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  2. Indices had a bit of a set back yesterday when the Chinese announced after arriving home from the trade talks that they had changed their mind and decided not to sign the partial agreement til after more talks. Dax is not hanging around and is up 60 points this morning with the monthly chart resistance level dead ahead. Ftse still plagued by Brexit uncertainty. Daily charts;
  3. Indices climbing, Oil up and USD looking for support, Bonds trying to bounce off support and Gold up yesterday within a triangle. China trade numbers down. EU indy production figures at 10am.
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  6. When adopting trend following principles it is not necessary to trade for the sake of trading. One can simply wait for the right trend or trading opportunity. I like to wait for the 'Strongest Trending Assets' opportunity and if I can identify them as early as possible by watching the price action then I like to try and trade them either 'long' or 'short' depending on the directional movement. One of the problems traders get into is the need to constantly trade when there is simply not a trading opportunity there where the 'odds and probability' are stacked more in your favour. I do not trade daily or weekly. I may only place say ten trades a year and sometimes more or sometimes less but they will be when I think the 'odds and probability' are more in my favour and the chances of success are greater because the trending action on a particular asset is so strong. My trade could last days, weeks or even months but I set no time limit or profit goal. There is nothing complex in my trading strategy, trading style or trading philosophy. It is heavily inspired by and based on historical trend following strategies that are out there and available for all to research. I have not created anything new or invented anything of significance. I am merely trying to identify the strongest trending asset with a view to trading it in the direction it is moving in with a chance to profit from that movement.
  7. Your trading plan should include something different than what everyone else is doing. That uniqueness which gives you an edge over other traders. I would like to take this opportunity to quote Sir John Templeton (below): If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd. The trading plan does not need to be complex. In fact the simpler the better. Articulate things in 'Simple', 'Plain' and 'Clear' English. As Warren Buffett once said: The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.
  8. So the trend is finally weakening for Beyond Meat! It was a matter of time. It is trading below its 20, 50 and 100 DMA. For me this is a short as the company is loss making and the valuation is absurd on any metric. What a surprise that this is not available for shorting on IG's platform via UK Spread Betting. This is one example of how the odds are stacked against the trader and in favour of the broker. The trader cannot trade 'long' or 'short' when it chooses to do so. It can only do so if IG make that particular function available at a given time and if it does not then that option is not available for the retail trader using their platform.
  9. Not just me then. @Bambam, I haven't contacted IG about it as it doesn't prevent me from trading and I doubt anything would be done about it in the short term. I just wondered if other platform users were also affected. Also, IG staff read the forums so will know the issue exists. @ChrisN, I think it is a bug. I hope so, anyway. It's a rubbish feature update if not! @RedEyedJoe, I did find them useful so the sooner they're back the better but it's no biggie.
  10. The share dealing platform is due for upgrade to HTML (same as the cfd new platform) in the new year. The new cfd platform knows whether it's a stop or limit order by comparing the current price and the order level and if you are buying or selling. On the share dealing platform you are either buying shares or selling shares you already own. Some exchanges are not allowed to offer stop loss orders but a stop loss is just a pending order for an equal and amount in the opposite direction at the appropriate price level.
  11. I'm using both the share trading and CFD new platform. I want to be able to do this on both platforms as CFD dont have all the shares I want to buy all the time. How does the platform know if its a stop or a limit order? Just appears to say limit on the share trading platform. Saxo/IB and other brokers allow you to toggle between options so it is very clear the strategy you are taking to execute.
  12. So to clarify can we set stops on share trades yet?
  13. Thanks James, that does explain why i can find no corresponding charts. Appreciated
  14. Hi, which platform are you using? If it's the web based leveraged account platform you enter the level on the order ticket and press buy or sell, the platform knows if it's a stop or a limit order.
  15. you can only add or delete from a watchlist you have created yourself, from the watchlist tab click on 'create watchlist' >see pic
  16. Nat Gas is an undated commodity which you can read more about here. https://www.ig.com/uk/commodities If you wanted to trade something which has a greater transparency to the underlying market, you can trade the futures market.
  17. Why can't you use it? Have you received the login and password emails from IG?
  18. Live account log in and password are sent by 2 emails from IG but the demo creates a new one for you when you open a demo account. Open mt4 and in 'File' > 'Open an account' click on the IG demo server to highlight and then 'Next' and follow instructions.
  19. Institutions are watching the charts too so rather than chasing price to fill a massive order they will drip feed it over time so allowing price to fall back towards their buy/sell level. It may take them weeks to completely fill their order.
  20. Missed this on Friday, a IG interview with Market Wizard's Jack Schwager on current markets.
  21. Can anyone tell me what the underlying market for IG Natural Gas Spot price is? and if there is a corresponding chart on TradingView? The Natural Gas charts on TV look a little different to the one on IG On Tradingview I can only find Henry Hub Natural Gas Nymex Futures at 2280 which correlates with CFDs on OANDA, but I cant find anything with the IG level at the 2400 Any pointers appreciated.
  22. Could turn out that way but difficult to know with any degree of certainty how the trade talks will pan out, seems to be real progress this time round. Retail have been increasingly short all week as price has continued to rise.
  23. Dow checking support, may find it at 26761. Dax following. M30 charts;
  24. Let's just say that Bitcoin now tumbled down to $7k or even $5k. Those who have been following Bitcoin over the past many years have seen such falls constantly. The way Bitcoin operates it would still be capable of making a new all time high from that position. It is not impossible in my view that Bitcoin can be amended, upgraded and improved to make it an even stronger and better asset. If this were to happen and there are some extremely clever minds at work on this then would it not stop Bitcoin crashing to zero? This is where an understanding of the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain, comes in. I just simply do not see Bitcoin crashing to zero this year or next year. If it does then I will be wrong and I am fine with that. Too many large organisations are now getting involved with Bitcoin who had not say 3 years ago or even 5 years ago. I think many others will join the journey so this Christmas 2019 should be an interesting one.
  25. Repeating this warning over the weekend from FXPro to clients using MT4 on macOS. Not sure if same applies to IG's MT4 but I wouldn't want to be the first to find out. "The newest update for macOS – Catalina, introduced a compatibility issue that does not allow MetaTrader programs to function on the platform. We recommend our macOS-based users who wish to continue trading on their mac platform to postpone the update until a fix is available."
  26. China exports to the US down over 10% in the last 9 months and the Chinese seem to be losing faith in the hope that delayed trade talks will see them negotiating with the democrats after the next US election. All sides report positive progress on the the most recent talks on Friday. Dow looking up to the all time high once more and Dax in sight of it's monthly chart resistance level. Hopes of a partial trade deal between UK and the EU seem to have fallen through so GBP and Ftse remain volatile. The S&P weekly chart couldn't be clearer and US economy remains strong, the only thing that's down is sentiment and that can change in an instant. Weekly global outlook summary from Topdown charts.
  27. I will deposit 1x bet useing MasterCard after withdraw problem.i provide all document.after not accepted my withdrawal request.how can withdraw my money
  28. Remains neutral to risk on. Oil up Gold down Friday while Indices pushed up, Apple all time high (see chart). Indices pulled back at the end of the US session going into the long weekend. Bank holiday today for the US (Columbus Day) JPY and CAD.
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