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    ING's cut out and keep crib sheet for today's ECB presser.
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    Morning all, @cate The email you refer to was sent to clients that had, at some point, benefited from a rebate of some kind. No idea about the specific logic, so apologies if you received it without having done so! Re. PRT charts fees, I've been informed by our head of platforms that this will not be affected, so you will be refunded should you meet the relevant criteria ( 4 trades/ reasonable volume). Obviously this is based on our current understanding and interpretation of the ESMA rules, so possibly subject to change etc...
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    Summary of IG's annual report with some interesting news on a upcoming but as yet undisclosed new range of CFD products post ESMA. https://www.financemagnates.com/forex/brokers/us-expansion-and-offshore-clients-3-key-points-in-ig-groups-annual-report/ For those poor plebeians, unable to meet the requirements needed to reclassify as a professional, there is hope yet. IG Group will enable them to contract with their other entities, outside of the European Union, which aren’t subject to those pesky ESMA rules. If they don’t want to leave the regulatory confines of the Old Continent, clients will also be able to trade in a range of new CFDs. IG Group did not reveal exactly what these CFDs will be in, only that they are going to be compliant with ESMA’s new regulations.
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    Hope its something like this?
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    thought I would update here. Price has been quite volatile lately. We have Q2 results a week on Friday. This will include World Cup and Wimbledon of course. Up 2% today.
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    I just hope he actually has something to say @Ludwik Chodzko-Zajko IG, the pressers are always about 45 minutes long and interminably boring when he doesn't.
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    Nice spot, @Caseynotes. Thanks! Will be very interesting to see what the new CFDs are.
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    Dax poised for a break to follow the Dow up after yesterday's trade talks. Daily Chart;
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    Hi all, @JamesIG, I know you must be tearing your hair out with all this, but can I ask another contentious question? I'm a great fan of the old platform and have so far managed to avoid moving over to the new one. My plan at the moment is to hold onto my UK account but open another in one of the non-ESMA branches as well. You wouldn't happen to know if any of them still offer the old platform, would you? If I'm choosing between Switzerland, Australia or South Africa that would be an obvious reason for going for one of them. Just want to say that I'm very relieved that we can open a second account. The email came just as I was about to sign up with a different broker in a different country, but I'd much rather have the familiarity of IG. So thanks for that! Good luck to everyone trying to step through this minefield! Cate
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    @PandaFace is right @Ben S, you will likely to get a more informed response re coding issues on the PRT coding forum. See the link to the forum in the top line of their homepage here; https://www.prorealcode.com/