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No Trailing Stop


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I have since learnt that share trading accounts does not offer that functionality, only a CFD account. 
There is no clear comparison between the account types offered by IG and what you get with it. 
I think it is grossly misleading & misrepresentation to lure people into the "Demo" account that offers functionalities which you then do not get when you have a normal share trading account. It even alludes to the benefits of these functionality as a must for good trading practice and for safety. It is all good and well to say then to get a CFD account, but by looking at the criteria to open one, is a whole new set of rules. 
I'll keep looking at other products to see how they compare and what you get with it.

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Guest Hunty

Hi there trend follower, option, but I mostly

Interesting you say "I use the 'Trailing Stop' function on IG's UK Spread Betting account".  I was actually talking about the spreadbetting acount. I can see the 'trailing stop' option if I use the "DEAL" button, where the drop down provides for "Normal",  "Guaranteed"  or "Trailing" Stop....  but I mostly use the "ORDER" option and then only get the "Normal" or "Guaranteed" on the drop down ....unless I am missing something??


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    • Considering the impact of Lisk LSK to Defi and web3 and the simplicity it provides for developers to transfer skills more rapidly for the building of dApps. Am confident that the token will highly be sought after. I have deposited some of my LSK on Bitget to share from the Airdrop event to celebrate the listing of the token on the CEX.
    • Thanks for sharing @THT I highly doubt that gold will fall below the 1900 level, which is the lowest support level on the monthly time frame. Right now, the current pullback in gold is nothing but a FALSE MOVE to the downside which ALWAYS takes place before a REAL BREAKOUT. This FALSE MOVE can last no longer than 1-3 time units and is simply the REQUIRED movement of markets. Gold is setting up for a major sling-shot to the upside.
    • Had this on my chart (daily) for a long time Next watch for one of those 2 scenarios above unfolding THT
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