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  2. ok, I did put an order on just to check before I posted and it was accepted but just now trying again it's not. these came up in the search for QQQ though the boost pair were 'for closing only'. see below.
  3. EURUSD has gone into reverse big time late last night and this morning, not sure how that will resolve itself yet but other pairs are holding steady so at present I would expect this to reverse again and rally hard but I am holding my positions stop protected at BE and waiting on the sidelines for a directional resolution. As a longer term trader I don't always have to be taking a trade, in fact that is a sure sign of over trading addiction to me. Still while all that (plus stock indices and Gold/Silver) sort themselves out I do have one market in active mode and that is EURGBP. Right now this pair, having turned at key resistance a couple of days ago and broken through the daily chart channel line (dark blue), has now retested this line twice and twice failed. In the last few hours the second failure has been followed up with a strong bearish bounce away from that resistance zone and the whole move looks like it is conforming to a 1-2 retrace move (note you can place the 1-2 - light blue - in several places). The retrace (1-2 brown) was shallow, which indicates the bearish move is strong, or does it? The moment of truth is approaching as price drops into a significant near term support one and there is an alternative EWT labeling (see second chart for alternate version), which is that a larger 1-2 retrace has yet to happen and when it does a deeper (more normal perhaps) retrace would ensue (maybe like 50%) for another retest of the resistance zone around the daily channel breakout point. In fact it is this alternative version that I am setting as my my most likely scenario and this would happen either if GBP eventually follows EUR down OR EUR reverses and rallies sharply. I am setting the latter as my most likely scenario on that front but either will work for me here. As I am Short from higher up I am ambivalent as to which scenario plays out but I will be interested to assess where this might go and to add to my Short positions.
  4. Thanks for your input Caseynotes. But QQQ3 is listed on the LSE so is open right now. The price and quotes are updating regularly. I tried placing an Order as well, but it still gets rejected. The executive on the phone mentioned that due to falling liquidity of the contract, they have stopped allowing to open positions in this contract. Is there any other 3x leveraged ETF of QQQ allowed still to be traded by a retail UK investor, listed with IG.?
  5. Hi, you have the Deal ticket up which is a 'at market' order but the market is closed, if you switch to the Order ticket next to it should be fine. see pic below.
  6. Hi I am a beginner with the ig trading platform, and was trying to place an order in QQQ3 ETF in the demo account. But I keep getting the message with "Order Rejected". There does not seem be an issue with the demo margin. Also I have tried placing orders with a limit, as well as a stop loss. But orders still getting rejected. Even if I try an OrderSize of 1, or a round lot size of 10/20? Any help would be greatly appreciated. As the platform is not even giving a reason for the OrderRejection. Thanks Siddharth
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  8. Thank you so much I've stayed away from the CFD account for that reason. Cheers for now David
  9. I think they may have misunderstood, the £8 would be commission on a share trading account. The SB and CFD work differently, there are no fees other than the spread you pay to enter a trade. If you pay tax in the UK the SB account type is the better option. £1000 is enough to start trading though you would need to keep your position sizes quite low but you will see how it all works on the demo platform. See this page https://www.ig.com/uk/spread-betting/spread-betting-vs-cfds
  10. I phoned IG and the guy said it was £8.00 to open the CFD trade and then £8.00 to close
  11. Hi, are you referring to a share dealing account or are you meaning a leveraged spread bet or cfd account?
  12. Hi, I hope someone can help me, I love the IG platform but I'm not sure if a small trader could make a profit with their fees, Id like to start with £1000 is it worth going in with this amount. I am thinking that you may need to a lot more to absorb the fees. Is anyone in my situation, thanks
  13. All platforms (in my experience) will start to slow up depending on how many open charts you have and how many indicators each is running. Though total computer memory and cpu does make a difference the platforms themselves seem to have their own limitations keeping up max speed for tasks such as loading new charts.
  14. @Caseynotes I use the IG platform much more extensively for actual trading. I find PRT to be clunky, and I don't like that it relies on Java. Since I'm not coding algorithms or backtesting I don't need to be using it so much (although I plan to learn more about that). It does also look nicer.
  15. dmedin


    Seems to be picking up with 1130 as new support.
  16. We are girding up our loins to fight the goodly fight for a second attempt at 2500 and if we fail, could be a good time for a short with a stop just above 2500! 😺
  17. We can all see what Gold has done in the past 'historical price action'. We can all see what Gold is doing now 'current price action'. The key is to determine the correct direction of the trend going forwards to the correct directional trade is placed ' 'future price action'. For me this requires any of the following: Predictive Modelling Assumption based Modelling Anticipation (nothing wrong with using your knowledge and data to anticipate potential trends) Of course there will be more techniques and systems but it needs to be used in the context of the timeframe you are trading in which means some of our results may be different. Price action and trends can differ on a 1m chart compared to the 'daily' chart. Ideally you want a trend and price action to align across different timeframes but in reality when you check different time frames you will see them differ and even if they do not then it can change pretty quickly. When you look at the future of Gold you must believe it will remain the ultimate safe haven asset. I do not believe this. I do not think the younger generation will allocate as much Gold in their portfolios as the older generation did. I think the new future generation will be a Digital generation and therefore they will increase their allocation to digital assets. This is the reason that long term I am very bearish in Gold. However short term I am bullish for Gold as I think for now it still is the ultimate safe haven (others know my view on what I think will overtake it in the future but that is not for this thread). I think there is enough risk in the world right now in terms of economic and political that Gold can move up to $1500. Only time and price action will confirm this. I also think that the US Government and Trump's team are more than capable of pumping out good news and positive news to keep US Equities going up which could put a lid on any Gold move upwards and may even result in a decline or sideways range bound activity.
  18. Both making a positive start this morning, Dax sitting on R1 and Dow just below. Yesterday's daily charts look to have put in a higher low and there is the prospect of continuation upward today.
  19. BTC and bears making use of an old support/resistance level around 10830 (green line) to turn price down, price now looking for support.
  20. Gets a bounce up off 55, now uncertain of direction, may pause here. Daily chart;
  21. Gold daily sees a break of the late June high 1439 that appears to be now acting as support.
  22. Daily's and Dow heading back up towards the highs and the others are following, Ftse needs to clear 7527 again and Dax is back up to 12300 which may provide some resistance. A look at the S&P H4 and an up trendline from mid June gets a forth touch.
  23. Overnight Indices up Bonds down, Oil up Gold pausing after recent breakout, Crypto down. Chart Gold. Ger PPI 7:00, UK borrowing 9:30, US consumer sentiment 3:00pm.
  24. There are a few traders who discuss 'Support and Resistance'. I tend to favour 'Psychological Resistance' and for me that is around the $10,000 price point for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently trading above this price point which is a positive but for how long I simply do not know. I think what we have seen is a 'Short Squeeze'. This was inevitable and pretty much predicable apart from the exact timing of course! The question is whether the shorters will open new positions or add to their existing positions? Bitcoin shot up in the matter of minutes which was remarkable. In my personal opinion no amount of technical analysis would have allowed you to predict such extreme price action until AFTER Bitcoin's price has started to move upwards.
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  26. Thing is, inverse ETFs for gold (JDST and JNUG) are open for trading as I can place trades, it's just the Oil/Gas ones that are not and they are the ones I'm the most interested as I don't like going shorting ETFs and would rather go long.
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