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  2. Hi I tried to "book a place" for live webinar on this link. I can't proceed to book a place because it keep asking me to "Login" I have a workable IG live account since i can login to this forum but i can't book a live webinar session. Any idea why? Thanks https://www.ig.com/sg/learn-to-trade/ig-academy/sessions
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  4. Hi, I'm a nearby. I've noticed that the US, have Options called Debit Spreads....are they the same as Speed Bets? Thanks, pdsman53
  5. Hi greetings from Singapore & finally someone started a thread on HSI. 😗
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  7. I am not so advanced like Mercury here but I could at least understand half of what he is talking about. Yes it did trigger me to consider the possibility of the bullish trend pushing price to 30000 levels.
  8. Ah! The $64 million (billion, trillion) question! Where's the inflation? I'm afraid I can only offer my own thoughts on that....there are far better qualified people to be had elsewhere. Here are my personal thoughts/threads however.. QE was used (expanded the Fed balance sheet) to purchase US Treasury debt. Elsewhere same reason. It was intended that it would be rolled over as it matured and sold back to the market. Now there's doubt about that or at least some of it. It could just disappear. You're effectively buying your own debt...nice game, nice game....and if you can do that (with one hand on the money press) then you want it as cheaply as possible. If you're effectively the only buyer, you own the market and that itself drives yields lower. Wash,rinse,spin. Throw in some safe haven moments and you get to where we are today. Throughout the whole of the experiment, and that's what it is because no-one knows how this ends (although I expect badly) it became clear that the elites are getting richer...they were the ones with the assets after all. For assets include everything...stocks, property, antiques, paintings, wine etc. Everything Trump has in other words!. Their pay (board level) also got a huge boost in my opinion from performance related share prices due to unprecedented share buy backs - this is on going because credit has never been so cheap. Your pay almost certainly didn't increase. In fact in real terms it went backwards. Lots of studies support that thesis both in US/UK/Europe. The policy is now driving rates well below zero. Just when you thought rates can only go up from here (2016 low) they actually went lower and bonds were and still are the place to be! Wish I had bought Reagan's long term debt. I think this will continue and it links in with my thoughts about Japan the past two decades. Keeping rates below inflation (and they all do) effectively forces you to do your consumer bit and that was the justification/hope/smoke screen, take your pick!. We'll grow our way out of it - scenario 2 a few posts back. The wealth divide is a real concern now and they know it. In consumer led economies, if the consumer had access to that increased money supply and provides it with some velocity (i.e. gets it moving around the economy) THEN you get inflation. You don't have access to it.........yet. Assets are being held up by funny money. Any whiff the central banks (i.e who now ARE the market) will dial back causes immediate stock market roll overs. Draw your own conclusions. The other thought is simply this. Think of deflation as air leaving your tyre. You're pumping like mad to get it back in but however hard you try the tyre is getting flatter! The hole's too big. Deflation wins.....or if you manage to stabilise the pressure then stagnant growth at best. Possibly stagflation 70s style. Get the plaster on and whey, hey! Hyperinflation here we come. Hold gold. Just my penny worth!...and apologies for the length.
  9. 'Spend spend spend' - isn't that what the U.S. is already doing? Except that it all goes on the military and Wall Street. Why is it only inflationary if it gets spent on social policies? (Asking because I'm curious.) Opponents of government spending always ask where the money comes from, but we all know that money gets created out of nothing every day by central banks and forex trading institutions. It only becomes a problem when any significant amount of that money gets translated into higher wages. Very interesting.
  10. Thanks @Mercury for the personal experience. For a country of about 125 million and only recently relegated to 3rd largest economy it is indeed amazing that they have continued to enjoy such a high standard of living. Stoicism I guess....and one where you have to work well into western standard retirement age. Consequences of all that debt 30 years ago? or a dwindling youth (with no active immigration policy)? Probably both....plus massive, massive central bank intervention. I still believe they are the canary in the mine. If you're not yet retired....you probably never will! (Tongue -in-cheek).
  11. Hi @JamesIG, nice addition to indicators. 👍 Been looking for the Standard Deviation Channel indicator that goes on the chart. Can I request that for the next addition? 🍻
  12. My understanding (simplistic view) runs like this..... If we expanded the Fed balance sheet from $800 billion to 4.3 trillion (with phoney money) and didn't get any inflation then whose worried about deficits? Spend, spend, spend. $1 trillion next year. That's what I meant ...a socialist's (Democrat) dream! As I said...it doesn't matter........until it does!
  13. @tehka, First of all, just out of interest did you understand the wonderful analysis you are referring to? If so then how would you use it your advantage in your trading idea to give you even a better chance of success and a greater chance of making more profits? Indices tend to move up and down together. There is a correlation and this is pretty clear when you monitor the price action on a daily basis. Even if you look at the charts then you will see a lot of similarities. This means any trading strategy for indices can be applied to several similar trending indices.
  14. @dmedin, If Gold hits your price target and you open a long trade then just hold that trade and do nothing clever until the trend reverses. Set your stop loss appropriately based on your risk tolerance and how much you are willing to lose of your capital or profits if you initiate a trailing stop. I wait until I am in profit to initiate my trailing stop. If you have a strong conviction based on the price action and certain signals and indicators then add on any dips. Keep is as simple as you can. The key is to make as much profit as you can. The longer you are in a rising trend then the greater your chance of a winning trade and greater profit potential. If you have the risk appetite for it then use leverage on your trade to increase the profits but use a robust risk management strategy before doing so.
  15. The low 6 Aug was out of hours when cash was closed for the day and there is also dividend to adjust for if comparing future and cash Personally i prefer the future for the TA then i also get some action in Asia and Europe, its all part of the same market more or less (money never sleeps) https://www.barchart.com/futures/quotes/YMU19/interactive-chart
  16. That is true @ChrisN, although when I was in Japan a while ago I saw clearly well educated older people working government created jobs and stayed in a place run by a lady who was clearly working hard to make ends meet but nevertheless the standard of living generally in Japan was high relatively speaking. Their companies continued to do ok because their customer base was still sound. I guess my point is how much worse would it be when their customer base erodes heavily due to a global shock?
  17. Ah, no @tehka, retail. Strictly a long term capital appreciation trader rather than income seeking.
  18. I thought that the 'modern' monetary policy was introduced by Reagan, with massive government spending (on military and corporate subsidies/tax breaks) and easy money for Wall Street. Coincidentally a lot of the supporters of Reaganomics are ex-Trotskyites and radicals. Maybe they know how destructive all of this really is and are still plotting the downfall of capitalism? The 'deep state'?
  19. I've finally got some more time and hearing about standard deviations (Bollinger bands) now, reminds me of my uni days 15 years ago.
  20. Meltdown? Some context required. End of 1989 Nikkei stood about 39000. Within 9 months that had halved. Over the next 22 years it halved again. At the low, financial district property worth 1% (one percent!), residential 10% of peak prices. However you look at it I reckon that was a meltdown! Still if you blow a bubble .....it will pop in your eye. They entered a deflationary period 20+ years ahead of the rest. The consequences are daunting. Poor demographics often quoted but not 30 years ago it wasn't. Overall I'm sure the Plaza Accord and the subsequent currency adjustments had a big impact. Resets......reset everything. The Brexit/EU nonsense rolls on but I'm disappointed that the UK media have not picked up on the impending next European banking crisis. The EuroStoxx Banking Index is on a precipice. Levels last seen in late 80s, during the GFC and the last Greek/Cyprus debacle the outcome of which was the current "bail in" process you mentioned. Italy is seriously trying to issue min BOTs (because it can't afford to repay in Euros) to meet its future obligations. that's the third biggest economy in EU. France now well above accepted deficit levels and Germany probably in a recession. Show me the door.......
  21. Thank you JamesIG for your explanation of how IG determine their price charts. "This means there will always be a discrepancy with the highly publicized index price" ... Yes that is also noted but your company "interpretation" has the low 9 days before the other outlets. However you want to spin (explain) it. That makes it incredibly difficult to ascertain what a real low is.....is it the one you show or the one the others show? It also, at least to me, appears that best practise would be served if the resulting price chart reflects the index it purports to follow/promote. EWT users ( I follow a US analyst) will know the frustration. His DOW chart shows a different low....and therefore a different count. Tongue in cheek.....so when was the recent low in the past two weeks?
  22. Hi everyone ! For a week or two, I can observe a little problem on DEMO with streaming API. When I restart my Application, it closes wisely the API, unregistering everything and closing connection. After that the application restarts, and bam, error 7 "allowed session count reached". On saturday, waiting 60 seconds between stop and start was enough to successfully reconnect to the streaming API, but today (monday, stopped at 17h17 GMT+2), it took 20 minutes to have a successfull restart. I think it is server side problem : the session seems to exists... maybe it takes time for the server to successfully close it. I used this API for more than a year and it is the first time I have so much trouble with the streaming API.... Anyone else having similar behaviour on streaming API ? Thanks ! NLP
  23. The most profitable way to trade ... the evidence says you should buy and hold.
  24. Wonderful analysis Mercury. Are you a professional trader?
  25. At least you haven't got wind that is slowly leaking out
  26. Nope, It's heavily shorted.... for now.
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