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    Morning all, Crunch time in Ankara at 1200 BST today. Reuters polls are suggesting an increase of 425 basis points to 22%. Turkish banks, among them Garanti & IS bank, seem to be calling this much higher with predictions of 500bp / 22.75%. Most US & EU banks are hiding their cards. Privately a few of our liquidity providers are suggesting 500bp over the next two Central Bank meetings and a 300bp rise today; of course these are 3rd party predictions so usual caveats apply. We intend to widen guaranteed stop distances in the run up to this (and other pairs for MPC/ ECB), either way expect some volatility across all TRY pairs.
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    I am bored of the constant changes in the iPhone, iPad's, iMac's and iWatches. Apple are maximising their profits but as an iPhone user I just cannot be bothered with these events anymore. Apple will just merely make apps and send software update downloads which will render older devices useless, slow, and the need for change will arise on those who do not want to keep on changing their phones. This is from someone who uses an iPhone, iPad and iMac! I understand from a business perspective why Apple do it. To keep ahead of the competition they must. From a consumer perspective I am just not interested in such events any more. They were great initially but now I don't even tune into them. When I feel like changing my phone or I need to change my phone then I will research what the latest Apple device is and buy it but until then I am more than happy to keep using the device I have if it does its purpose.
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    Ahhh the well know german Nordic power market differential ???
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    Draghi about to start his usual 45 min ramble, Hedgeye cheat sheet below;
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    Hi Francois, One of our New Business team will be in contact with you shortly. Due to an internal error at our end your application has been delayed. Please accept my apologies for this, we are investigating the root cause and we hope to get you up and running today.
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    I have the same issue whether on mobile(have tried 2 different models as well as two different operators), my own computer, computer at work, or laptop. It just freezes for a few seconds(sometimes, although rarely, upwards of 10 seconds. I've started counting and keeping track) and then all the activity comes at once. It's truly terrible and not an issue with 2 other brokers I have accounts with. Looking to switch soon if this doesn't get fixed(which it probably won't).
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    What are peoples thoughts on the apple event yesterday? for me there wasn't anything which really blew me out the water - and I know we're not in its prime cycle and more in a mid-session cycle - but it was a bit of a bore. They should probably look at significant diversification out of the iPhone if they're looking for the next leg up (to borrow a phrase from trendfollower!) I can see why the sell side analysts where happy with the event. Was a bit yawn. and basically no media coverage beyond the basic mention as far as I can see. No one is talking about this and it's come and gone in the wind. As price point goes, I think I'm going to wait and hope my phone lasts another year before looking at moving on. And even then nothing major that I want outside of the X ... but then I said that last year with the previous iteration (and few few years prior too I guess). This was an interesting take from ZH https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-13/here-apples-iphone-pricing-strategy-one-chart
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