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  3. Im trying to put a trade on for tom - MXO - however my IG account is saying this share cant be traded on line. can anyoneexplain or let me know if and how can i trade it?
  4. Thank you so much for your time and guidance
  5. ok @Juansantos, the grey market will only be available on a leveraged (spread bet of cfd) account so will only come up on the watchlist on the leveraged platform. You can see the basic details here. https://www.ig.com/uk/shares/uber-ipo
  6. Hi many thanks for the answer but i still cant find it. Quire novice and have only traded actual shares
  7. @Bala198, Kodiac is right, for it to appear in the top left corner it also needs to be activated by right-clicking on the chart and then click 'one click trading' but the option will only appear in the list if the market is open. There is a better one called mini terminal in the IG mt4 app package download on which you can add stop loss, trailing stop and take profit all on the same bracket order. Once downloaded it is placed in the EA list section of navigator.
  8. @Juansantos, icymi uber is on the IG 'most popular' watchlist.
  9. AND 777 IS THE NUMBER OF ... companies reporting earnings this coming week and some very big tech names amongst them. This is significant as the US indices are waiting at the boundary for either a push forward or a pull down and big tech have been the main drivers for some time now. Bear in mind also the US market opens tomorrow and that the following week also has a large number corporate earnings releases. See the calendar below.
  10. Just 19 hours later from my previous post and Bitcoin is holding firm but the rest of the 'Alt Coins' are dropping in price considerably. Bitcoin mat well follow suit. Time and price action will tell us whether this happens or not. The rest of today and tomorrow should be very interesting.
  11. Hi, i want to invest in the grey market for Uber IPO. How do i do that? Many thanks in advance
  12. Looking at Lumber then it seems to me that it needs to hold the $30000 level. If it can defend and hold that then there could be further upside this year. If not then it could begin going down into the late $20000's. This is a personal assumption which now will need to be tested based on current price behaviour. In my opinion, for any trend followers who are short, they must hold (even if they do not add to their positions on further price declines) until there is a clear trend reversal. This should execute their stop loss / trailing stop. In my opinion, for any trend followers who are waiting on the sidelines that do not want to short, then they must wait patiently until there is a clear trend reversal signalling / indicating a trend reversal to warrant a long trade initiation.
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  14. One thing to remember is that Platinum is trading at a cheaper price than Gold. Gold and Silver have left Platinum behind since the rally started back in August of last year. It seems Platinum has had enough and wants to begin to assert some authority on the price action. Platinum of course has several important industrial uses. I think Platinum will try and hit the $1000 dollar area as that is an important psychological price point and these rallies love nice round numbers as a target. This is seen time and time again in Commodities. Platinum is both an industrial metal and a precious metal. Platinum is also known at the 'Rich Man's Gold'. This could lead to a reversal in pricing between Platinum and Gold. Platinum should be more expensive than Gold and so there could be a shift in speculative capital from Gold into Platinum. Platinum could attract extra volatility as Gold and Silver are more liquid markets. I do not know what will happen in the future for Platinum prices but I shall follow the price action closely. Platinum will not follow any of my thoughts or assumptions as to what I think may happen. Platinum is not obliged to follow any of my trading strategies or plans. Platinum may not follow the path I have mapped out in my mind and nor does it have to. Platinum will do what it will do just like any other Commodity. As a trader the key is whether I can profit from the price action or not. Prices can change like the weather and so can traders views and opinions. I know from my experience that on many occasions the price action changes my views and opinions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If this did not happen due to stubbornness, ego or I know best attitude then it would be worth worrying about.
  15. Bitcoin is trying to break out when looking at the 'daily'. It will be interesting if it can and if it does then whether the other 'alt coins' follow.
  16. Hi there, can i ask whether it would be possible to add a “show last trade” option. I am always having to go to my transaction history to track my last trade, i like to critique my winning/losing trades and think others would like this feature request.
  17. Both Gold and Silver are still following my road map however both have hit an interesting juncture, which could prove to be an early turning point. I am still favouring the Fib 50% for Gold, a long term reliable Fib level for this market (however it does not occur at a strong price action support level this time so a further deeper retrace could be on the cards) and if that happens then Silver retesting the long term supporting trend line is also on the cards. So much for that, what about the case for the current levels? Gold: Complex form retrace (EWT) completed (that is an A-B-C with internal A-B-C forms on each leg) Pos Mom Divergence at the current price point on Daily and 4 Hourly charts RSI and Stochastic both over sold Credible 1-5 wave down to current price point Bounce off the Fib 38% and associated support zone Potential Triangle breakout and retest then rally away on 4 Hourly chart Similar on Silver, although perhaps less compelling. I might expect a further drop on Silver with Gold holding or rallying slowly. I am Long Gold at the Fib 38% with tight stops just below the turning point for a very low exposure trade. For me this was worth the small loss if Gold carries on down but there may be another chance to get Long on a near term EWT 1-2. And maybe Platinum is showing the way...
  18. GBPUSD also still following my road map. First chance for a rally for me is the Fib 62% zone where the previous channel breakout occurred and a previous retest failed. Chance for a test of strong support at Fib 6/78% cannot be ruled out and this pair is spiky so could easily occur. All aligned to directional price action on EUR and AUD as well.
  19. EURUSD is still following my roadmap. I am tracking another small leg down to the Fib 76/78% to complete an EWT1-2 retrace prior to ta strong rally in wave 3.
  20. Mercury


    Looking a bit further in on AUD it looks like a potential channel breakout that may be followed up by a channel line retest. If this fails then a strong rally could ensue, supported by RBA dovishness. I have market up an initial target of 7650, the zone where the bearish breakout of the previous Triangle consolidation occurred (plus a failed retest) however if this pair gets a strong following wind the consolation Triangle line could be retested around 8000. Could all of this coincide with a similar rally on GBP and EUR?
  21. Hi ! Is it possible to get the twitter feed onto the pro realtime platform as its really useful especially for important data figures thanks Michael
  22. Kodiak


    Try right -click on the chart?
  23. If anyone can name me an asset that has delivered the returns that Bitcoin has over the same time period of around seven years then I would be interested to know. Current Price: $5,340.81 Today: +0.82% +$43.24 Period Dollar Change Percent Change Today +$43.24 +0.82% ↑ Last 7 days +$263.09 +5.18% ↑ Last 30 days +$1,341.48 +33.54% ↑ Last 6 months -$1,114.68 -17.27% ↓ Last 1 year -$3,522.69 -39.74% ↓ Last 2 years +$4,085.41 +325.43% ↑ Last 3 years +$4,898.65 +1,107.90% ↑ Last 5 years +$4,847.72 +983.13% ↑ Last 7 years +$5,335.55 +101,434.35% ↑ Bitcoin supply is inflating at around 4% annually. This rate will drop sharply in 2020, when the next reward halving occurs.
  24. Gold need a reason to move up otherwise it will merely play out a downward move followed by sideways price action. So right now all the potential drivers have been delayed. So what are they? UK Brexit US-China Trade talks (lasting forever) Recessions in major economies like the US War Significant Political and Economic Uncertainty I could go on but you get the gist of it. There is no strong driver for the Gold price right now. Until this changes then Gold is not going anywhere near $1400 levels. No one has a map of the future. None us can possibly know what is going to happen going forwards. The speculative capital that drove Gold prices up is the same speculative capital that can drive Gold prices down.
  25. So 14 hours later from my previous post (above) all the Crypto's that IG offer through their platform are in the blue. It is 08:32 am. Now many argue that it was just fluke / guess that I have made. I was reading some research which showed the Bitcoin performed well in April and it has finished April on a positive note over the last four consecutive April's. It was currently up around 27% on a month-to-month basis. Bitcoin had previously rallied 8%, 26% and 33% percent in the month of April in 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively. When you look back at the data then you will see that Bitcoin has posted gains in April in five out of the last seven years.
  26. Can somebody guide me on how to add One click trading option in the charts. I went to tools - Options - Trade and enabled the one click trade, but i still dont see the Buy and sell option on top of the chart.
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