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    I would like to have seen IG to have a WEBINAR on this ESMA ruling were we could ask questions and they would have the platform to explain to us what its all about. Peter
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    Hi @JohnWoottonUK & @PandaFace, Don't know too much about him or this Dow strategy. He does get a hat tip from Bill Bonner who I have followed for years. I was wondering where you found the strategy John and if you have done his 4 day course in the first link below? Panda, Eoin Treacy's book Crowd Money could be a contender for your tread on books (2nd link). http://www.tradingtriggers.co.uk/ http://systemsfortraders.com/forums/topic/crowd-money-review-eoin-treacy/
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    Hey all. You can see our page on Spread Betting and CFD margin under ESMA here. If you had a £5000 starting balance and opened a position with a margin of £300 the following would happen. At a loss of £4701 (99%) we would aim to send you a notification email. At a loss of £4775 (75%) we would aim to send you another notification email. At a loss of £4850 (50% margin, i.e. the market has moved against you and your loss is equal to your spare cash you had on the account, plus half the margin) we would start to close positions. Your account would be left with £150 (50% of the initial margin used to open the position).
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    So what is the consensus strategy (if one at all!) that majority of IG clients are applying for 28th July -18 when ESMA rules come into force? It would be good to know how other retail traders are looking to act and in extreme cases – will you close IG account and walk? Or even look for a non EU broker – Australia seem the most popular location to open new accounts but I would do a LOT of research if you are looking to do this.