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  2. Just wanted to update my post to say IG contacted me asked me to call them to discuss. They were very good, and after looking at the market at the period this happened agreed to refund the trade I would have closed in profit. I did not have any video proof nor was asked for any, it was just a civilised conversation and they were very understanding. I wish I had contacted them before with the previous issues as they said they could have rectified these too (but too late now for the previous issues)
  3. Larry Connors did a study on this in the 90's (using stops or not) I use stops - I just add a point or 2 to cover spreads etc The markets are mathematical points of force, the laws of probability and probabilistic returns apply to trading - most people never get in sync with that hence the high failure rate Dr. Van Tharps book "Trade your way to financial freedom" details probability, statistical returns, win distribution and risk brilliantly. Hope it helps and good luck on your trading journey
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    Gird up thy loins, Samwise Gamgee 🐮
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  6. It would also be great if you could NOT log me out of the platform WHILE I AM STILL ACTIVELY USING IT. Have you IT cretins not heard of inactivity timers?
  7. The S&P 500 - representative of the American economy The five biggest S&P 500 members – Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have gained 15 percent so far this year, while the remaining 495 companies have fallen 8 percent.
  8. Hi, i place a order to long oil. but i decided to withdraw. why they charge me? i
  9. Description: The ancient Israelites may have used cannabis to get high as part of their religious ritual, according to Israeli researchers who found residue of the drug at a nearly 3,000-year-old shrine. Emer McCarthy reports. Short Link: https://refini.tv/36X0WNJ Video Transcript lol that ain't God talking to you Moses
  10. Can it 'keep it up', above the gap and the 200 SMA? Or will it get stoned and go all droopy again
  11. Gold has got the runs, someone give it some loperamide
  12. Ah yeah got you, definitely some ways to guarantee failure. If you could use derivatives for longer term trading might be more reason to do it.
  13. Some stocks have a ridiculous spread, which makes them not worth trading, but there's plenty of others!
  14. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-britain-casualties-idUSKBN23A1Q4?taid=5ed79da6b0a59e0001b61a31&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  15. Ah ok, I thought i read a post from you from a couple of years back where you said you didn't like spread bets due to the inherent spread but i guess you were thinking more about whats the lesser evil.
  16. SB is far easier than CFD, the only thing I miss on IG's platform is the ability to buy 'options' for stocks on the web platform.
  17. So you're trading CFD's then? Just wondered given experience which is the preferred option by most.
  18. Hi all, I realise stops are there to allow you to set a risk/reward ratio but my question is whether your trade is much more likely to succeed if you don't have a stop or you use stops like an emergency stop i.e. the risk to reward is massive for any particular trade. I've had many trades where i've set a stop and its been closed out because the market has turned but only just enough to hit my stop. If i'd set the stop lower, with more time it would have been successful. Perhaps its more about knowing where to set the stop based on the chart rather than being so concerned about the ratio itself? So i'm not anti-stops by any means i realise they're essential especially if you can't monitor your positions constantly but having a higher risk-bigger stop or better positioning of it could increase chance of success? Any opinions anyone on this? Also is there such a thing as having a probability of success on a trade? I.e. if you have a low limit is the probability of success higher than a high limit e.g. 0.5 vs 20, time is also a factor on all of this. Or do people just see the market as black and white up or down i.e. if its going up half a point its going to go up 10 points so whats the point of very low limits. Of course market conditions may also influence the probability, so i assume successful traders although they can't put a % probability on success they can read the market well enough that they can roughly say that there is likely a greater than 50% chance that any trade may be successful? Sorry just rambling really. I haven't invested hours and hours of reading so presumably there are answers to all of this and I need to read more. Thanks for any comments in advance
  19. Hi, yes though you can have a separate USD account so you are not changing back and forward all the time.
  20. I'm not sure why I'd ever want to buy shares. I understand the advantages, but you're paying everything up front and waiting for a long time for it to be worthwhile. Maybe if I was very rich and could afford to put money away and forget about it for years.
  21. I would like a web based platform that isn't sh!te. Today it is not remembering layouts, keeps switching me back to default and it's really f*king annoying having to constantly change it back.
  22. Only minus 2.7 million for NFP compared to predicted 9 million
  23. Hi all, Just out of interest i was wondering, if you trade with IG are you using derivatives or share dealing? I don't think there are any other options with IG.. As i imagine most newbie's do i've been using a spread betting demo account and i know a lot of people seem very against spread betting, but if the spreads are low e.g. 1.5 or less is it so bad? Yes you're behind from the start, i get that but you also avoid most taxes. And if so are you using CFD's or not using leverage at all. Are there "better" other leveraged products out there apart from SB & CFD's? Thanks for the advice
  24. I am still actively managing a short on the Nikkei. I closed out half when it traded below levels I sold at. My plan at the moment is to double up with a tight stop if it approaches the high and hedge if it if goes through the high. Alternatively I will just scalp on the long side for a different index.
  25. If I wanted to spreadbet in USD but my account is in GBP will I get charged the 0.5% currency conversion fee?
  26. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/DJI/PCdl6KoL-DOW-SHORT-IDEA-ON-FRIDAY-ONWARDS-TO-ENTIRE-NEXT-MONTH/ As we all know Indices have been on a steady ascent for a long time now surrunded by tensions COVID, Riots and China .. S&P is trying to test the 3100 level and needs to close above it decisively with a green candle.. Question is will it punch through like a knife through butter or will the markets finally run out of steam and sell off ..above link is an interesting one and one which Im going to take on with a decent stop on friday when the non farm payroll figure is expected to trigger it The markets are long overdue a correction and Trump seems to be going from bad to worse with his dementia fuelled rants and threats on seemingly half the world.. UK is also another expected casualty.. the BOE has warned banks to be careful that a no brexit deal is likely to now happen.. given Sterlings currently high levels a pound crash would be inevitable ..also a worrying trend seems to be happening with some of the big Blue chips.. I use British Airways IAG as an example who are in the process of firing all staff and rehiring 65% of the workforce back on 60% salary .. they have already started this.. I expect to see a lot of companies doing this so combine this with a significant correction in the housing market here and little or no jobs and a lot of furkoughed workers finding their position has been terminated and UK assets are likely to take a nosedive.. thats before the second spike of Covid
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