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  2. Not this week but last week, I noticed at one point the Swiss Index was moving in the exact opposite direction as the EUSTX50. So, I think that some of the things which used to take place with the currencies are now taking place in the Indices to avoid the risk of Central Bank intervention.
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  4. Dmedin, for me those Heikin-Ashi candlesticks on the intraday charts obscure the actual wicks and bodies too much. They do tell an interesting story on the daily charts.
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  6. No need for four monitors. Have four desktops on one monitor 😍 https://www.dell.com/en-uk/work/shop/dell-43-ultra-hd-4k-multi-client-monitor-p4317q/apd/210-aidz/monitors-monitor-accessories
  7. Us Large caps are stalling, and Europeans have stayed low. Russell 2000 looks like it may have turned at the Fib78% and is now heading lower...
  8. Finally both London Sugar No.5 and New York No.11 are looking rather bullish. Potential Trade Idea from TrendFollower: If I was going to execute a 'Pairs Trade' then I would most likely go 'Long' New York and 'Short' London.
  9. Cotton is approaching a level where a breakout out becomes a realistic possibility. It is being reported that Cotton's price may be too low at current levels to encourage production. If this is true then there is the distinct possibility of a price rise. One must monitor the price action like a hawk to see if any trend develops and manifests into a strong and bullish upward move.
  10. Once the current upward move is complete then I do see a nice shorting opportunity in Live Cattle. Have a look at the 'Monthly' chart below and then zoom down to the 'Weekly' and 'Daily' and you will begin to see why I think this.
  11. Crude Palm Oil continues to rise. As you can see from the chart below the price is trending strongly above the 'Parabolic SAR'.
  12. yes but only due to high levels of uncertainty caused by brexit and the upcoming election, that's not really what you are looking for. see below the implied volatility charts for other pairs and the global FX index, the low vol is not just eurusd it's all of them. so low implied volatility means a decrease in the high/low range that the pair is expected to trade in according to actual trades that have been placed in the Futures market and can also be seen historically by a charts decreasing daily ATR.
  13. Still on Demo mate. Will only go back to live in January and only if the Demo account has at least grown to £2k.
  14. Looks like addicting thousands of people to opiates and poisoning babies doesn't affect the bottom line so much after all!
  15. There's been some great chances this year with GBP.
  16. Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics too.
  17. Pairs (FX) are something of a 2-headed beast and so different to other markets but it's the very low volatility that leads you to be crawling around on your hands and knees trying to pick up pennies. Nothing ever seems to take off but rather sparks and then just fizzles out.
  18. hi is the maximum leverage in the uk 20 times and where/how do i alter this ? Thanks
  19. A book by David Harvey would also be a good idea. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Enigma-Capital-Crises-Capitalism/dp/1846683092/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=david+harvey&qid=1575651020&sr=8-8
  20. Meant USD to go higher again not turn lower of course... But stocks higher USD lower is ok too.
  21. Coffee looks like it is setting up for a retrace back down for a while if it ends like this or worse. I took profits on mt near term Longs at the key resistance level and will await events for a while...
  22. Silver has broken lower, close below on he day required to confirm but the signs are good. Gold yet to do likewise but following, looks like the retrace has resumed. Stock to continue higher or USD to turn lower again or both?
  23. Breakout and failed retest? Higher high on the 1H would confirm for me and obviously need a close above resistance on the daily.
  24. @DSchenk All still on demo? Not tempted to have a flutter? 😺
  25. Ok, another red day for me today. Wasn't really having any luck today. First I was trading ECPW, but got stopped out at break-even 4 times in a row. Then I jumped onto KLXE and made some nice profits: £82 I thought only £18 short of my daily goal, must be possible to find something else to trade. I saw WLL popping up on the Momentum screener and jumped in. That's when things went wrong. I nicely caught the end of the move. God dammit! Once I realised that I tried going short, but also didn't work out. Although would've been a nice one to short - but guess I was already at the end of my patience at that point. Learning of the day: Realise when it is a slow day and take the profits you made, no matter how small. Small profits are still better than small losses End of the week 2 stats of the small account challenge: Weekly Performance: -£117 Account Balance: £791 Total performance: +£291
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