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  2. Another week of hopeless trading ... my balance is getting smaller and smaller. This TA stuff just doesn't seem to work on a reliable or consistent basis.
  3. Hi guys, I am wondering if you can help me calm my blood pressure. Just started learning how to trade and left a long position open by mistake today and did not manage to close - GBP/CAD. Is there any way to close it or minimise the risk of losing money. My account is not big at all but I am most worried about losing more and/or going on a negative balance. Any suggestions? Best regards!
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  5. I'd like easier secure login too. If IG wants people to trade more, they need to take some of the friction out using their app. Take a look at Freetrade, for exampe.
  6. It looks the same for me too. The app updated yesterday evening and that coincided with the change. Perhaps a new version slipped out, hopefully it's been tested...
  7. Nobody able to help? In the absence of any advice, anyone got recommendations for alternative SIPP providers?
  8. Rude ...Please If you want to see rude I will oblige if you like Ok So you went onto the platform and found the only products that have no future contract..Well done ,gold star for you If I give a quick glance over the forums I can see multiple threads created by you about trading oil, gas, gold and OJ at the very least...All of which do have So are you now trying to say you only trade cypto but like to post about everything else
  9. @dmedin, I totally agree. I want to see the so called experts on IG Community that know it all and have lots of knowledge, intelligence, wisdom and cannot be wrong 'people' to prove this. They will not as they do not really want to help anyone on IG Community as they are selfish apart from sharing their posts, sharing links, sharing technical and complex information and everything BUT what people on IG Community are looking for. They then get defensive, abusive, rude and really turn the screw so that their real character comes out. I am a bad trader. I have no knowledge. I have no experience. There you go. I am sure this will satisfy some on the IG Community. So those who do have knowledge, do have experience and think they are superior I would love them to response to @dmedin and demonstrate that they are profitable traders who consistently make profits year upon year and pay a lot of tax to their tax authorities as they obviously do not use the tax efficient advantage of spread betting.
  10. @Mark27000, May I ask why you are being so rude. I have not been rude or discourteous to you. Would you please be kind enough to show me where this option is on IG's UK Spread Betting platform for the following that I use my UK Spread Betting account for: Bitcoin Ether Ripple Stellar Litecoin Bitcoin Cash EOS Crypto 10 Index NEO Ether/Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin Now please would you be kind enough to evidence to me where the futures option is and I certainly appreciate you 'twaddle-less' answer. I look forward to learning from someone on the IG Community. It is all about sharing. If you know something which I do not then I am happy to learn from you. You can never stop learning. I will hold my hands up. I have been trading Cryptocurrencies on IG's platform for around 2-3 years using Spread Betting and I never knew they had a futures option. Oh wait, I live and breathe Cryptocurrencies and follow news on a daily basis so what do I know. Hold on I do not trade and I am full of 'twaddle'. OK, I am about to learn something here. This will be very useful to me as I go long and short on Cryptocurrencies so this is getting me excited now. Now if I have no clue then I really want to assess how much 'clue' you have. This thread is all about spread betting so I am sticking to the topic. I have been posting on this thread in relation to spread betting. If you want to write about something else then this may be the wrong thread. That is my clue level but let us see your clue level. What I obviously do, I should know but I guess I do not know. You obviously know what I do and not do more than me. Wow some arrogance. If I do not trade then don't waste your time even posting to me and if I do trade then maybe I am a bad trader. There are many bad traders on IG Community. You may also be one of them. I do not know. I look forward to your professional and polite answer to see how polite and courteous you are. Or shall I make an assumption that you are just a rude and impolite person? You seem to like making assumptions.
  11. You are confusing trading CFD`s with Spreadbetting a futures contract....😂😂
  12. The more you type the more you prove what I said Nobody said anything about spreadbetting ...You said you pay an overnight charge while holding your trade for weeks or months.You obviously buy or sell a DFB instead of the futures contract ....Even if you are spreadbetting you can do this...The fact that you dont know this tends to show you dont actually trade and if by chance you do,then you havent a clue I await your 1000 word response of twaddle
  13. I would love to see anyone prove they were consistently profitable from trading over 12 months. Such evidence is hard to come by.
  14. CME Group Is Launching Bitcoin Options Early in 2020 https://www.coindesk.com/cme-group-is-launching-bitcoin-options-early-in-2020 So we have the halving event which is the main event of 2020 for Bitcoin but now with this from CME supporting it. Could this lead to yes a big correction after the halving event but a new lower high?
  15. Another RNS released by Argo. The news is really flowing out of this company. They are really going for it. However, whether this will be successful or end up a failure, time will tell. Argo Blockchain PLC New Mining Hardware Installed and Operational https://www.investegate.co.uk/argo-blockchain-plc--arb-/rns/new-mining-hardware-installed-and-operational/201909190700138786M/
  16. @Caseynotes and @Mark27000, Spread Betting is a tax efficient way of trading. Your profits are free from UK Capital Gains Tax and there is no needs to disclose or include in your UK Self Assessment Tax Return. Imagine if you were a day trader and a profitable one you would have to ensure that you declared, included and paid the correct tax at the correct time and this would be your responsibility. Yes you can hire an accountant but there will be a cost to that. Yes there is accounting and tax software but you still have to input all the details. Spread Betting makes is seamless and less hassle. It is easier in my opinion when limited time is available. I am an investor first and foremost and trading is only a very small part of what I do. Now in terms of paying overnight charges. If you are a profitable trader using leverage then the overnight charges will be coming out of your profits (leveraged). With spread betting you do not have clearing fees, the costs associated per contract (futures), paying for a terminal every month. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both but the real advantage of spread betting is the tax efficiency. I love it. The disadvantage is the costs via the spreads and overnight charges. Each trader has to weigh up (based on their personal circumstances) which is better for them. Trend Trading Futures contracts is not tax efficient. Yes it may be cheaper due to no or little overnight charges but the tax you have to pay on your profits, each trader will have to work out the math and see which option is better for them. On spread betting the overnight charges are the costs of being able to carry over a leveraged position. It is the privilege to do so and of course there will be a cost to doing this as after all if you make lots of profits then it is free from tax so you get to keep all of it. Futures will have the 'cost' built into the spread so they will be wider. So yes you have no 'overnight' charges as such but those costs will be built and factored into the spread. I am not going to get involved in an argument over which is better as that is a personal and individual choice. I have chosen Spread Betting for my particular circumstances and situation. I do not need permission or any agreement from you guys. I am not sure why I am bothering here as I do not even trade according to @Mark27000. Futures contracts are designed for longer term trades but the spreads will be wider thus avoiding overnight charges. If it is not for you and you do not want to pay the overnight charges then that is fine. If you do not understand why I pay overnight charges then fine. There is nothing more I wish to add, say or disclose on the IG Community.
  17. @Caseynotes, If you know anyone who applies and then succeeds in this then do share this information and let the IG Community know.
  18. The display of watchlists and positions on the app on my phone changed today - everything is more spaced out than before, so I get less on the screen and have to scroll more. Its not related to the font size on my phone - I tried reducing that to the minimum and nothing changed on the app I rang customer help and they suggested removing and reinstalling the app but that didn't change anything. They did say that there had been no update of the app so I shouldn't have seen any change I'd really like to shrink the spacing back to what it used to be - any ideas? I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like now
  19. When you click buy @ market and it comes up sell and amount of points,it is for your stop loss and the points you adjust is the amount of stop you want ....As for the other box .did you mess around with the order interface in the settings at any stage
  20. Hi, not really sure what is going on there, probably worth reporting via the platform. Go to PRT 'Help' > Technical Support' and you should see an option to send a report via a pop up box to type in a brief description of the problem which will be sent to IG's prt technical staff
  21. I have been struggling to trade on my live account lately, every time I place an order of buy, it gives me the final position of buy and when I alternatively place an order of buy it will give me a final position of sell. I no longer know what to do since the whole week i have not traded. I also have attached a video. VID-20190920-WA0003[1].mp4
  22. not quite sure of the context you mean but a broker will have retail clients and professional clients though you might be classified as retail but still trade full time.
  23. They are searching for already profitable traders, there is no cost, upfront fees or charges, if you can't provide proof of profitability don't even bother applying. Generally it's something like 12 months minimum of account records showing profitability with minimal drawdown. Keeping 80% of profits trading a 500k account is better than 100% of a 1k account and with 100:1 leverage and not even your own money.
  24. What is a Retail service provider?
  25. @Caseynotes, How much does it cost for this privilege? Up front fees and charges? What if the trader cannot prove profitability levels as per the companies criteria and show managing risk as per the companies criteria then would they lose any upfront fees and costs? If a trader can prove profitability and prove they can manage risk then why would they sign up to this? Surely they could just go alone? The only reason I can think of is that they have access to more capital and therefore the 80% profit would be more then if they had very little of their own capital to trade? What if the trader proves the above, starts trading and fails, they still lose the upfront fees and charges.
  26. Note to Self: Look into Futures. ^^^ They come up a lot in covo's. Potential here maybe. Dropped from +£60 while I took a screen shot to make this post, but it's OK it's the Demo. The important part is I found it. Oooh where's it going? £68 risk on this. I would have taken the £60 normally but it's Friday so I've left it.
  27. Dax bouncing between the pivot and H4 chart resistance, ranging and balanced, no overall direction. M5 chart;
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