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    The key is to track the win rate verses the risk reward ratio (both autocalc'd in the overview page). Any change for good or bad to your strategy will quickly be revealed and that is really the whole point of it. If you're not measuring what you're doing you will get lost and be walking round in circles. Any plot above the red curve is a winning strategy (see pic). I don't bother filling out the money aspect, just the boxes needed to produce those two factors, plus the comments section for the trade and add the chart.
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    Profit warning today (tonight) at 16:27pm - very bad form, imo. You can run through previous RNS here https://www.investegate.co.uk/Index.aspx?searchtype=3&words=wgb 27 June the AGM statement cites: ""The out-turn for the full year remains in line with Board expectations and anticipates a further improvement in trading" Less than a month later they state "Since the AGM, the Company has gained new information on the potential profit contribution from this large licensing agreement and, as a result, the Board has materially revised down its expectations for licensing income in the current year." So we have a profit warning released 3 minutes before market close. Note share is also trading XD. Not really sure where to go with this. It might be wise to look at revised broker targets. I will have to spend a bit of time now looking at my own forecasts. Company is now valued at £58m. Roughly twice its working capital. It is cheap, but the real question is can it recover. Is it a glitch..
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    The venue XOFF just means the trade was traded OFF a main exchange - probably over the counter between 2 parties without any exchange participation. XLON for example would mean traded from the London Stock. A useful for page for more codes and information.. https://www.londonstockexchange.com/prices-and-markets/prices-help/trade-type.htm
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    ESMA rules and regulations are specifically for IG accounts which have been opened via the relevant European office. If you are holding an account which has been opened in say, Australia, then ESMA regulations would not apply. You would then be regulated by the relevant body in that country. You may maintain your current UK based account at the same time if you wish. You should be able to transfer the balances between the two accounts, however you wouldn't be able to do this online as they wouldn't be linked. Please give us a call to transfer funds.
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    Do you use the IG diary @PandaFace, some prefer the more text based over the figures based formats, both are good and either is better than none.
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    Exactly what caseynotes said - was unsure if you wanted help with functionality or specifically with what sort of things people make on their notes. Would be happy to share an example of mine if you’re curious...
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    How does it work. @MARANATHA the IG diary is incorporated into the IG calendar and is linked to your new platform account history so if you open the diary and click a date any trades you made on that day can be viewed and notes and charts can be added. A diary is essential to the learning process and a place to assess performance and plan ahead. Though the IG diary will suit many I myself prefer a spreadsheet format where I can see all my trades listed in one place, where running totals are automatically calculated as well as comments and charts added. Here is a link to download the free Trading Journal V2 (about half way down the page). It has many drop down boxes and you can choose which columns to fill in or change them to suit. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=649478&page=2
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    ...and dont forget @Bando if you wish to 'tag' someone to get their attention you can use the @ symbol and then start typing their name. It maybe useful. Adding images and charts can help as well, and you should be able to export IG charts using the 'export' feature here.
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    Hi @Bando, thanks for joining, hope you took a look at the link within the Pullback strategy to see the 'first draft' version https://jbmarwood.com/a-simple-pullback-strategy/ that set out the very simple rules accompanied with a very respectable equity curve, the second draft in the link I originally posted added a shorting component, would be interesting to see it backtested on FTSE as you say, as well individual stocks, You are welcome to post away to your hearts content, there are no clecks here, just create a new thread on anything that interests you, there are quite a few here who are interested more in stocks and shares than other assets and most here are interested in technical analysis so you should get a response. Best of luck.
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    Fixed at 21:50 23-Jul ... again from API Companion: "rolloverDetails": null, "newsCode": ".FTSE", "chartCode": "UKX", "country": "GB", "valueOfOnePip": null, "onePipMeans": null, "contractSize": null, "specialInfo": ["MAX KNOCK OUT LEVEL DISTANCE", "DEFAULT KNOCK OUT LEVEL DISTANCE"] }, "dealingRules": { "minStepDistance": { "unit": "POINTS", "value": 5.0 }, "minDealSize": { "unit": "POINTS", "value": 0.5 }, "minControlledRiskStopDistance": { "unit": "POINTS", "value": 8.0 }, "minNormalStopOrLimitDistance": { "unit": "POINTS", "value": 8.0 }, "maxStopOrLimitDistance": { "unit": "PERCENTAGE", "value": 75.0 }, "marketOrderPreference": "AVAILABLE_DEFAULT_OFF", "trailingStopsPreference": "AVAILABLE" },
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    Caseynotes The link is quite interesting, especially the Pullback strategy, i'm a firm believer in 'simple is best' and that strategy is right up my alley! I wonder how it may pan out if applied to UK stocks or the FTSE? Now, I was wondering if you could help me. I've been having a bit of a look around on here over the past couple of nights and your name keeps popping up, so i'm guessing you know your way around here. I'm looking for somewhere to discuss with a few like minded individuals some of my/their trades, focusing on stocks and technical analysis (primarily volume based but anything would be good). Would like to bounce a few ideas around off people who hopefully know more than me, add my input (for what its worth lol) and led a helping hand to anyone which may need some advice (once again, for what its worth). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Bando
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    I like the concept of that review Casey as it looks like it explains the CORE concept of technical analysis. I’m always a fan of the why, rather than the how, and if I believe the why then I trust myself to figure out the how... for example WHY support and resistance works, rather than just how to use it. Why movingaverageswork rather than how etc etc.
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    @Caseynotes I have a horrible feeling you're right. Thanks for the cheering thought! Thanks for the clarification @JamesIG. One last question. When you say shares will all go to 20%, what happens to the more exotic ones that are already higher than that? Do they stay as they are, or will they increase even more? For example I have some Petropavlovsk and they are currently 25%. Thanks! Cate
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    German IFO expected to fall again tomorrow and tariffs on auto imports into the US from the EU on the horizon, drunker Junker off to the US looking to do a deal or maybe just to beg (Trump will wipe the floor with him). What a double blow to the German auto industry (employing around a million people) that would be, US tariffs and a no deal Brexit. Germany won't let these 2 massive markets go, Merkel (I mean the EU) will have to make a deal.
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    Interesting long term chart with graphics from Bloomberg, I would add there are 2 scenarios likely to lead to a retest of 1,2000, a no-deal Brexit and a Labour win in a snap election.