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    Both through the web platform and ProRealTime... I cannot close out an open position on US500... IG are you going to refund any money lost because of your techincal error?
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    One of my open positions have disappeared form the positions tab. I had a total of 5 open positions, the number beside the positions tab says 4. There are only 4 positions displayed. However the account totals row in the bottom is behaving like the last position is still there, the total positions sum takes into account all 5 open positions, likewise with the market value and profit/loss columns.
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    I am Not able to see open positions. The customer hotline is also not working. What is the issue. Rectify ASAP.
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    Web app and mobile apps are not working in the middle of the trading day! This is precious money making time but IG is making it going bankrupt time!
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    The same thing happened to me after the scheduled maintenance today. I'm missing seven positions! The sum total seems correct. I've just shot an email to the helpdesk. I'm assuming they're going to be receiving a lot of these emails, and I sure hope they get this fixed pronto.
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    It really is unacceptable. I’ve been trading with IG for 4-5 years and experienced various outages and frustrations with the stability of the platform, typically at the most inconvenient of times. However, these outages in the last 24 hours are serious. Calling to deal doesn’t help when market volatile.
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    Trading app is very unstable. Could not see my open position. Can't close my position. Same thing happen 12 hrs ago. Please rectify it asap. I need to close some position.....this is terrible. Will you bear if there are losses.
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    Beware I've already raised this with my premium client manager a few weeks ago, but I thought it would be worth flagging up an issue that I've seen over the last couple, here. I'm an experienced and profitable trader, so I haven't been too badly hurt, but I've noticed that Autochartist signals, particularly on EURUSD are all over the place for the last month or so. This morning they issued both a Long and Short signals simultaneously, less than two hours after IG's European Session email was sent, which gave an Autochartist Long signal on this pair. As far as I can see, market conditions hadn't changed to justify a short signal. This is now a fairly regular occurrence. At other times, their signals offer a Risk/Reward ratio that are so poor that not sane trader should take the trade. Please be careful when looking at these signals, folks. It could get very expensive.
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    Unable to access prorealtime. Any ideas?
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    This is the second outrage in 24 hrs. I live in Singapore and I can’t see my opened position. The first outrage occurred on Thur (21 May) at around 10.30pm local time whereby I can’t adjust my stop loss. Where is the recourse for the losses? I am switching to CMC MARKET after this incident.
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    Usually IG does refund if the error is 100% theirs but often you need to provide yourself Screenshot and video... which is a little ridiculous. I'm now using a Desktop recoding tool every single time I trade with IG because last time there was an outage I couldn't close some long position I had which then endup being all negative. I had luckily took a video with my phone as a proof otherwise theyr would have not refund anything.
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    Same here. Cannot close position. It's now -6k. It was +2k when trying to close it I have taken video and screenshot.
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    Logging in this morning, I found all my positions were missing. Looked again a few minutes ago and most were back, but there were still two missing off the list (UK shares). Whilst I don't doubt that the problem is related to weekly maintenance, and the missing items will be back by Monday, the number of these 'glitches' is somewhat concerning, and doesn't inspire great levels of confidence in their systems. I daresay, the current grand farce may also be contributing to these problems with staffing shortages.
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    casynotes a helpful chap
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    @CharlotteIG Is this something you can assist the community with? I notice others in different forum posts are complaining about the same thing.
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    yes that is true but I'm not a new trader and my performance is reflected in the stats I keep of all my trades and have done for years so everything is constantly monitored.
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    Hi, if on the deal/order ticket you have selected 'Net off' the platform will net off your trades and leave open just the portion (if any) of the remaining trade. If you wan't to have 2 trades running in the opposite directions (hedging mode) you need to select 'Force Open' on the deal ticket. see pic.
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    almost there for the GAP fill
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    This thread is to help those that are struggling to WIN and to BEAT the markets, it will also help you to look at the markets differently and understand what is going on from a technical analysis point of view Now this WON'T be what you're used to - I don't use much TA that you find inside of all the trading books Let's get a few things cleared up right now: I'm a Professional Trader - I trade my own money for a living - I prefer to trade daily charts as I don't need to be stuck glued to a screen all day I've done it for over 10 years, yes I've had bad periods, we all do, but I learnt from losing I do have a high intelligence of finance as I was a qualified Financial Adviser for 15 years - HOWEVER, NONE and I mean NONE of that experience or knowledge is used in my trading - apart from knowing that my SIPP, ISA and Spread betting accounts are tax-free vehicles Is it possible to forecast the markets? Yes it is, but NOT the daily or Intra-day price or time levels - my last 2 100% accurate, dead on forecasts were the 18th August 2015 plunge and the Feb 2020 highs - Both of these forecasts were made YEARS In advance of them occurring - happy to provide the evidence/proof, but NOT the cause If you are new to this thread, read it slowly and from the top down - it is ALL RELEVANT I'm writing this as i go along - it will depend on my will and time available as to how often i update this thread and add to (that includes answering Q's) I am open 100% to questions - ask away - but I don't want to be answering questions on various trading methods I'm NOT going to show you my best methods - I spent years developing and tweaking them, but I will show you some You do NOT have to be Intelligent or clever to win If you can follow rules, stick to plan of action and execute that plan of action without messing/tweaking or changing things along the way, then you have what it takes! - I think this is what all the textbooks call DISCIPLINE I'll keep things as simple as I possibly can - there are some things though that require complication I will not accept responsibility for any trades you take - you don't have to listen to me or take or apply whats in this thread - you and only YOU are 100% responsible for every trade that you take or try out - i would make sure you are 100% clued up before pulling the trigger My direct writing style might not suit your reading style - there's hundreds of people out there that will tell you what you want to hear - I tell it straight in this game as it's a win or lose environment I'm going to tackle this from the small account point of view to grow the account - see why in point #6 below I'm also assuming that you have a certain level of knowledge - I won't be covering the basics, just the essentials I'm covering a lot of stuff here and there will be typos' incorrect calculation etc - mistakes are bound to happen - I'll try my best to make sure not too many and I'll correct incorrect info when discovered (the aim is for that not to happen in the 1st place, but I'm a trader not a author) I can't think of anything else to add So Let's get into it: KEY point to note = MOST of the **** out there on trading DOES NOT WORK - Its why you're not making much money from this That's right most of the junk you're taught in manuals, courses, books and online - just does not work well enough for you to make money from it properly You'd probably be just as well off using a moving average cross over method (I'll show my favourite MA XOver method later on) Its most likely one of the main reasons why 95% of those that try to trade fail and lose their account - I'm guessing here as I don't know for certain and I have no plans to spend time Investigating - I'd rather watch paint dry than waste my time doing that. FIRST POINT Do you KNOW the EXPECTANCY of your trading method? If you don't know or don't know what Expectancy is - you need to STOP right now and go look it up, digest it, swallow it and be able to recite it in your sleep - it is CRITICAL to you're success If your trading method has a NEGATIVE Expectancy - you are going to lose and you may as well just buy and hold/Invest I would recommend a sample of 100 trades or more to arrive at your expectancy figure SECOND POINT Get a copy of Dr. Van Tharps "Trade your way to Financial Freedom" because you NEED to UNDERSTAND the LAWS OF PROBABILISTIC RETURNS and probability His book also covers POINT ONE above too! THIRD POINT (There's going to be lots of points!) There's a lot of boring stuff before we get to the good stuff I'm afraid! If your method results in a negative expectancy - DUMP IT FIND A METHOD THAT ACTUALLY WORKS The Turtles had a very very successful trading method but it only worked 30-40% of the time - the system had a positive expectancy but you'd lose on 60-70% of trades take, this leads on to POINT FOUR FOURTH POINT You NEED to use and find a trading method that suits YOU, but more importantly your PERSONALITY I love to beat the market, I love having one over on the market, I love finding the lows and trading them (Yes it can be done) But, I'm also a very very very very (how many can I write?) bad loser - I hate it when I lose, I've managed to learn how to handle it - but I hate losing So I HAVE to have a high win rate system/method as it helps me to cope with fewer losing trades Now If you've read Dr. Van Tharps book I mentioned in POINT #2 - Then you will know that to have a high win rate system comes at the price of not having a higher R profit return - for me this is perfectly fine - as my main personality type for trading purposes is to WIN Now in real life away from trading, I could not careless about winning - I don't need money or things to make me happy and I certainly don't need to be the best or most popular, but when i trade I need to win often It would also be worth your while reading Mark Douglas's "Trading in the zone" too if you're reading Dr. Van Tharps book as the content is crucial to your success believe it or not. FIFTH POINT When I have a losing trade - I throw something, swear at the chart/screen, swear some more and that's it If I have a loss when the market just, just, just nips my stop loss and then goes on to do what i was expecting - then I lose it for 5 mins and I'll go for a walk But ultimately I realise, accept and understand that I AM 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR MY TRADING AND EVERYTHING THAT GOES WITH IT If you don't accept responsibility you will blame everyone but yourself and when the game is simply win or lose if you can't accept that walk away - if something is not perfect trading wise, you HAVE to come up with a solution yourself SIXTH POINT RISK - this is huge - You need to understand RISK - again Dr. Van Tharp's book mentioned above covers all the risk permutations - all aspects of trading are Important We'll cover risk management of a trade later on but for now this is mine: I risk between 0.50%-2% per trade (Depends how many positions i have on, my total overall outstanding risk in the market etc) That 2% is of my trading account - so if my account is £10k then I risk £50-£200 per trade - end of story, simple as that I class this 0.5-2% risk as 1R (1 x risk) Trading this way lets you live many many days until the fund is gone Here's a theoretical example: I find a set-up, the ENTRY is 100p, I work out where my stop is going, at say 85p - 15p is at risk (I call this my range of risk) so this 15p is 1R So this 15p range of risk is 1R - on this trade I want to commit and risk £200 or 1R of my trading capital of £10k - £200 divided by £0.15p (15 points) = 1,333 shares to be bought or £13.33 per point spread bet I can place (if margin permits) That's it - if I'm wrong (barring a gap or slippage) if I set that trade in like that I'll lose £200 if my guess, bet, gamble of direction of the trade is wrong and as I KNOW some of my trades will NOT work I'm prepared for this and happy to risk that amount of money We'll look at where stops should be placed later on Someone asked me if I'm so confident on a trade why I don't bet 5 or 10% - I DO go to 5% risk, not 10% though, but only on certain trades where I'm happy with the risk level, these tend to be buy and hold positions that I plan to hold for weeks and to get into the position that sort of stop is required You HAVE to MASTER RISK too - if you're risking 10% per trade then 10 consecutive losing trades and you're out of the game - at 2% you need to lose 50 times to be out of the game The above risk assessment is simple, but very valuable REMEMBER - We ARE Gambling You need to minimise risk and maximise potential I'm coming at this series from a small account point of view to grow it - Based on the above, when you have a £100k trading account then, it's very easy to hit the following figures: Risk only 1% = £1,000 To make a 2R profit return = £2k Now most people could live off that, so people could if they wanted to reduce risk to obtain a decent income - its why I mentioned risk of 0.5%-2% - up to you, the bigger an account gets the less risk you can afford to take It is definitely possible to make 1R per week net profit, which if this is at 1% risk then its a 40% profit year, if you trade a 40 week year - which smashes out of the park buy and holding, even getting half this amount smashes buy and hold over the long term - remember this interest is compound as well The pressure is off This does not mean that every week you make 1R profit or whatever, you might make 10R profit on a trade and no other trades show up until the 11th week - When we get into it, you'll see that I trade what the market gives, not what I want from it SEVENTH POINT We ONLY trade when our method shows up The rest of the time we do something else - we do not trade, ONLY when our method or methods (I have multiple methods I trade) (that we know works because we've worked out the EXPECTANCY) shows up on a chart - we ONLY trade once we are 100% certain the set-up/method is in place We make sure that our methods have the deck of the cards stacked in OUR favour and not the houses - which is perfectly possible in trader land More to come in the weeks that follow - it will give you chance to read those books! WATCH THIS SPACE..........
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    There's always 1! It is perfectly possible to make a living from trading off Daily charts, yes it helps massively with big cash reserves as the risk gets less and less to produce the same monetary amount - That's the point of doing it! I didn't have big cash reserves - and I quit being an adviser in 2010 as trading conflicted with advice I was able to give to customers and I was earning more from trading daily charts that I was as an IFA, so rather than working 12-16 hour days as a IFA, the smart decision was to quit and spend it with my family. When you start as an adviser at the age of 21, buy a house, get married and then have 2 children - there's not that much money sloshing around Swing/Position trading is TRADING - Investing is buying and holding and I would not risk my money for <10% per annum returns Your mindset is obviously only day traders can trade for a living, that isn't the case and the smart decisions are to trade what works for you - I prefer the daily charts, they free up my time to enjoy life - Square pegs into round holes and all that The stock Indexes "swing" many times per year, offering high end double-triple figure returns per YEAR - you'd have to be an absolute Muppet not to consider taking the easy route for profits and building an account - why would you be stupid to toil away on Intra-day charts stuck at the screen waiting for the next trade, when all you have to do is spend an hour an evening looking at end of day data, enjoying the rest of your day for whatever pursuits you wish Trading of ANY form - Day, Swing, Position - Is ultra hard, not all are up to the job or cut out for it, hence the exceptionally high failure rate, but they are all still TRADING I don't buy and hold (Invest) not for well over a decade Let's get 1 thing clear - I don't trade for the money, yes the money is required to live, but I don't trade to become filthy rich, Once I reach a level, I then trade and give the profits to charity or I stop trading for the rest of the year, leaving my money sat in cash earning peanuts Plonker
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    Its real easy to "code" a trading system in prorealtime using simplified creation (profitable thats another story😎) https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/create-trading-systems I did a system a couple of weeks ago (took me 1 minute😉) and put in on demo forward test using this indicator https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-indicators/leo-moving-average-supportresistance/
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    Hi William, I am unable either. I have emailed ProRealTime and IG support. Have you had any comms or updates from them?
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    With respect. I have read many of your post's and I'm very concerned. Have you seen a psychiatrist recently, your posts are very negative and I'm concerned about your health. Take care.
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    If you've found a good reliable setup that suits your preferred time frame then why not concentrate on that, doesn't matter if it's infrequent because it going to be repeatable and there are dozens of charts to look through to find it. I know of a couple of traders who look for just one set up and scan the same hundred charts every day looking for it, a 1 second glimpse is all it needs to say yes or no and they usually find 5 to 10 a week.
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    I am looking for a reputable FX broker I can work with.
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    Consolidating before the next push? Dax and Dow M15 charts;
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    This is basically John Carters Propulsion trade set-up that he published in his book "Master the Trade" in the 2000's - Although the original method enters at the 8EMA with a 4% stop and 8% target for stocks and 1% stop and 2% target for Index/forex The money management is a little skewed in the video - It would make just as much sense getting out in full at T1, rather than selling 50% at T1 and the rest @ T2 as it's much easier to hit T1 than it is T2 for the same return If it was me (and I DO trade this Propulsion set-up) I would trade in 2 units - sell 1 unit @ T1 and then trailing the remaining unit at a 2 or 3 trailing bar low as mentioned as it doesn't make sense selling at the 2 target levels he mentions as T2 is not always hit
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    Did a promotion for Prorealtime here😉
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    Hi, presume you're talking about the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), just to save you some time no regulator will look at any compliant if there has been no attempt to seek redress from the broker involved first. So you need to seek a quick informal resolution via email, if not satisfied with the response you can then make a formal complaint to the broker which must be investigated in depth and if you are still not satisfied with the result you can then take your case to the regulator. Hope this helps.
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    Call them don't answer, Diu We need complain to MAS
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    To add on, I have tried to call the Singapore helpdesk but line got cut off. Greatly appreciate if anyone can offer some help on this matter. Thank you
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    Same thing happening now. Can't see my position. This is terrible. IG had better sort this out asap.
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    IG needs a leaner order entry backup URL, so if main IG dealing URL & system goes down, a 2nd one can work, at least for watching trades & cancelling / exiting! Failure to have this, makes the platform less valuable (safe) to active big traders, or forces them to have backup DMA broker accounts too.
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    I was up 200 points on my position, I could neither close nor amend my stop and looking at current price can see my stop has been hit. I live in the UK and called 4 times, each call was dropped until a few mins ago when I finally got through and had to disconnect the call after being on hold for 5 minutes incurring international call charges in addition to the losses incurred through no fault of my own I'd like to know what your recourse plan is. Thanks
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    I just like to test anything I'm considering to absolute destruction, to pick outs its flaws or identify the market types it struggles in etc - just my personality though
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    Hi, the average retail trader is destined to lose precisely because they have no repeatable process that has been tested to prove positive expectancy. The cumulative R ratio vs the cumulative win rate plotted on the profitability chart is indisputable as to whether a strategy has a chance of being profitable or not trading live. Backtesting is not actually such a chore as a simple eyeball backtest of 20 trades is usually enough to rule out most no-chance strategies before moving on to forward testing on demo. See more in this thread.
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    Set up two-factor authentication seems broken? I have tried Firefox, Opera, Apple, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. On the pic attached with the Blue Button "Generate QR code"/ Clicking on it does nothing. It states to click on the Green button but its Blue. I really need 2FA before sending any funds. My other post i tried to post vanished i think since i never had an account here? Plus the pic above is from Microsoft Edge, its the only browser that had that missing image under the button. The other browsers its just the Blue Button "Generate QR code", and clicking it does nothing
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    yes, the key is to learn how to trade first and then consider which markets to specialise in and so you should look for more liquid markets rather than the chart above, something more general like the FTSE.
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    It's an AIM share that is traded in low volumes, probably for good reason. Low revenue company with high debt. No doubt they are on the verge on producing the next 'big thing'. Probably a cure for the coronavid snuffle. I'm no day trader, but if I were, it wouldn't be my first choice, or probably my millionth choice either for that matter.
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    If done properly! This played out last Thursday during the day 100% Technical Analysis This happens frequently every week on various markets On Thursday the DAILY chart Higher Time Frame momentum was BULLISH - See Independent FTSE100 chart below - Moving averages, DTF, DTOSC, STSTOCH and RSI were all Bullish at the close of play Wednesday 6th May With that in mind Thursday 8th May trades are likely to form to the long side = path of least resistance most likely - remember nothing is 100% in the markets So with the above knowledge, Intra day 15 min chart - Details on the chart below: Moving averages in perfect bullish order, Triangles form - other Indicators (not shown) were used in ascertaining that long was most likely the direction of the trigger, which puts the 'edge' into my favour rather than the houses When I place a trade I already know my exit strategy - Triangles have target price level known as the trade order opens, I don't faff about trailing the market To put R value into context, if you risk 2% of your trading account per trade then 2% = 1R - as you can see I risked 2R or 4% over 2 trades to make 14% My advice would be only to take high-ultra high probability trades, put the edge in your favour and beat the markets, it can be done I promise you. If your method does not show up, you simply don't trade, just wait
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    My account balance is correct , but my open positions does not include one share . It would seem this is a general Tech problem , so I`m expecting it will be resolved .
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    I am now having the exact same issue, I have 4 open positions and my largest one (which is a US position) has just disappeared. my P/L shows the total as if it is still there as a line item, but it isn't there... When I go into the stock in the trade screen to sell, the "SELL" option is blocked out as it thinks I don't think I own any. I called up the IT Helpdesk and they advised it is a glitch, and are expecting the US positions which have disappeared to come back on line after the weekend.
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    Same thing has happened to me. I have five open positions that have disappeared. However the balance seems correct..... Positions are not visible in opened or closed sections.... I have contacted the help desk via email Can someone please explain
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    actually gold futures has just broken out;
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    who cares about your doubts (and it's you're).
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    I don't think it matters whether you deal in the ISA account or the share account - they both count (as far as I am aware). I only deal in my ISA account at the moment, and can verify that it counts towards the discount
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    you really need a price line each for bid and ask on crypto charts; always a bit of a shock seeing minus 36 points on entry 😳
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    Bear in mind that the quarterly fee is waived if you make three trades during the quarter.
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    Hi, I'm just curious why IG refuses to include VWAP in their available indicators (the website even has a definition for it)? I've seen multiple posts asking for this indicator to be put in the platform dating 5 years ago to now, so I'm not really hopeful of it being included anymore, just curious as to why? Nonetheless, great platform for trading