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  3. Both gold and silver are taking off right now.
  4. @Mercury I really enjoy your charts. Do you find EWT helps you to predict the next swing? I have to admit that I find all the nested As and Bs quite bewildering. (But that's a limitation of my brain...)
  5. Some securities such as gold and silver say 'no volume is available' in PRT, but the tick volume is available on the HTML5 platform. Volume/tick volume is important to me, is there any way to see this in PRT?
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  7. Similar to other USD pairs (and DX) this pair has retraced back to the Daily Channel line to put in a failed retest and drop away. The rebound has been particularly fast on this market though, which could offer a leading indicator for others. A break of the near term support will be compelling.
  8. @ha05230 i went Live on here back in march with £1400. Up and down succes but left £400 down to buy Pinterest Shares. Went back Live again 2 weeks ago and lost £230 in half a day. Using the Demo with a fixed 2k margin 1 trade at a time, i win most days. But there are kinks I'm only just becoming aware of and Fails i didn't anticipate; the latest being Real Time Variable Spread. A trade i was repeating on went from 5pt to 25pt without me noticing. I'm only using the Demo for the foreseeable future now.
  9. There is a time Limit to Edit a post.
  10. How do I edit a post in Mac? I noticed my spelling mistake.
  11. THIS ^^ is the Info I've been waiting for, and thru my research, have only recently figured. This solidifies it for me. To be immediately down so much, isn't a wise move. However.....It is then also possible to Spread Bet on a higher priced Stock that will ensure I don't end up massively under from the off, and also make a profit of more points moved. Is there a Spread Betting Sweet Spot where a fixed amount say 1k, can work equally well either Spread Betting OR Share Dealing? Or are they simply not exchangeable strategies? There must be a Price Point that allows me to place a bet that only costs as much as if i bought the shares. For instance, I simply can't afford Tesla shares with only 1k. Many of the top shares aren't even available at the lowest Bid. I'm hoping someone is going to say 'Stay away from shares below £2 and no more than £20; as an example. The Sweet Spot with a small account is.......The equation being Price per point vs Spread Cost vs Points Moved vs Profit taken. Thank you so much for taking the time to outline the risk involved and not simply the benefits of Spread betting. You see, I learned about Share Dealing first, buying and selling stock around £2-£10. So trying to make it work with Spread Betting has been a challenge because my previous knowledge doesn't translate well to the Spread and the limitations that come with Penny Stocks and Spread Betting. However, it's there in Black and white; the answer to my many months old question. All things the same i.e 1k Shares or 1k margin, It will risk more and initially cost more to bet on the same £1 instrument. as we're nearly always talking about Risk Management and Strategy here, it's important to take note of this. I just needed to hear it from someone else. Thanks
  12. EURGBP looks to have completed a top out of the retrace rally, right on the 76/78% resistance zone and Daily channel resistance line and Weekly Triangle resistance line failed retest plus NMD with a credible A-B-C wave 2 retrace form. On the hourly chart price has broken the daily channel line with a 1-5 wave 1 down and got stopped at the first short term support. I might expect a small retrace and retest of the channel line to set up a stronger move down. This is contrary to received wisdom that Brexit will mean GBP is weaker than EUR but received wisdom is often wrong and contrary positions are the best winners. I would certainly want to see a retrace of some sort to pile in and also a conclusion of similar retraces (Bearish) on GBPUSD and EURUSD to set up fast rallies.
  13. Weekly Triangle line is still holding (still need to get to the end of the week above) and with the FOMC behind us and the Fed seemingly set on reentering the currency wars with dovish policy we can be reasonably confident that it will hold. GBP seems like a hotter buy to me if an A-B is already in and the EURGBP Triad looks favourable to GBP.
  14. @Caseynotes, yes i can change the size of the trades, the system is ran on a VPS so it can trade 24/7, in case i have power outage or internet down. @Foxy, yes it runs with MT4/5. I am using MT4 via IG @TheGuru12, i paid purely to remove the emotion from my trading. I have a day job which i enjoy, and this auto system works at night while i sleep, i woke up this morning to find an extra $170 in my trading account, who wouldnt like that? to create a passive income was my goal. Im sure they do use it themselves but saw it as a sellable item. Heres what it traded from lunch time wednesday to 7am thursday morning
  15. GBPUSD drops down to execute a turn on the Fib 88% to complete an A-B. If this holds (i.e. a break through the 12,430 support zone does not occur in the near future) we can expect a fast rally wave C. PMD and a credible EWT A-B-C retrace form supports the rally. Might see a small 1-2 before a large rally gets going, although I can see a bit more to go in the initial wave 1 yet. Buy the dips as the Fed reenters the currency wars. I am Long off the Fib 88% turn and stop protected just below against a deep 1-2 retrace.
  16. FOMC is done and no real surprises. DX has completed a failed retrace of the Channel (Triangle) breakout. Next stage should be a medium term retracement Bear phase that I might at this stage expect to carry to the Fib 62% and a retest of the lower Weekly/Monthly channel/Flag line at around (9100-200). A break below the 9600 will confirm.
  17. @nit2wynit Shares Buy 1000 ABC shares @£1 (100p) will cost you £1000 +£8= Cost £1008 Hold onto them until they reach £2 then sell = £2000 - £8 - 10%tax = £1792= £784 profit It is unlikely that a stock will double in price in a day, it often takes a year to double. But you physically own the shares (certificate) and can sell them whenever you want so potentially only sell them when you’re in profit. Spread betting ABC has buy price 100p and sell at 90p your £1000 will allow 1000/(price x margin) = 1000/(100 x20%)= £50 per point So straight away you will be down 50xspread = £500. But then you would only need the ‘sell’ price to rise to 120p to make a 1k profit ((120-100(your buy price))x50. Having said that if the sell price dips lower by 20 points to 70p then you will lose your £1000 You can see from this spread betting is riskier especially if you want to trade a low cost share because your stake (the price per point) is higher. But the leverage gives you access to more shares (which you don’t own). In the example your £1000 is actually representative of ((1000/margin)x100)= 5000 shares I think what everyone was trying to say is that with spread betting it is unlikely you will find a low price share that has a low margin or low stake (cost per point). With spread betting you would need to stake a lot of money to get a few point movement on a low price stock, OR you need a lot of movement if you don’t want to stake much money. (I hope I haven’t confused you even more, but I had already written and saved this before @TrendFollower @Caseynotes or @JamesIG tried explaining to you, and if there’s any error in my explanation people please let me know. I am knew to spread betting myself) @nit2wynit do the tutorials in the IG academy before you even play with the demo account.
  18. When one looks at the 'Monthly'. 'Weekly' and 'Daily' then Gold is at a critical long term juncture in terms of price. It faces pretty strong resistance at the current price area. If it were to break out of this then it could be bullish for Gold. Silver is looking like it is trying to aggressively breakout. Now this could all be a short term reaction to the Fed announcement of not raising interest rates but no doubt this same scenario will rear its ugly head next month and the month after. I do not think Gold will crash whilst UK has not exited the EU or the US has not confirmed the US-China Trade position. These to uncertainty alone are enough to keep the Gold and Silver prices at around current levels.
  19. Fed leaves US interest rates unchanged. Lumber falls 1500 points! The could be a fantastic short term trading opportunity here by going 'Short' Lumber as the speculators begin taking profits and also taking 'Short' positions themselves. Sometimes the best strategy can be to 'Ride Along with the Speculators'.
  20. @nit2wynit, Listen the main thing is through your perseverance on the IG Community here on this thread you got to the bottom of it eventually. It was hard work and you established that your understanding was wrong. I always say that no question is easy unless you know the answer. If you don't know the answer then the easiest of questions can be difficult. There are many things I do not know or understand. You cannot know everything and understand everything to do with trading. If anyone said they do then they are lying. Try and master small parts which are closely aligned to your trading plan and trading strategy.
  21. No surprises in the data, word changes in the mon pol statement reflect concern over low inflation and point to the expected rate cut next month. The presser starts in 5 minutes.
  22. @TrendFollower I think what's obviously happened in the past is I've noticed a Point Spread, but it's changed without me knowing. This could be a reason why i was failing a lot early on. Still learning the basics.
  23. @nit2wynit, Oh dear. No wonder you were getting in a pickle. What made you think the spread was half the buy to sell? Yes the spread is from buy to sell in full. If I were you I would not worry about Spread Betting just now. Concentrate on getting your trading system in place and fine tuned so that you can implement your trading strategy both successfully and profitably. You can always come back to Spread Betting at a later stage when you are achieving your profit goals. Apologies yes if you were day trading then you would not have any overnight charges. I forgot. I keep positions open overnight so I get these charges.
  24. not to worry @nit2wynit you just need to go back over the basic mechanics of the thing.
  25. Well, to be fair, it's knowledge now. Hopefully the Spread will be added to the Demo soon too. Not hard to get confused when we're dealing with 4 number dealing prices that have gone from 5pt to 25pt Spread. no wonder my trades went from -£20 to -£100 :O Seems I've spent a lot of time learning chart movements and not enough about Spread Betting Fundamentals. Like I've said, it was Share Dealing I'd been Studying. Think I'll take this whole thing back to Pen and Paper and give this thread a rest.
  26. especially when you're trying to place trades quickly, a small checklist on a post-it note on the side of the screen might help.
  27. @Caseynotes lol. I know. I can feel the anguish in the Forum. Something isn't clicking here inside me. I had no idea the Spread was the WHOLE spread from Buy to Sell Price. I thought it was Half the Spread. you'll remember me saying that the spread isn't showing on the Demo. It's clearly thrown me off. Next i look at the ASK buy and Mid price and try figure that out. ****. thanks everyone.
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