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    Hi - facing a new issue on the platform. My charts are being wiped out and set to the same default every few minutes/seconds. No matter what I configure, within a few moments it defaults to a 5min candle stick with no other indicators - what is happening?
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    Righto, having used this web platform every day for the past year it decides to go mad. Really important trading day... every 30 seconds or so, every bleedin' drawing I've made, adjustment to chart, timeframe etc all resets back to a default 5min and deletes all drawings WHAT IS GOING ON!!
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    Wow Guest, you're right, just checked out their real-time spreads, and they have tight spreads.. ..well, the same spreads as IG used to have. Now IG is 4-10 times more expensive on DAX, depending on what day you compare with. I'm going to create an account on Core Spreads now, and see how long it will take before I can move over there. I like IG's free ProRealTime platform, but I can move over to MT4 if push comes to shove! --- Caseynotes - Yes, I could trade the monthly time frame too, but I'd rather do that on Core Spreads with a 5th the spread:).. I think IG just lost me as a client. Regards, Molibar
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    With the current heightened volatility IG, along with the rest of the market, is having to widen the spreads offered on a broad range of securities. The spread, which is not fixed, is the difference between the bid and the ask price of each security. When volatility rises the difference between these two prices naturally widens and the markets have recently seen four of the top five most volatile days in history. IG is constantly monitoring the spreads on offer and tries to give clients the most competitive rate between the bid and offer price. Illustrated above is a graphical representation of IG’s spread (in red) vs the underlying spread on the Wall Street cash market (in black). In the background the grey shadow illustrates the recent rise in volatility. This shows that the spread continually expands and contracts during any given period and IG tracks this on behalf of its clients. The chart also shows the widening spreads as volatility picks up. But, despite this, at IG, the team aims to continue to provide a competitive rate for its clients and IG’s spreads are consistently lower than the underlying market for the vast majority of its key indices. Published by Jeremy Naylor, IGTV
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    Also here which is interesting https://www.ig.com/uk/special-reports/best-trading-books
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    @MNC87, How can you be sure the $20 price level is not broken by Crude Oil? In the UK we have another 12 weeks of possible shut downs and self isolating so there is still the potential of further price weakness. We will also see false rallies. There is no confirmed cure and therefore going long right now would be a risk albeit a smaller risk than going long prior to all these mayhem. Lots of countries around the world have not reached peaked deaths / peaked positive test results so just be mindful of this before even thinking about going long. Also what if there is a long period of sideways action then you money is tied into an asset which is not moving or making any money for you. I can see what you are thinking from a long term investing perspective but you may want to drip feed money in slowly per week / per month until there is more clarity in the situation.
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    When the dust settle down..ig better take a good hard look at its resources. It's obvious that they are inadequate...both hardware...n personnel. Why bother to keep increasing the number of clients and take pride in the number of clients and markets served when during crisis like this...they are unable to handle.... As a service provider...it is during times like this ...how they handle the situation...and address customers' problems that will either make or break its reputation. People are not interested in how you handle during peace time..that will usually take care of itself...the real test comes during a crisis...thats when it will show faultlines..and weaknesses and thats when reputation are made or break. Do take heed. Please dont let your reputation build up over the years go down the drain. The nature of your business is not much difference from other brokers... a slight hiccups may cause you to lose clients to other brokers unwittingly.
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    Hi, I am getting "unexpected error", I need to log into manage my position. Please fix asap.
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    must admit it is getting a bit hot and sticky in here 😳
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    I've no idea how this is going to play out, just when you think it can't go any lower...it does as the bad news keeps coming out. The big question is when does it turn? When the news changes to countries opening back up, travel restrictions being lifted etc? Like all market crashes we will look back on this in 5/10 years and think what a great time to buy (at the bottom) but when is that?
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    I'm afraid this can happen if you just use a normal stop-loss and not a "controlled risk" stop loss (which you pay a premium for). Markets can gap right through stop-losses so you can lose more than you expect.
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    Problem with Charts. Defaulting to 5 min charts.
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    I received the same email about the charts not working due to excessive demand and think it's simply not good enough for a company responsible for so much money. Seem to have charts not updating properly today unless I refresh the browser, but might just be incredibly slow trading..? The question I have is why don't they at least send out a system wide notification that they are experiencing problems instead of us being left pulling our hair out while the market is violently moving and we either can't log in or cant access indicators?
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    imagine how many people looses money right now and they cant even log in to close them IG just loves to play games there isn't any platform issues
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    I bought a small lottery ticket Dow weekend size 0.25 and then closed manually 0.15 and kept 0.1 open then 15 minutes before future reopen they (IG) closed the weekend Dow and opened a position in cash Dow Same size and no extra spread
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    correct, welding the doors shut of apartment buildings to prevent people getting out was a real game changer for lockdown efficacy.
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    Why are you using the cash market at all? For holding trades open longer than a week you should be using the cfd futures market instead, no overnight interest charges just a slightly higher spread repaid every 3 months on rollover if keeping the position open for the very long term.
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    hopefully will reset on US market open at 2:30pm (uk time).
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    Dow's moving up this week But it's got a long way to go before we see the highs we were earlier this year. Was 22nd March the turning point for the bear?
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    It's okey, I intend on surviving. Dying does not feature in my trading plan, and I only follow the plan!
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    Hi, I understand that the annual ISA allowance is £20,000. I did not deposit any amount into any ISA this year. If I deposit that amount between now and 5th April (the end of the tax year), in my IG ISA share dealing account but I don't buy any shares with this amount, would I still be able to deposit £20,000 from April 5th onwards to my account to make my total funds £40,000 which I can then decide how to invest and which shares to buy?
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    can breath again 👇
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    I am not a medic nor an expert in immunology (and never professed to be one). Numbers such as 1% or even 2% appear be beguilingly low but there are people's lives behind those number. @Caseynotes I have a lot of respect for your reading of markets but as far as this is concerned, I defer to the experts in the NHS and science who are trying to save us all. We first need to control the fatality rate and then investigate solutions. Herd immunity (which itself is an opinion not a fact as far as covid-19 is concerned) does not mean that some in the herd would not succumb to it - scientists are working with great uncertainty right now so there are no definitives only guesses. With all due respect, I'd rather not risk my life until we have more certainty. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ shows that the death rate of closed cases so far is 14% so far and of active cases 4% are critical.
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    Hey everyone, wanted to hack out an update, how it goes on my front. Finished my latest small account challenge last Friday. Here are the results. Timeframe: 24/02 - 20/03 That's 20 trading days, so a bit shorter than the average month with 21-23 trading days. On plus, I couldn't trade for 3 days. Once I was in a plane, once I was at a party and once in a meeting. Goal: Keep winning trades % above 80% Finish the month up 50% account size (That's £500 profit with a £1000 start account size) Strategy: Momentum Day Trading (as discussed in this thread) Trade first hour of the day (US Market open) Long & short trades Positions can be hold over night Use 25% of margin per position and scale into position until 100% of margin used (So max 4 open positions at a given time) Reward: £50 Risk: £200 (Risk-Reward 4:1) Results: Winning Trades % above 80%: success £500 in profits: failed Details: Winning Trades % is at 82% (See chart below) Profits are at £404 (See PnL chart below) Learnings: At one point I had a £300 daily winner and the next day a £300 daily loss. This was because there was a small flaw in my strategy. My position size increased with more funds in my account, but my risk/reward levels stayed the same. This meant, my trades actually became way more riskier. My winners were higher, but so were my losers. I fixed that flaw consequently in my position size calculator This might be seasonal, but shorts were working a lot better than longs. I placed only 8 long trades and made a loss of £50 in total on them. Whereas I placed 63 short trades with £454 of profit I should've ended up with much more profit. At one point I already hit over £800 of profits, but then gave half of it back again. There was a day where I ended up break-even, where I should've made £300+. The optimisation here is, that I was working with that fixed target of £50 as a limit order. In fact it is better to remove that order and only know where the target is and set a stop order at that level, once the price crossed it. That way, I could've sometimes ride a trend for much longer. As mentioned there was a trade where I took £100 (already double the target), but if I held onto it, it would've been £300+. So, futurewise I'm only gonna set the limit orders, when I'm leaving the trading desk and still have positions open. I seem to do better on the first trade of the day and then it gets way harder on the 2nd, 3rd trade of the day. Sometimes on the first one I make £50, then lose £200 on the second trade. So maybe there's an option to either scale down in sizing on the second trade or have stricter entry criteria. Will keep need to investigate this one. Next steps: I could now say, well I didn't reach the £500 profit goal, so I have to start a new challenge or just trade 1-2 more days (to actually trade a full month in this challenge). But as I in fact was able to demonstrate that it is possible to do 50%+ account growth (just need to be careful not giving too much back to the market afterwards) I let that count as goal completed. If I would've played it hard-core I could've just stopped trading once I crossed the threshold, but where's the fun in that? So, I accept this small account challenge as a success, meaning I'm gonna go back into live environment today. Account size: £1000. Same strategy as successfully tested. Aim: 50% account growth per month. Thanks to everyone who was supporting me during this Phase, especially @nit2wynit & @Caseynotes. Now onto Phase 2. But I'm already excited for Phase 3 and 4 Here are the phases: Phase 1: Proof of Concept Demo - check Phase 2: Proof of Concept Live Phase 3: Documenting daily trades on my website to create a following Phase 4: Launching my trading academy
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    Hi MAKTRADER6970, I puzzled by this as well. You're right this is not how options really work. I trade options all the time in the US and make money by selling calls on shares I own and selling puts on shares I want to buy. When you sell you should get the premium immediately the option is sold. J_Bernard appears to be correct. We're not buying and selling options just betting on the option prices. You can't use them sensibly or profitably, so I think we should not bother with them. It appears to me CFDs and spread betting is just that - gambling where the broker wins every time.
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    Hi Ralph, there is no liquidity in the underlying markets and stops are not being triggered because price didn't trade at your level. If you want your stops to trigger no matter what at a level you should be using guaranteed stops. There is a ton on material explaining this on the IG website and other trading sites. This is not "unacceptable", it's just how markets actually work.
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    the margin quoted is the opening margin but there is also an operating margin so if the trade starts to go negative you will automatically be asked to deposit more if you have no spare margin in the account so to have some extra as lee way is advisable.
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    The biggest down day yesterday as the fear gauge hit maximum but could be an exhaustion bar as US increases stimulus. Lagarde turns out a massive let down (it's all really not her problem). And it turns out northern Italy has a massive Chinese population working in the leather goods industry (who knew), who regularly back and forth to China.
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    Hey everyone. You're all great contributors to this forum and I respect all of you. Please can we not be nasty to each other. Draw a line here. Thank you.
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    @Hamzanazir, I must admit my initial response was rather polite but if I was being honest then you really should not even consider trading until you have learnt as much as you can by yourself first without relying on others feeding you the answers as you have absolutely no idea (due to lack of knowledge and experience) of how to verify what anyone would advise you. If I am brutally honest then the fact that you have not starting acquiring knowledge prior to posting presents big alarm bells ringing for me. If I give you advise and tell you to read Sherlock Holmes as that is the best book for trading, will you follow my advice? How will you verify whether my advice is credible? You are admitting to having no knowledge on this subject matter. If I now state that a particular Sherlock Holmes book is excellent in demonstrating how thoughts are traded in the mind then you get my drift! If one wants to drive a car then they should learn to drive by taking driving lessons. If one wants to learn to swim then they should take swimming lessons or practice swimming as much as possible. If someone wants to become an accountant then they would need to study and pass an accountancy qualification. If someone wants to become a trader then they MUST study the subject area and acquire knowledge.
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    "Former ECB President Mario Draghi, whom I met with regularly during that period to discuss this very issue, understood and fretted about the fact that the Germans would be very much against the move to QE. He nonetheless chose to protect the entire euro zone economy from deep recession and possible deflation, incurring the wrath of ECB hawks and Germans in the process." https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-03-11/coronavirus-europe-needs-a-robust-response-from-the-ecb " hint of a “too little, too late” response that significantly raises the odds of a soaring euro and recession." Draghi please come back with the helicopter😷
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    Overnight Indices down, Oil, Gold and Bonds up.
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    I think for every incident, especially down-time with the platform where you can't login/trade etc IG should publish a full analysis of what happened and what they will do to prevent it happening in the future. Like I said on another thread, I can understand that systems go down/have issues especially under unexpected/heavy load, however once this has happened there needs to be a full investigation as to what happened and a plan to prevent it happening again. The first time is forgivable; the second time not so much; the third time is really not acceptable. Thanks!
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    I'm also having this problem. Enquiries to support have previously resulted in pointle3ss tinkering with settings in google chrome. I note that there has been no response from them to this thread which is pretty poor
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    This happened yesterday and once the markets closed, analytics were reinstated. This morning all analytics have been removed again and charts default to 5 mins. I got this eMail from them yesterday - have contacted them again today to ask why they don't want customers to trade on volatile markets. Due to high traffic on the site we had to prioritise dealing over analysis. In order to maintain good execution we disabled some of the chart analysis tools. We hope to enable it again after the UK market close but it will depend on platform traffic. Apologies for the inconvenience.Thanks for your email.If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, we've recently launched our new Help & Support site which gives you answers from our huge knowledge-base, online community, and education hub.Regards,Anton LiebenbergTrading Services
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    My charts seem to be working fine now. However, I am very concerned with system stability during times of high volatility/volume. It seems that the IG systems can't cope and nothing seems to have been done to address this since the last outage. An explanation of what happened and action being taken is long overdue. Can you help? @CharlotteIG
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    DAX Lets see if we can close the gap😉 11 400 ish?
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    MBS is not a man afraid of chopping off his nose to spite his face. Nor is Vladimir Vladimirovich. Was concerned on Friday when the expected agreement of OPEC+ failed to materialise. Was even more surprised when OPEC+ became OPEC--- and the oil market became a free for all, no holes barred race to the bottom of the price of a barrell. With lack of demand due to the unexpected Corona virus , the ever loving friendship group that was OPEC + started to fight over remaining revenues. Russia needing the cash obviously refused to bend to MBS's will and here we are. Naturally this does not bode well for Exonn or Total or any of the big 5 oil companies. Even Saudi's short lived gains in market share will be measured against the significant loss of revenue achieved by having a fire sale with 30% OFF. It was cheap before friday but now it is bargain basement cheap. WTI, Brent and Gasoline represent bargains, but how much lower can they go? Either way it is carnage. Look to buy the Dow at 22k and oil and gasoline futures now for December expiry.
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    ig outrageous cant believe they justification
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    Yep , same here I managed to shut my day trades as had no levels to work to as kept disappearing , cost me a a lot of time and pips. Bad day to be doing a update should be on a weekend when the markets are quiet and not many trading
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    Just had this back from them: Due to high traffic on the site we had to prioritise dealing over analysis. In order to maintain good execution we disabled some of the chart analysis tools. We hope to enable it again after the UK market close but it will depend on platform traffic. Apologies for the inconvenience.Thanks for your email.If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, we've recently launched our new Help & Support site which gives you answers from our huge knowledge-base, online community, and education hub.Regards,Anton LiebenbergTrading Services
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    Has this been raised with the support team. Deafening silence from those peeps
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    Yeah I'm complaining to them - this is unacceptable to have a platform failure lead to a financial loss. We don't tolerate this with banks, we shouldn't tolerate it with a broker either.
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    In all the time I've been here, I've seen this happen every time volatility spikes. It's almost, ahem, coincidental.
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    Yup Rally my symptoms of the issue are the same. It doesn't matter how frequency the changes are made on my side or to which quote, they all revert back within a few minutes (at most) or a few seconds.
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    Time for the girl from France to do something? Buy DAX or FDAX? Not much they can do with rates? I miss Draghis helicopter money🤑 https://www.marketwatch.com/story/lagarde-ecb-stands-ready-to-take-appropriate-steps-as-it-monitors-coronavirus-outbreak-2020-03-02
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    Overnight Indices, Oil and Gold up. Bonds down. Today US factory orders and jobs data. OPEC mtg. CAD down JPY up.
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    Hurrah! I left positions open overnight and they're still open and in profit
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    Don't fall for it. Don't try and catch a falling knife. Manage your risk - use stops and guaranteed stops for the love of god if you're looking to hold stocks over night or ANYTHING over the weekend. If you're in to intraday trading think about options (my thing of late - check post history if you want) which manage risk when buying and stop you chasing losses. Get those alerts and notifications set up on your phone. Diversify a portfolio with some defensive stuff as well. Read read read read read the news people. Take a step back. Think about it. Actively say you're going to cut the emotion. ONLY THEN make your trade. Never risk more than you could lose. Any other things which would help? Lets share over this economic mardi gras...
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