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    Hi @Jack Gardiner, the live platform doesn't have the discrepancy and you are right to suspect the demo platform. It should be noted that though demo platforms do mirror the live the demo platform is really designed for tech research rather than be just a straight copy so discrepancies do sometimes occur.
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    Hi @cate - unfortunately if you were to open a new account through a different office you would only have access to the new web trading platform. The classic platform isn't an available option for new accounts.
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    Thanks, @JamesIG and @PandaFace. It wasn't that I was hoping 25% would come down to 20%, it's that I was afraid it might go up by the same sort of percentage as everything else - which I guess would take it to 100%! Anyway, I am now officially reassured. Thanks! Cate
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    Hi guys. I'll answer a couple of the above questions, but please can I just remind everyone to login to community before they post? This makes it easier for me to follow up on account specific questions. @ Guest TG12 - Please send me a private message or login to your IG account and Community so I can double check who it was you spoke to so I can double check what was discussed. To reconfirm - you don't need to be an Aus resident to have an Australian IG Account (you can read more info about our offering at https://www.ig.com/au or compare out offices here). @ Guest Em89 - this shouldn't have any negative effect on your client services experience. Although there are a number of important difference between the offices and IG accounts it’s important to remember that there are a few things which remain the same across the board. 24 hours a day English trading support. We have native English speakers in many of our offices, most notably in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and Dubai. This means that if you are a UK resident, but hold an Australian account set up though the IG.com/au website, you would still be able to call the same UK phone dealing number and speak to a UK, London based dealer or client services employee from 7am through to 9.30pm London time. You would receive the same level of service, irrespective of whether you had a UK account and/or an Australian account, and all IG dealers from all our international offices would be able to help on any account type. The same award winning IG platform. The IG web trading platform offers nearly the same functionalities irrespective of which account type you have opened. There are a few nuances, for example the release schedule or roll out of new features, but put simply you wouldn’t have to figure out how to use the platform again. The same markets across all accounts. The majority of the markets you trade will be the same irrespective of where you hold an account. If you opened an IG account in Switzerland for example, you would still be able to deal on the FTSE, UK stocks and shares, and all the same future markets which you currently have access to. A notable difference is that the UK is the only country where we can offer spread betting, but we have this useful page which discusses the similarities and differences between the two here. If you have never trader CFD’s before you can also watch the below video which gives an overview of the trading tool, and you should see how similar it is to a spread bet. If you have any questions on the above, please just ask and I’d be happy to discuss the differences between our offices and product offices. As always IG doesn’t provide an advisory service, but I can provide you the correct information so you can make a choice on which offering works best for you based on your trading needs.
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    my early morning thoughts are: group is still profitable and has provided quite tight guidance on profitability. If I was no the button this morning I would have averaged down, but alas was not so missed the opportunity. I will continue to hold, as I think value will out here. I do not believe the market is in terminal decline at all. I do think the management are showing a real lack of credibility though, in announcing at the AGM all is fine, and a month later changing their stance completely. The yield should be safe, so in this occasion I have made an error of getting involved too early. I will continue to hold (it is a small-ish position) and see how the company pays out. I would not be surprised to see a bid at some point, because the directors are clearly lining their pockets and rewarding themselves as the company limps along right now. Fundamentally the business is a decent one, imo. We all get some wrong! ? cheers,
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    I missed this one from 7 hours ago, probably sums up the Junkers meeting today pretty well.
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    Thank you for clarifying this issue, I had begun to suspect as much. This doesn't affect 99% of the assets I am trading so it's not a big deal for me. I enjoy most of the features on IG and when I feel ready trade in real money will look forwards to opening an active trading account. You have put my concerns to rest. Thanks again, Jack
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    The key is to track the win rate verses the risk reward ratio (both autocalc'd in the overview page). Any change for good or bad to your strategy will quickly be revealed and that is really the whole point of it. If you're not measuring what you're doing you will get lost and be walking round in circles. Any plot above the red curve is a winning strategy (see pic). I don't bother filling out the money aspect, just the boxes needed to produce those two factors, plus the comments section for the trade and add the chart.
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    Thanks a lot sir, I will give the spreadsheet a try.
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    Hi @Jack Gardiner My HLOC data is different for AMEX on 18th July, does yours still look as in your screenshots? It could be that it was showing incorrect data at the time as in your screenshot and has since corrected. Cheers, Will
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    Hi @cate - yes PandaFace was right to some extent in that higher margined shares at the moment - i.e. ones which may be margined at say 25%, will remain at that level. We will look to do a periodic review, as we have always done, a little later and see what if any changes are required. As with all changes we will look to give you as much notice as possible. Although we do manage risk on a net exposure level, we also do look at individual shares on a one on one basis, and therefore if there are still substantial risks with the stock or high volatility, low liquidity, or anything which could cause large market movements, then it's likely the margin rates will remain.
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    Hi @Aydin H, VWAP is not available on the web platform but was added to the IG version of Prorealtime with the arrival of version 10.3 in Feb 2017, but at that time there was no volume for currencies so VWAP did not work on currency charts, that may have changed as I have not used PRT for a while now. There are downloadable VWAP indicators available for the MT4 platform.
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    Does this also account for the pro real time chart rebate thing when you do X number of trades? Maybe that’s why you got it?