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    ¿Parece haber probado y rechazado el mínimo anterior, luego una nueva prueba del máximo anterior 11440? (Traductor de google).
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    The worst is yet to come? US GDP growth down to 1.2%? Inflation back to 2%? Check out the video link below, hot of the press. Got something to say about USD vs Bitcoin too... and Tom Lee's Bitcoin predictions and a few other thoughts besides... And MSM... Good segment on Retail too and a general comment on what to do with the profits you may have made on your investment portfolio over the last few years ("book it for gods sakes!"). And a comment on the Santa Claus rally... Segment on restaurant sector and a comment about gourmet burger brands, I know for a fact that these types of chains are in bad shape in the UK too... Interesting observation on Treasury bond yields, especially connected to a previous video (above) from Real Vision. Watch out for the punchline near the end! Check out the video below courtesy of HedgeEye (you may have to register but it is free to view) https://app.hedgeye.com/insights/71693-hedgeye-webcast-quad4-the-worst-is-yet-to-come?type=macro&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Webcast MB - Actives 11262018&utm_content=Webcast MB - Actives 11262018+CID_20d884af997dfa7d7a95e21045f8ed45&utm_source=campaignmonitor email&utm_term=CLICK HERE TO WATCH