT currently offers no versioning information, so this would also assist with the general versioning requirement.


This is probably more relevant for IG customers than PRT direct customers, where separate international, domestic, and demo accounts are needed, as IG does not provide PRT's paper trading module, so testing needs to be done using a separate demo account.




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I can see the point you make with regards to the export facility on the ProRealTime platform. Naturally, as you are using more than one environement it can get messy if you have multiple strategies with different versions and so I will be sure to pass on the idea you have about being able to better idetify or lable the strategies.


I do hope that helps and as always please do keep those ideas coming as they are gratefully received.



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