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    Recovering after the plunge on Trump comments re the Fed. Ascending channel on the daily with clear resistance levels on the way to the top on the 15 min chart below. People still don't get Trump, he's a business man not a politician, he talks big on the open but is always looking to do a deal, he's not worried if he only gets half of what he wants this time round, he knows there will be other opportunities. Whenever you see a spike on a Trump comment think about the possibility to fade it. Daily and 15 min charts;
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    Great post. Now although you say this is simple stuff for yourself, I’m sure it’s something a lot of people wouldn’t even really know where to start with (myself included). There are certainly many aspects which have helped and I know like yourself that I’m begging to think ‘the end is neigh’ for equity markets with the geopolitical risks, Brexit, winding down of bond buybacks by the ECB (kicking off September right?), an over extended market anyway and someprofit taking, and the trump tariffs possibly coming into effect. Also inflation increases ... even gradual you’ll see a drop in discretionary consumer spending, companies far less liquid... i think we have a little way to go before any cause for concern but as with all investment it’s good to get a finger on the pulse early and start tracking the companies. THANK YOU
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    Thanks for the reply @Caseynotes! Sadly, I'm absolutely not a high end client and I think from what I can see the email was sent to me by mistake! I thought it meant spreads and trading costs were going to get much worse post ESMA, but if it's just the withdrawal of special treatment that I never had anyway, that's one less thing to worry about! Nice to have this forum to discuss on, and thanks for your reply. Best wishes, Cate
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    Hi @cate, the concessions likely refer, just as stated, to preferential spreads, funding and conversions that brokers offer in order to attract and retain high end, large contract size clients and presume this is now to cease under the new ESMA terms regarding the banning of inducements. I remember early in the year CMC Markets launched what they called 'Project Tuna' the aim of which was to lure high end clients away from other brokers and wondered but never found out just what kind of inducements they where offering. https://www.ft.com/content/6f83bc7c-331b-11e8-ac48-10c6fdc22f03