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    eurusd relatively resent floor (Dec 2016-Jan 2017) was 1.04, it certainly has a way to go, fuelled by a sell off of other assets. The counterweight to that are the rumors of ditching usd for payments by some countries due to sanctions (plus signs like russia off-loaded its $90b UST stash this year), so it works both ways.
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    Hi @Prabath, perhaps you could start us off by telling us what you think will happen on Monday open? The CPI data came in more or less as forecast so need to look further for the cause of the eurusd breaking major support and US dollar basket (dxy) breaking major resistance. The two big stories of the day were the euro banks very large exposure to a Turk default on currency loans and the deepening trade tariff tiff between China and the US.
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    Very nice presentation of all the techniques on youtube, some are excellent, you will learn how to distinguish them. Practice, study and learn, and you will be profitable, for sure!
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    Hi all - I just wanted to update you on a great new feature which has been implemented on the back of client feedback! For all ProOrder automated trading users of ProRealTime, you can now have an email automatically sent whenever your trading strategy is: Stopped (for any reason) Due to expire in x days This is obviously a great new addition to the PRT offering helping you keep in control of your automated strategies whilst they're running but you're not at your computer. We'd love to know what you think about this - so please feel free to drop us a message in the comments section below. To set this feature up launch ProRealTime and head to Options > Trading options > Automated trading > Email notification: For those who don't know about Pro Real Time please feel free to check out the following link which gives an overview of this advanced charting package which you can use to trade on your IG account. As above, please feel free to continue to share feedback either below, or in the following forum area.