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    Hi OSCARDAX What you describe above re PRT sending an email is to be released very very soon. It may even be in your Live Platform right now ... see attached. Cheers GraHal
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    Yes email and a push notice to the mobile app when systems stops would be an improvement and if it was possible to open up/access proorder in the mobile app and using this to start and stop systems (and check performance and stopped systems) it would be even better
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    GraHal, many thanks for that, yes hopefully on its way soon by PRT. I am ALWAYS (24/7) in the market with my pro-order system. Hence the only way for my system to stop is generally if IG change the minimum stop required on say the DAX (which I trade) which conflicts with the stop 'set' on my pro-order. So I guess I would tick 'option 2'. Out of curiosity I cannot see this live on pro-order at the moment, where did you get that 'Position and order status after stop of systems' snippet from ? ! Oscar Dax
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    Going back down to retest 7542 after the BoE rate decision and mon pol statement. Saved there on Tuesday by prior resistance and the rising 100 ma on the daily chart. 1 hour chart.
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    There's no such thing as a daft statement! Dividends will be paid as a cash value to the account (or debited if you are short). There is no dividend reinvestment option I am afraid.
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    Hi @OSCARDAX, the feature @GraHal mentioned should be coming to IG PRT in the near future however I'm unsure exactly when. Whilst it will be good when it does, even email is not 100% reliable and that's why there is a level of responsibility on the client to frequently check the state of their ProOrder strategies. As you said this is real money, so it's in your interest to do this. If you are away you can phone up at any time and check whether any ProOrder trades have been rejected. Cheers, Will
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    Thanks for your reply Casey, I know my lone voice will count for nothing where retail traders are concerned, but I do not see why I should be shut up because of knowing that the tentacle of ESMA, as you rightly say , is what the EU does. I just cannot lie down and not protest even if it is a waste of time. I could keep out of it but this is my life they are interfering with and anything I can do, even if it comes to nothing at all, I will do. I was quite concerned that all seems to be so quiet re ESMA lately and wondered if people really had bowed down to their master, or perhaps something was going on behind the scenes re this issue, and if it was I would like to be part of it.
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    Hi, I'll paste excepts from two recent IG email replies. Hope it helps. Please be informed that we do not provide HIN and SRN details to our clients because we follow the custodian model. For more information on custodian model please visit the links below https://www.ig.com/au/glossary-trading-terms/custodian-definition and The custodian model relates to how the shares are held - you are the ultimate financial beneficiary of the shares and if the company in which you hold shares pays a franked dividend, you are able to claim the franked portion per the usual process in your tax return.
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    If I place an order and forget it then I can't see how / what the bars are like before getting to the Order level. Price may just spike up / down (stop hunting), trigger my entry and then go the other way! If I set Alerts for price to rise or fall 6 points in 5 mins then I can see what momentum there is the latest few bars and also how these bars are sitting in the overall market structure since the last time I looked at the chart. Also the smashing it in a few seconds (as you put it) may be me wanting to exit a trade that has gone against me. If I set a stop level exit then I may just get taken out and then price bounce back again.
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    Will thanks for checking - I always appreciate your support thank you.