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    Hello all, to transfer shares out of IG, you will have to request the receiving broker to contact us to initiate the transfer. As mentioned above, our share trading accounts operate under a direct custody model, meaning that instead of you – the client – being personally registered on CHESS, it is our custodian Citicorp Nominees who will hold the HIN for all shares held with us. The custody model is a standard global practice that allows our clients to trade local and international shares easily and is cost effective. For this reason, we will not be able to provide you a HIN or SRN. Please ask the receiving broker to contact us, and we will provide this information to them directly . Generally, to complete a transfer form, the receiving broker only needs our PID (CHESS Participant Identification number), which is 20018. In addition, broker-to-broker transfers are free (like to CommSec or NebTrade), issuer sponsored transfers will incur a $50 charge per line of stock. I hope the above clarifies, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    Previously with Barclays stockbrokers we had the facility for stops and trailing stops as a way of limiting losses. I find the lack of this although I have suggested it a couple of times poor. I am sure other people like us want to l8mit any possible losses on our shares. I do not want to have to leverage to spreadbet as a way of doing this. Alerts are no good in a fast moving market.
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    I am going to take this opportunity to start a new post on 'Trend Following'. I am going to try to keep it as simple as possible for any new investors / traders who may be interested in trend following principles and adopting them within their trading / investing strategy. Even existing or experienced traders / investors may find this useful. If the more experienced traders / investors would like to enrich this thread then I would encourage them to do so, thus enhancing the overall discussion on trend following. I will start off by stating, "Failing to plan is a plan to fail." So always make sure you have a trading / investment plan that you can both execute and using discipline stick to. Have strict rules that you can follow. This is crucial as without a clear plan with rules one simply cannot trade effectively using trend following principles. One must understand that trend following has its flaws and it simply cannot predict future market movements. You will make losses. The key is to ensure that your profits cover your losses even if that means that out of ten trades you profit on three and make losses on seven. That is fine as long as the profit on the three winning trades is greater than the losses on the seven losing trades. Accepting this may mean a total change in mindset which may prove to be difficult for some. This is where an individual's personality comes in. One must assess which markets it is going to trade and have a system in place to help identify trends both upwards and downwards. Trend following aims to capture the middle of the trend so you never get in at the bottom or sell at the top. Volatility must be embraced and seen as an opportunity. Reacting to market trends as they happen is key. For those who are familiar with my posts then you will see that demonstrated on commodities such as Orange Juice, Cotton ,Wheat, Lumber, etc. No one can predict the future but using trend following principles based on historical and current price behaviour one can make assumptions. These assumptions can only be tested and presented as evidence based on the price action. It is ok to be wrong and one must not be scared or worried about what others may think. I am sure I have made many incorrect assumptions based on historical and current price action in the past and I am sure I will continue to do so. Making assumptions and then testing those assumptions is a key part of learning and gaining valuable experience. One can learn a lot more from their losses than they can from their winners. This can assist in coming up with sound risk management principles within the trading / investing plan. Be ruthless and trade both long and short depending on price movements. For those that are familiar with my posts will appreciate that I am an advocate of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. I have a long term long position in Bitcoin and Ether using XBT Provider One products and opened a long position when Bitcoin was around $2000.00. That is a long term trade. Now using spread betting on IG's platform I recently shorted Bitcoin even though at the same time I had the long position. The price action for Bitcoin merited a short position which using basic technical analysis one could not argue against. The trend had reversed to short. Now some of you may be wondering why I did not close my XBT Bitcoin trade. I am human and though one must try and eliminate emotion from the trade my flaw is that I believe in the long term story of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. This is only a flaw if they all come crashing down but I cannot predict the future so I simply do not know. Due to my convictions and beliefs which could be wrong all I can do is ensure that if any shorting opportunities come on Cryptocurrencies then I take them as I have two long positions in Bitcoin and Ether. This is where IG's Spread Betting platform works really well for me. It allows me to short both Bitcoin and Ether with leverage. Trends can change very quickly and this is where risk management comes in. One must have entry and exit rules which they stick to. It is fine to adapt these rules over time as experience may dictate a change in entry and exit points. Something I always think about when placing a trade is, 'Knowing your exit price before you enter the trade'. Stop losses and proper use of leverage are fundamental. One must let their winners run and not take profits too early. Only when there are indicators of a trend reversal must one exit and this should be done by the stop loss let. TrendFollower Tip: Trailing Stop Losses are great on winning positions so if you are not using them then you may want to consider them. I have kept this opening post very basic and simple. The detail will follow depending on the engagement this thread receives. I am out of the country from 31.07.18 to 26.08.18 so I am not available but on my return normal service will resume!
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    I just wanted to update all Community members to let them know that we have recently reduced the minimum bet sizes on some key indices, commodities, and FX markets. This has been done for both UK spread betting accounts and European CFD accounts. What are the minimum bet sizes for indices, commodities and FX on IG? Correct as of 6th September 2018 but subject to change Continued feedback A key aim of Community is to keep a two way dialogue open between our client base and those on our trading services support team, core dealing and developer teams. The decision to reduce minimum bet sizes across these markets has in part been due to feedback received from a number of our clients and those on Community. A big thank you to those who have shared their thoughts on this over the last few weeks. Please feel free to continue to add feedback and suggestions on Community at any point. If you have any feedback on this specific change please feel free to add it below. All the best IG Community moderator team
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    "We are replacing our inactivity fee on share trading accounts with a quarterly $50 subscription fee." Well time to move my shares to commsec thanks for the cheaper trade buys but im HODLing
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    The London Metal Exchange: LME The LME is one of the last pit traded venues in the world which has escaped the computerisation and digitalisation of the modern world. The iconic image of the 80's with men in brightly coloured suits has all but gone, however the live 'ring' as it's known is still the number one place in the world to trade a number of ferrous, non-ferrous, precious and minor metals. LME participants can trade and take or make delivery of aluminium, copper, tin, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminium alloy and NASAAC, as well as steel and scrap contracts, LME silver and LME gold, and other lesser known metals such as cobalt and molybdenum futures. We recently spent an afternoon at the venue and I managed to take the following video which I thought I would share with Community members. The LME is used for dealers and institutional trading houses who sometimes work on behalf of real world companies such as car manufacturers who need aluminium for delivery. A staggering 80% of the worlds industrial metal prices are set in this room. Everyone tends to wait until the end of the session, so the final few moments can be very exciting! It's only a minute or so long, but you can see the excitement as people can't even stay on their seats around the 30 second mark! Trade LME metals with IG As as exciting as this can be, I still think it's quite good that you can get exposure to all these same assets on the IG dealing dealing platform. Simply check out the Commodities section on the left hand fly out, and scroll to 'Base Metals'. You can also use the 'news' section on the left to search for specific news relating to these markets which may be lesser known to yourself.
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    It is quite sad, since Reuters has their principles they need to adhere to that mandate objectivity and factual reporting. https://www.thomsonreuters.com/en/about-us/trust-principles.html In 80-90% of cases they report factual reports and unbiased information, but when it comes to certain political events it's as if the editors and reporters on the stories spin flavor and saturate their own views into the story. Quite dangerous since the markets demand objective reporting and not opinion-based reporting as to make rational and critical investment decisions. I've actually thought of writing them an email regarding this issue, due to the larger amount of biased news-reporting I've been seeing lately. https://macaudailytimes.com.mo/files/pdf2017/FT-2894-2017-09-25.pdf It is in the education systems, and if Harvard is affected by this, which classically has been associated to be on the capitalistic side of the spectrum, one starts to see that this paradox is all-encompassing throughout Western-society. The riches they have amassed are indeed created by market structures, and prominent offshore havens to evade 38% corporation tax (Until Trump change that and profit repatriations have started to flow back to the U.S.*). It is thus therefor very ironic, that they are publicly outspoken and prominent champions of leftist ideologies but when it comes to business, refrain to be true capitalists. I often view the left to be a heep of caffé latte sipping drinkers, intellectuals who so to speak read the driver's manual of the car, but never drive the car and get that intuitive experience of knowledge or society. Monopoly on morality is also one of their characteristics, were being lectured on values of right and wrong creates a judgementative atmosphere, that elevates their position akin to a judge. Summarizing it, one starts to understand that they've taken for granted the riches emassed, which is the same thing they so ferociously criticize and despise - the market.
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    Morning all, It is Labor [sic] Day in the US & Canada on Monday. Overall summary of changes to market hours (all hours below in UK BST): Monday 3rd September • US index futures close early at 18.00. We will make out-of-hours prices for Wall St, S&P and Nasdaq until they re-open at 23.00. • US & Canadian equities, and soft commodities, will be closed. • The VIX will close early at 16.30. • London Sugar (No. 5) closes early at 17.00. • US rates, Euribor and the Dollar Index close early at 18.00. • US metals & energies, including Nymex Crude, Gold and Silver close early at 18.00 • Brent Crude & London Gas Oil close early at 18.30. Tuesday 4th September • US grain futures open at 01.00. • Lumber futures open at 15.00, livestock at 14.30. • All other markets open as normal FX volumes will likely be pretty thin throughout the holiday. I'll try to answer any specifics you have, feel free to comment below. Cheers, Ludwik
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    James and Jasmine, appreciate your help, can't fault IG's customer service here.
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    Hey all - to make sure that you all receive the most accurate and up to date information I'm going to ask @JasmineC from our Australian office to reply with the relevant information on transferring stock, and 'next steps' for those who wish to do this.
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    Hi @chance11, you are using a spread betting account to trade gold so you are not actually buying gold but rather a derivative in the form of gold contracts. The price you are seeing on the chart is not the current price but rather the mid price between the current sell and buy price as displayed in the buy/sell box. The £60 you mention seems to refer to the margin requirement which is the amount of free capital in your account needed to open the trade. Don't forget to take a look at the IG training academy, https://www.ig.com/uk/learn-to-trade/ig-academy
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    Transfering to another broker is discussed in this whirlpool thread here: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2698381 From what I'm aware of the $50 transfer fee is if you are transfering your shares to an issuer-sponsored format, which is something held directly with the register of that company whose shares you hold. Not 100% sure and someone please correct me if I'm wrong but this basically means you hold the shares yourself without a broker-sponsor (like IG is) and without a CHESS/HIN (like CommSec or NabTrade). CommSec has some info here: https://www.commsec.com.au/support/frequently-asked-questions/410.html From what I gather you just need to submit a broker to broker transfer form with your new broker. It might be a little more complicated because IG doesnt use CHESS/HIN, but I think the process is still the same. If someone knows more please correct me, this is just my understanding from reading online, I'm no expert.
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    this was a good call (even if I do say so!). Let's try and find the next one..
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    Looking at fever tree. They've hit something stupid like 85 times earnings. Whilst there isn't much growth potential left in my opinion. Granted they have some nice new drinks out in the darker spirits arena trying to target and diversify - but ultimately tonic water still counts to 75% of their revenue which for me is way to much. Plus I saw Schweppes bring out a better priced but premium product the other day (first time I saw it anyway - with a date on it can't remember what they're calling it). Setting up WO for a sell at 3650.
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    I will be closing my account,as this wasn't what I agreed to when I signed up. You will lose lots of customers over this IG.
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    Same here, will be taking my business to selfwealth. This simply isn't what I signed up for.
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    Esma extends for another 3 months the new regulations but there is a nod to longer term type options/binaries like the new IG KOs. https://www.ft.com/content/5fd9b9d0-a769-11e8-926a-7342fe5e173f
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    China trade war escalates as new tariffs kick in: U.S. economy set to slow from here on, damaged by trade war EM ASIA FX soften as dollar recovers after falling for six straight sessions Wall Street sets record for longest bull run in history; Key S&P 500 index passes landmark as it goes 3,453 days without major correction Brexit contingency plan papers released; Brexit could be good news for Britain's farmers Australian dollar drops as three government ministers quit Crude oil sees it's largest gains in two months on varying signs of ebbing supply Asian overnight: Another indecisive session overnight has seen weakness in Hong Kong and Australian stocks counteract the already unimpressive gains seen in Japan and China. The Australian dollar came under pressure after three main cabinet members resigned to switch allegiance to Peter Dutton, who aims to become the next Liberal leader and ultimately the next Prime Minister. The dollar also strengthened overnight following an optimistic outlook from the Fed, with yesterday’s minutes pointing towards a rate hike at the next meeting despite concerns over trade tensions. Trade talks in China continue into their second day today, yet with neither side likely to cede much ground, it seems likely we will see a positive resolution. UK, US and Europe: A very busy economic calendar sees the day kick off with a host of eurozone PMI readings from the likes of the French, German, and eurozone services and manufacturing sectors. This does carry into the afternoon, with the US manufacturing and services PMI surveys due for release. Also keep an eye out for the eurozone minutes, alongside consumer confidence data, which will both bring expectations of heightened volatility for the euro. Economic calendar - key events and forecast (times in BST) Source: Daily FX Economic Calendar 8am – 9am – French, German, eurozone mfg & services PMI (August, flash): German mfg PMI to fall to 55.5 from 56.9, while eurozone mfg PMI to fall to 54.6 from 55.1. Markets to watch: eurozone indices, EUR crosses 12.30pm – ECB meeting minutes: these could provide some support to a flagging euro if they reinforce the image of a bank moving towards tightening policy in the longer term. Markets to watch: eurozone indices, EUR crosses 1.30pm – US initial jobless claims (w/e 18 August): claims expected to rise to 217K from 212K. Markets to watch: US indices, USD crosses 2.45pm – US mfg & services PMI (August, flash): mfg PMI to fall to 55.2 from 55.3, while services PMI to fall to 54 from 56. Markets to watch: US indices, USD crosses 3pm – US new home sales (July): forecast to rise 0.6% MoM from -5.3%. Markets to watch: US indices, USD crosses 3pm – eurozone consumer confidence (August, flash): forecast to fall to -0.7 from -0.6. Markets to watch: eurozone indices, EUR crosses Corporate News, Upgrades and Downgrades CRH said that first-half profits rose 4.6% to €497 million, while sales were 1% higher at €11.9 billion. Performance was affected by weather disruption in Europe and North America, and currency headwinds. The dividend was raised by 2.1% to 19.6 cents per share. Premier Oil reported pre-tax profit of $98.4 million for the first half, up from $40.7 a year earlier, while cash flow fell to $276.6 million from $282.7 million. Net debt was cut to $2.65 billion from $2.72 billion a year earlier. OneSavings Bank has upgraded tis growth forecast thanks to a good start to 2018. Pre-tax profit in the first half rose 17% to £91.8 million, with the loan book up 11% to £8.1 billion. Growth is now expected to be in the ‘high teens’, from a previous ‘mid-teens’ forecast. BNP Paribas upgraded to buy at Bankhaus Lampe Masmovil upgraded to overweight at Barclays Sunrise upgraded to overweight at Barclays Zooplus upgraded to hold at Kepler Cheuvreux Deutsche Euroshop cut to hold at Berenberg Terveystalo cut to underweight at Morgan Stanley IGTV featured video Information has been prepared by IG, a trading name of IG Markets Limited. In addition to the disclaimer below, the material on this page does not contain a record of our trading prices, or an offer of, or solicitation for, a transaction in any financial instrument. IG accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of these comments and for any consequences that result. No representation or warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Consequently any person acting on it does so entirely at their own risk. Any research provided does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and needs of any specific person who may receive it. It has not been prepared in accordance with legal requirements designed to promote the independence of investment research and as such is considered to be a marketing communication. Although we are not specifically constrained from dealing ahead of our recommendations we do not seek to take advantage of them before they are provided to our clients. See full non-independent research disclaimer and quarterly summary.
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    Thank's @NadelinaIG for the inclusion of the video interview with Prof. Steve Hanke on the Venezuelan currency crisis. I haven't laughed so much in ages, a complete take down of Socialism and the Maduro government, plus an interesting aside on gold and oil at the end.
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    Thought for the Day. "If you put a gun to your head with 5 bullets in it and one empty chamber and the gun doesn't go off... did you make a good decision? 5 to 1 against! The only good decision in speculation is when reward outweighs risk and the risk of ruin is zero." Mark Minervini
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    Offers wide swing trade style stop losses without the ability to move a stop to entry, a fundamental for me on swing trades. It'll be of benefit for traders who continuously move stop losses, hoping a dodgy trade will come back into profit - KOs will enforce that discipline. OK for scalpers who grab a few points here and there & can pull the ripcord manually when it doesn't feel right. It'll have its uses, a decent addition to IGs markets :-)
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    Hi Trev @Trevbeats, I suppose the reputation comes from the fly boy scalpers in retail who burn accounts with little effort but ignores the many prop firm short-term traders working off the price ladder. If we are looking at a 80% failure rate I presume retail scalpers lose faster than swing traders. 🙂
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    Yes, I agree with @Caseynotes. That sure sounds like Bitcoin. @Graham, it is a good job you are doing this through a demo account!
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    No probs @Trevbeats, easy mistake to make and no harm done. I was a bit anxious as our Saigon med health hacker is back again. The basic security levels not to give away are real name, user name (and login account number for mt4) all of which are on display in a general screenshot. That's fine if you are sending it straight to IG but on a public forum each one is a security level given away. So, talking about strategies I am a intraday swing trader (I just made that term up). I'm not really a scalper but I trade dips on an intraday time frame.