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  2. J&J is still in decline!😍
  3. The Academy is good and won't take long to get through (recommended 1 month ago). The Cred Study Guide is better and will take a little longer (recommended 2 weeks ago). do the guide first watch the videos later. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15c3rN15rkXldY8Te3GDG4NG7noaaoikydOoZQlElwXw/preview?pru=AAABaf3_sQE*PXVDTaKtvm5VtQcvpBug2w
  4. Yes you are framing the chart to see what you want to see rather than just what's there, you can't see a wedge by just ignoring the prior peak ( 2). The chart structure is saying; 1 tried to break lower from S1 - fail. 2 tried to break higher from S1 to the pivot, got a good distance then failed and fell back to S1. 3 tried the same move again and even worse failure. 4 try again, dismal. the next most likely move was another try lower towards S2. But then came the news flash and the sudden move up, as usual it was overdone and price has since retraced 50% (white line). If you look too hard at a chart you will eventually see whatever you want. From the book of Cred verse 19. After enough screen time, you should be able to look at a chart and within a very short time ascertain if there’s a trade there. It should scream at you. If it doesn’t, there’s probably nothing there.
  5. @nit2wynit Sometimes I just wish someone would come along and put me out of my misery.
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  7. Any advice on this moving forward? 4H
  8. To add, disappointingly ,If I gone in with british Tobacco this morning, I'd be £170 up :O Shoulda Woulda Coulda
  9. I've no idea what those numbers mean. I was supposed to spend the weekend researching and learning but it didn't happen. My concern is this is your thread and you claim it's all a con lol. You clearly have more knowledge than me so what's going wrong then? I'm still struggling to accept why I have 80% success on the Demo regardless of Fear, i still made profits regularly. Maybe I've just spent too much time on Gold and the FTSE and it's not been moving much over the day. Something else to analyse I guess.
  10. I think i have a problem with how I see the charts patterns then. Maybe i have them too bunched up, too stretched out. I see clear up and down patterns everywhere i look. I'm obviously fooling myself that this relates to good point moves when really it's maybe just a skewed chart. Listen guys. I know you've all posted.....but i am ready to learn now. @Caseynotes to the chart above that is my Ascending wedge. the diagonal yellow line from the lowest point to the spike. Yes it failed a 2nd breakout. Lesson learned once again. It's the very first time I actually waited till it broke the previous high after the spike. but it failed to climb. Went out for the afternoon and bought a bike. I need a reboot. Prologue, not page 1. You've mentioned Academy. Is this the best place to start from scratch?
  11. Tis not scoff, I'm not keen on patterns on lower time frames, if you look hard enough you will see them everywhere though can't really see your wedge at all. I stick to dip buying between significant levels. Price was moving sideways along S1, I was waiting for a pullback on the way to either to the pivot upwards or S2 downwards. Price did move up and there was a pullback but without much continuation, price fell back to S1 when the news sent it parabolic upward. These moves are usually overdone and a steady correction is the most likely move to follow. I see from your more recent post you mean a channel and are jumping around on the time frames to find it, on the start of the impulse move there was no channel or wedge, only a trendline of sorts (2nd chart) with a lower high failure before the news. I am reminded why I don't like patterns on lower time frames.
  12. I watch the trend on daily and weekly (rarely, monthly) and use 1 or 4 hours to time entry and exit. Buy signal: current price > 5MA (or EMA) > 20MA (or EMA) > 50MA (or EMA) Buy confirm/filters: increased volume, going in direction of trend Sell signal: current price < 5MA (or EMA) < 20MA (or EMA) < 50MA (or EMA) Sell confirm/filters: inreased volume, going in direction of trend I also look at the RSI for divergences
  13. Here it is again. What is wrong with this setup exactly?
  14. I don't trade the 1M. I just switch to that to place the trade and watch it. I start at the daily, then the 4, then the 2 then the 1 then the 30 then the 15 then the 5 then 1. I check candle colours and previous Support Resistance levels for places to Get In. I don't see anything wrong at all with the previous German30 example.
  15. @nit2wynit Have you tried out the one hour timeframe? The best advice anyone could give you in respect of trading on minute charts is DON'T DO IT.
  16. I'm going back to page one Trend. Something is clearly wrong it what I'm doing. It's possible I have too little in the kitty to make this work. Even at £0.50pp the stops are too great to assure profit for a longer timeframe. I'd love to see someone give me an example of how to make this work with only £950 account. Ideas on a postcard to: Gamblers Anonymous Bankruptville Ignorance Street .....
  17. Break of the daily chart lower channel line on the 1H chart and currently retesting. If the move I have outlined is to materialise then I would expect a drop from this retest to complete a close below the daily line. If this does occur I would expect this to be off further EURUSD and GBPUSD rallies with GBP being stronger in the rally.
  18. What I'm failing to grasp is the massive stops needed to trade on Large Timeframes. Help me out here then. Give me an example with only £950 inthe pot. Instrument, Timeframe, ppp. I will be greatly appreciative. Simply scoffing at my posts is as futile as my Gambling style to gain profit.
  19. I'm clearly confused here. Ascending Wedge into Breakout. What's the problem? I know nothing about News on this. I lost when I tried for a Pullback that didn't come. Took £25 at the top and should have walked away. 3 times waiting for a 2nd run on it that did't come that eventually took back £40. You're both telling me you wouldn't trade this before the breakout? @dmedin @Caseynotes So what does work for you then?
  20. EoD price action was Bearish and broke through that ST support level with other markets being more Bearish than the Dow (more to go for the Dow to catch up?). After a bit of consolidation bearishness has crept back in ahead of the US open. A break of the next ST support brings up the 27000 level but, depending on how the move goes, the market could go into another consolidation at the 27000 level and if this constitutes a Flag type formation then 26500 is a likely end to this phase. With no clear EWT or PMD I don't see the bearish move completing yet.
  21. in order to trade US equities, who do i need to send my W-8BEN form to?can i email it in? how long after i have emailed it can i trade US shares?
  22. And the init2winit cried "Oh Dear God! Help Me!" And the demin cried Oh tis "based largely on luck." And God looked down and took pity and spoke thusly "A system means an actual system. Rules, diagrams, flowcharts. Not platitudes." From the Book of Cred verse 18. https://www.crypto-world.gr/en/trading/cryptocreds-70-trading-advices/
  23. @dmedin Yes I expect it will for around 2 or 3 hours but at 17:00 or so it should settle down, and between 17:00 and 19:00 it may be possible to pick a side. It could even be last hour but that doesn't matter so long as support holds I will be looking for a long position. If not I will start again tomorrow probably look for support at a new low. 👿
  24. The most likely outcome is that it will go up and down or down and up, or vice versa, in rapid and random alternation.
  25. Nice little chart of the Dow. 👿
  26. I agree, day trading (minute trading) is based largely on luck.
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